Krische’s head.

C.34: Conferring of Decorations

――The day of the ceremony.

Krische was sat on a chair in between Selene and Bery who are facing off.

Selene’s vibrant blue and white dress contrasted Krische’s black and red dress.

Selene glared at Bery as she pointed at her own hair, done in a left side ponytail――at a sword hairpin.

“……like I said, it has to be a sword.”

“Ojou-sama really does not understand.
It has to be a flower.”

“How many times do I have to say this? Krische is participating in a ceremony to be conferred the title of senior knight.
So this sword hairpin is more suitable for the ceremony! I even planned for our dresses and hairstyles to match.
Krische should use the same hairpin as me.”

Krische’s hair had been done up in a side ponytail on the right.

The opposite of Selene――which was the intention behind this hairstyle, but Selene and Bery are now arguing over which hairpin to use.

Up until that point, they had harmoniously worked together to make Selene and Krische match, but once it came to choosing the hairpin, their opinions differed.

Selene wants to focus on elegance and style.

Bery wants to focus on cuteness and beauty.

――And Krische does not care, she just wants to eat breakfast.

Anne watched helplessly while Krische hung her head, pressing on her stomach to endure her hunger.To Krische, breakfast is especially important, but it has been ignored by the other two because of the extremely important debate of which hairpin to use.

For Krische, all meals are important, but breakfast is the most important among them.

After waking from a nice warm night of sleep while hugging Bery, it is natural that she will be hungry.

This morning Krische had woken up and flirted with Bery, then had to go through a hard schedule of bathing, make up, hair arrangement and changing into a dress all in the morning.

This might have been fine back in the village, but after Krische moved to the estate, she developed the habit of ‘pre-breakfast’, snacking on leftovers in the kitchen as she made breakfast.

So for Krische, going through all this without breakfast is unimaginably tough.

She endured it all with strong self-control (for Krische), yet she ended up in this situation.Krische had felt something unsettling about Selene and Bery’s exchange and spoken up, ‘Th, they already prepared breakfast for us, it, it would be rude to let it go cold.
The hairpin can be decided after eating――’, but Selene brushed her aside and instead lectured her about how important today is.

‘You really don’t think about anything but eating, aren’t you embarrassed? You’re a gluttonous spoiled kid, carefree and stupid, can’t you just do things properly once in a while? If you have the the time to talk about that, how about thinking about this yourself? In the first place, you――’

Krische learnt that her breakfast would only be further delayed by these lectures, so she could only stay quiet and hold her stomach, blending into the background.Bery smiled gently and said she would warm up the food later, so endure for now, but this also implied that this debate is more important than breakfast for Bery.

“That is simply ojou-sama’s preferences.
If ojou-sama wants a pair look, then the opposite of the sword would be a flower that is meant to be protected.
It is because of ojou-sama’s sword that the flower hairpin will look good and it is only with Krische-sama’s flower that ojou-sama’s sword will truly shine.
Was that not the intention between choosing the black and red dress to contrast with ojou-sama’s blue and white dress?”“I already said that the dress is enough for that.
It’s because the dress already creates a large contrast that we should use the same hairpin since we are both becoming senior knights!”

Selene glared back.

“And I’m also the one giving in most of the time! I even gave in and allowed you to spoil Krische so much this time.
How about you give in once in a while?”

“Oh my, now that ojou-sama is stumped, ojou-sama brings up a different topic? Personal insults last time and now this? And though ojou-sama says that ojou-sama allowed it, ojou-sama complains about it everytime we meet.
I have also reflected on my actions and will quietly listen to those complains……but I have to object when ojou-sama brings it up when it is unrelated.”

“You have to? So what about a few complaints? Think about my position.
Of course I’d want to make a complain or two! And you’re all talk, despite what you say, you still spoil Krische.
What reflection? What a joke.”

Neither gave way, scowling at each other with sharp eyes.Krische watched them with sad eyes.

“Even though ojou-sama says that, if ojou-sama were in my position, ojou-sama would definitely do the same.
If ojou-sama says to think about ojou-sama’s position, how about ojou-sama try standing in my shoes? In the end ojou-sama also accepts Krische-sama’s ki――”

Bery cut herself off, glanced at Anne and cleared her throat.

“――ahem, anyway, ojou-sama could not say anything either.”

“Th, that’s because you taught her weird things! That’s not my fault!”

“I see, so everything is my fault? When it is convenient for ojou-sama, ojou-sama says that ojou-sama gave in, but when it is inconvenient it is the other person’s fault? That is ojou-sama’s thinking? That is the real joke here.”

“What did you――”

“Bo, both of you……ho, how about……er, asking Krische-sama herself……?”

Anne interrupted their argument, but her voice was shrill.She could not endure how pitiful Krische looked caught between them and spoke up, but――



“Eh, uu……er, Krische, is, is fine with, either……”

Quickly learnt that it only made things worse.

“Both? Krische, do you understand that it is because you can’t even choose a hairpin yourself that I have to go through this fruitless argument with Bery? Were you even listening? You don’t understand at all do you? Decide right now.
Of course it’s the sword right?”“Krische-sama, it is okay to be honest.
There is no need to be considerate of ojou-sama.
This is for Krische-sama……come, please say it, ‘the flower is better’.”

Krische really did not care either way but was crushed by their pressure, she could only look at the door in desperation.And as if he heard her plea, her savior appeared right at that moment.

I came to check since you all didn’t come for breakfast, but what are you two fighting over this time?”

Bogan seemed to have expected this and tiredly massaged his brow as he silently listened to their explanation.

They can just go with the sword and flower, but change the colour of the flower.From Krische’s perspective, the sight of Bogan convincing them to accept this compromise is truly that of a savior――a hero.

Krische breathed a sigh of relief at the arrival of a mediator and smiled.She can finally eat breakfast, but――the voice that stopped her was Bogan’s yet again.

“It is about time for us to go.
Seems like the ceremony was brought forward a little.”“Okay, otou-sama.”

Krische froze.

The interior of the royal palace is built more like an extremely large estate than a castle.

It is not meant to be a defensive stronghold, instead it is designed for bureaucracy and for royalty to live in, prioritising the size and number of rooms with no complicated maze of corridors.

This is the center of the kingdom.

This castle was built as a symbol of the King’s power, it was not built with with enemy attacks in mind in the first place.

Thus the castle is weak in the case of a siege, but on the other hand, it is extremely comfortable to live in.

The corridors are long and wide.

Krische, Selene, Bogan and Gallen are walking through such a corridor with Christand’s subordinates in tow.

The southern general Garhka and western general Hilkintos also accompanied them, making Krische and Selene――about to become senior knights, the lowest rank and their position is at the rear of the line.

“Come on, you can eat after the ceremony is over.
Don’t hang your head just because breakfast is delayed.”


“What’s with that look? Are you saying it’s my fault?”

“N, no……”

They had stood by in a waiting room for a while after entering the palace and are now on their way to the throne room.

Selene muttered softly to Krische as they walked through the long corridor.

The ceremony is not that long and since it has been brought forward, it will be finished long before noon.

Breakfast is only delayed a little, but this is major damage to Krische.

“Come on, we are almost there.
Pull yourself together.”“Okay……”

They arrived at large doors that reached the tall ceiling.

The heavy double doors were slowly opened by guards――they proceeded inside.

The sounds of drums and trumpets filled the air as they stepped into a white hall.

A brilliant red carpet passed through the middle of countless pillars supporting a ceiling that is so high you had to look up to see it.

At the end of the carpet is a small dais and a single throne.

A man wearing a crown sat upon it.

Next to him stood the royal prince and princess, everyone else stood at the sides of the carpet.

This red carpet is also known as the King’s Road.

Red is the colour of blood and it represents all the blood the Kingdom has lost.

The royal family’s reign is supported by that blood and normally only those related to the royal family can step on this carpet, but during ceremonies and audiences with the king others are temporarily allowed to stand upon it.

This represents their involvement with royal blood and permission to share the support of that blood.

(T/N: Not sure about this line それは王家との血の交わりを示し、血の共有を許すということ。 More standard interpretation would be permission to join the (royal) bloodline)

Thus anyone allowed to step upon this carpet, even if they were commoners, are granted the honourable title of nobility.

Bogan has been here many times before and his stride is confident, similarly for the generals walking at his side――Garhka and Hilkintos.

This is also the same for the corps commanders, but the further down the line, more nervous people are visible.

Selene is also one of them and Krische could see out of the corner of her eye that Selene’s expression was slightly stiff.

Everyone around them are men, making the two of them stand out.

This made the surrounding eyes gather on them and Selene’s legs felt shaky.

Next to her, Krische is just as normal without a hint of nervousness.

Selene wanted to pinch Krische’s cheek and tell her to at least be a little tense, but she cannot do that here.

Selene focused on Gallen’s back instead, walking confidently in front of them and quietly calmed her breathing.

Once they reached the middle, they split into two lines, leaving a gap along the middle of the carpet.
Then from the front, they knelt on one knee and bowed their heads, putting their right fist in their left palm above their heads.

Krische and Selene are wearing dresses and would usually be allowed to simply bend their knees a little and pretend to kneel, but remain standing, even in front of royalty.

But this is a ceremony, so they also knelt after the person in front of them knelt.

The drums and trumpets stopped and silence filled the air for a few moments.Then the royal prince――Gildanstein stepped forward.

“――First, we want to thank you all for preventing the evil Empire’s invasion and saving the Kingdom from its predicament by defeating their large force of ten thousand……famed generals and heroes that will leave their names in history as well as nameless soldiers and citizens have spilled their blood for the Kingdom――The royal family is built upon that blood.
Your actions have made our ancestors proud and bring them honour, his majesty the king will personally extol your achievements and grant you your title and rewards.
Know that this is the greatest possible honour.”

He did not shout, nor did he use magic to project his voice.

Yet his voice was majestic and clearly audible.

Gildanstein has something that only those born to rule have, his voice is clear even in this wide space.

“General Carmeda was lost to the enemy’s blades, along with the lives of many soldiers and citizens, they are now the blood of the Kingdom.
Many mourn their loss.
But death is not the end.
They will live on forever as new blood of the Kingdom.
His majesty the king, me, all of you will eventually become part of the blood of the Kingdom too.
There is no need to mourn or grieve, simply accept it――and rejoice that you survived to receive this honour.
This is the best parting gift we can give to the dead.”

There were a few stifled sobs and sniffling at the rear of the line.Carmeda’s subordinates.
Not many have survived.

“These three generals have survived and defeated a large enemy force――each of their contributions was magnificent.
Among them, I want to specially mention general Christand for his intelligence and valour in defeating the despiteful Sarshanka who killed general Carmeda.
Despite being stuck in a stalemate with inferior numbers, he tore through a force of forty thousand with an army half that size, throwing them into chaos in a manner befitting the name of Lightning Quick…… step forward.”“……yes, your highness.”

Bogan took a few steps forward and knelt again in the middle of the carpet.

“Without this man’s contributions, we would not be in any state to conduct this ceremony right now.
I am sure all of you are aware.
――before your eyes, is a hero.”

Gildanstein looked around.

“This man is a hero among heroes――the pride of the Kingdom, general Bogan Argalitte Vezrinea Christand.”

Gildanstein spread his arms and on that signal, the orchestra played their drums and trumpets as those lining the sides of the carpet cheered.

Those on the carpet are also in the same position of being cheered, so they could not cheer, but Selene is visibly happy about the praise for her father.Krische smiled at that and Selene averted her eyes in embarassment.

“Next I would like to mention general Garhka for stopping the enemy’s main attack in the south, then defeating them when the chance presented itself due to Christand’s counterattack.
Step forward――”

――and the ceremony proceeded.

In order from the front, they stepped in front of the king and were granted a sword by the king himself.

A resplendently decorated jewel sword.

Back when metals were precious, the sword was the symbol of a hero.

Because of this history, rewards from the king are granted in the form of a sword.

But of course this is not all, they will also be granted various other treasures later.

It was announced that the territories of the three generals will be expanded while Christand’s first corps commander, a man named Nozan will be sent to empty eastern territories as the new general.Carmeda’s son was also lost in battle leaving the post empty, so due their contributions, the most skilled corps commander in the Christand army was nominated.

It was quite a while later before Selene and Krische’s names were called.

There are seven of them, including Gallen, that would be receiving the title of senior knight.

Gallen already holds the title of junior knight.
The rank of junior knight can be granted by generals with the permission of the king.

This is because of the formality that nobles must not be commanded by commoners.

Gallen had more than enough achievements to be promoted to senior knight in the last war, but he retired from the army before the conferring of decorations, so his rank is still junior knight.

It is not good for appearances for a junior knight to shoulder the major role of the general’s aide, so in consideration of his past achievements, he will also be receiving the title of senior knight together with Selene and Krische.

“――You are now allowed to call yourselves Rinea.
You have been granted the honourable title of Rinea, meaning warrior in the old language.
The title of senior knight is not granted without achievements on the battlefield, regardless of how noble the birth.
You all have just received this title…… step forward in order and receive your swords.”

Krische is at the corner and is last in line.

Krische Rinea Christand.
She thought about her lengthened name as she waited for her turn.

Selene went and came back.

It is Krische’s turn.
She raised her head and stood up, then subconsciously――reflexively stepped back.

Krische’s gaze had landed on the girl standing next to the king.

She is a young girl half a head shorter then the petite Krische.

Her strawberry blonde her shone red in the sunlight.

Her white dress made her look like a fairy――and her features strangely resembled Krische’s.

The princess had looked bored until just now, but was now staring at Krische, then she showed a brilliant smile.

“K, Krische……”

Selene softly admonished Krische and Krische stepped forward.

――Krische had responded because she had been on guard.

Krische is always paying attention to her surroundings for any signs of danger at all times.

If she is in a crowd, she is always ready to escape if someone lunged at her, or even kill them first.
It is almost a subconscious habit.

The instant she had stood up, Krische had felt danger and immediately stepped back.

And the feeling had come from the direction of the princess.

The smiling princess showed no hostility and she is at a distance where Krische can kill her at any moment.

Krische erased her inner doubts and advanced to stand before the king.

She then indifferently went though the ceremony without showing any further interest, receiving the sword with beautiful conduct――from the king whose complexion was hidden by make up.

Krische wants to quickly finish up and eat.

That is the only thought in Krische’s head.

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