――and the girl smiled happily

C.24: The Girl’s Birdcag

It was a decisive victory.

The left wing of the Christand army succeeded in crossing the river and establishing a beachhead, forcing the Sarshenka army to retreat.
The Sarshenka army then decided to fully withdraw since they had completely lost the initiative.But the Christand army pursued them all the way.

Sarshenka’s retreat was executed excellently, but Christand’s pursuit was relentless.The retreating Sarshenka army was not given any time to rest, losing much of its forces and leaving the Empire’s supply lines exposed.

Just as the Empire’s supply lines came under attack, general Garhka also attacked from the south.This gave the Kingdom’s central army time to temporarily recover from the infighting and execute a large-scale counterattack.

The Empire’s supply lines were under attack by Christand.Wulfenite was already isolated and had lost its strategic advantage as a defensive location.
It was put under siege and the imperial forces were starved out.

That was the end of the battle that became known in the Empire as the ‘Disaster of Arzlen”.

“Come on, stay still.
There’s no need to rush, the estate is right there.”“Uuu……”

It has been about a month and a half since Krische departed for the frontlines.

After pursuing the Sarshenka army, Krische had come down with a fever, so Bogan had arranged for her to return home with Selene.

Selene caught Krische by the back of her collar and sighed.

Selene helplessly told the coachman to head straight for the estate.

Yet another selfish whim of a noble, but the coachman showed no reluctance.

Rumours of Christand’s great battle have spread far and wait along with the contributions of the two beautiful princesses.

The coachman was proud to be escorting the two small, beautiful heroes and turned the horse towards their estate.

They passed by the many stores and houses, arriving at the upper class residential area.

“Just suck on this for now.”“! Amu……”

Selene sighed and let go of Krische’s restless hand, snatching Krische’s precious pouch from around her neck.

She pinched out the last piece inside and threw it into Krische’s mouth.


The sweetness spread through Krische’s mouth and she smiled――then remembered the important promise.

And the last candy in that pouch is mine.
Please bring it back for me.

Krische’s expression tensed and she stiffened as she realised what the taste of bliss in her mouth meant.Soon the carriage arrived at the estate and Krische caught sight of someone in a white and black apron dress tending to the orchard――Bery, her red hair fluttering in the wind.
Krische averted her eyes awkwardly.

Selene thanked the coachman as she descended from the carriage, then turned to the frozen Krische with a puzzled look.

“What’re you doing, let’s go.”“Ah, but……”

Krische’s brilliant mind worked to find a way out of thiis situation.

――spit it out, wipe it clean and put it back in the pouch.

But Krische’s aesthetics would not allow that.
Bery will be eating this.

――how about buying a new one.

Bery will notice it is a different one immediately and be disappointed in Krische for lying.

But then, what to do――

“Come on already……”“Ah……”

As Selene dragged Krische off the carriage, Bery caught sight of them and dropped the basket of fruits she was carrying.She smiled then lowered her face, wiping at her eyes before running over.

“Krische-sama, ojou-sama too……”“……why is it Krische first.”

Selene sounded dissatisfied but had a smile on her face.

Krische was still frozen.

Bery looked puzzled at her lack of response.

Could she be injured? Bery drew closer, concerned――

“Heh? Nnn……!?”

――and Krische’s soft lips were suddenly pressed against her’s.This time, Bery was the one that froze――as did the coachman who was about to move off.

It lasted only an instant, but felt like an eternity.The candy passed between Krische’s lips into Bery’s mouth and only then did the two pull apart.

“Err……Krische, su, sucked on, er……the, the last one……”

Krische honestly confessed to breaking the promise and sucking on the last piece of candy.

Rules, promises, regulations.

To Krische, these must not be broken in front of other people.

But she had broken it in front of Bery of all people.
Krische trembled.

Krische had planned to show Bery that ‘Krische had kept her promise’ and be rewarded for that.
But Krische’s plan had gone very wrong.Krische was worried that she had disappointed Bery by breaking the promise.

“Eh, ah, er……eh, err……? Aaah……!”

Bery’s face turned bright red as she tasted the sweet candy in her mouth.

She realised the reason after some thought, but still could not recover from the shock and was at a loss.

Krische thought Bery was ‘disappointed’ in her for breaking the promise and tears welled in her eyes, making Bery panic and embrace her.

“It, it’s okay! I do not mind, I was just a little surprised……!”

“Wha, what about that was okay!? Kissing all of a sudden once we’re back, Bery, what have you been teaching Krische!? You said you don’t mind, does that mean you’ve been doing these kind of things while I was awa――”

“No, no ojou-sama! Th, there is a very profound, no, not very profound, but there is a reason for this……”

“What reason!?”

Selene snapped back, her face bright red and Bery responded tearfully as she hugged Krische.They are back to their normal life in the estate.

Krische relaxed into Bery’s warmth as she listened to their argument.

――and the girl smiled happily

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