d, “Good night.”

C.39: The Baby that Cried

Baby that does not cry, cursed child.

Those were the words repeated around her when she was born.

She did not know the meaning of those words and only heard them as sounds.

Her memories began with a crazed, screaming voice.

Cry, cry, you must cry, cry, you have to cry.

An annoying sound.

When she opened her eyes, there was always someone there.

A woman, standing by her side, repeating the same thing.

The woman slapped her cheeks while tears flowed from her eyes.

“Cry, please cry, I beg you.”

The woman pointed at her own eyes and kept repeating that.

It was painful, unpleasant.
The woman kept doing that even as her voice grew hoarse, so she tried copying the woman and shed some tears.

The woman seemed relieved, then started making a strange sound loudly, “Aaah, aaah”, again and again.

This time she knew what the woman was trying to do and copied her.

The woman repeated that many times, teaching her that this is crying.

She was taught to cry when told to, so many times that she got sick of it.

After a while, a lot of people came and she was told to cry.When she did as she was told, they rejoiced.

After that, she was named Kreschenta.

The woman took care of Kreschenta and taught her words before she learnt to crawl.

Kreschenta learnt quickly and was able to hold a simple conversation before she could stand, but the woman told her not to talk in front of others.

Kreschenta was too smart.

The woman said that there are steps for everything and if Kreschenta skipped those steps too quickly, she would be killed.

The woman repeatedly told her that there is nobody as smart as Kreschenta in this world, so she has to pretend to be an idiot to blend into this world of idiots.

When you see flowers, smile.

Show interest in love stories and heroic epics, occasionally show reluctance during lessons, be selfish.

The woman, Nora, taught Kreschenta how to act like a princess and also told her about her sister.

About how her sister was treated and then killed.

Nora said that she did not want that to happen to Kreschenta.

Nora cried, apologising for abandoning Kreschenta’s sister.

She was a woman that cried a lot.

――The only one the same as her in this world of idiots.

Kreschenta wanted to meet her sister.

If she was with her sister, she would not need to keep up this stupid act and could relax.

She did not like this stupid world or Nora who had abandoned her sister.

She did not know if her sister is alive or dead.

Nora said that she had told Kreschenta’s sister to walk in the direction of a nearby village and let her go.

Did her sister make it? Was she taken in and raised without being killed off?

The more she thought about it, the more hopeless Kreschenta felt, but there was still a chance and she spent her free time imagining what kind of person her sister would be.

But even that was not allowed.

She had too many other things to think of.

Kreschenta is royalty, but that does not mean she can relax.There are many problems if she is to survive.
Her birth was not good, she is known as a cursed child.

The best method for Kreschenta is to become queen.

But there are others in line for the throne and Kreschenta had two younger brothers at the time.

Since males have priority in the line of succession, Kreschenta is at a disadvantage and there is a good chance she would be wedded off.

Even if she opposed them, there is the chance that they would hear the rumours that she is a cursed child and use it against her if they wish for the throne.

If they have children, then there would be even more competition.

Their father, the king has a difficult time bearing children, but that might not be the case for them.

The first problem is marriage.

Getting married and having to give birth is out of the question.

Going through immense pain and the risk of death to leave offspring is ridiculous.

And since the child born would be an idiot that makes it even more pointless.

In order to avoid that, there is a need to reduce the number of royal children early on.If she is the only princess, then she would not be wedded off.

She killed her two brothers, leaving a period of time in between.

No one would think a girl four or five years of age did it.

Nobody suspected Kreschenta――but as Kreschenta relaxed, Nora noticed the second time.

But when Kreschenta explained to her that unless she did this, she could not sleep in peace, Nora seemed to understand.

Kreschenta was always uneasy about when she would be killed for being a cursed child.

If people openly showed it in their expressions, Kreschenta could know.

But Kreschenta cannot tell what they are thinking behind their smiles.

Even thought she acts as a proper princess now, there are many that realised Kreschenta is not normal when her acting was still poor.

Each and everyone of them was a source of anxiety and Kreschenta killed them off.

Nora helped her.

Kreschenta poisoned the king to obtain the throne earlier and also tried to kill the royal prince, but Gildanstein seemed to suspect Kreschenta and it did not work.

Since Gildanstein’s conduct is poor, Kreschenta used that to gain allies and bided her time.

――then the previous day, she coincidentally met her sister.

Her eyes were different.

They were intelligent and logical, just as Kreschenta imagined.

When Kreschenta tried showing a little killing intent, she was the only one that responded and looked at Kreschenta.

Kreschenta went to meet and spoke with her, she was poor at acting and seemed more stupid than imagined――but she is Kreschenta’s older sister.

There is only the two of them.

She could perfectly understand what Kreschenta was thinking.

She was clearly more skilled than Kreschenta in certain areas and Kreschenta could immediately tell that she would die if Kreschenta ever made an enemy of her.

This is the first time Kreschenta had felt that since the time she was unable to move her body properly.

Her sister is not able to conduct herself as well as Kreschenta in this world.

Instead, she is extremely strong and pure, a superior individual.

As expected of her only sister.

With her, Kreschenta would be able to relax.

What would be the best way to get around their various circumstances so she can live with her sister?

Kreschenta thought about it and acted.

“Fuu, I hate traveling.
But I will be with onee-sama by tomorrow.”

“……will Kreschenta-sama, finally be able to find happiness?”

Onee-sama might get a little angry, but, fufu, she will understand.
She is my onee-sama after all.”

“That……is wonderful.”

They were walking down a deserted path in a forest.

They took a small break.
Nora does not have as much stamina as Kreschenta.

Kreschenta stood up after resting for a while and started walkin――

“……? Let’s go.”

But Nora did not follow.Nora’s eyes were cast down as she shook her head.

“What’s wrong, are you injured? Well, that’s fine, I will just carry you then.”

“No……that is not it.”

“Then are you feeling unwell? If we rest here then we will only arrive the day after tomorrow……well, one day won’t make a difference.
Nora has treated me well.
I can indulge you a little.
I am in a very good mood right now.”

“……no, that is……not it.

――I would like to resign.”Kreschenta frowned at those sudden words, then glared at Nora.

“What, you hate me now?”

“No, that is definitely not the reason……”

“Then why would you say that.
You are in charge of caring for my needs.
It is your duty to follow your master where she goes.”

But, since we have made it this far, I believe Kreschenta-sama can relax.
Er……with Krische, sama, Kreschenta-sama can also sleep in peace.
With the various causes for concern resolved, I believe Kreschenta can finally find happiness.”

“What are you talking about?”

Kreschenta tilted her head, but Nora just smiled sadly.

“That is why I have decided to die to atone for Kreschenta-sama’s sins.
Killing the king, the princes, many others――it is not Kreschenta-sama’s fault.
It is my sin for not being able to teach your highness what I should have.”

“……you understood too right? And I do not see what that has anything to do with dying.
The law is simply rules, it is not a crime if not discovered.
There is no need to care about such pointless things.”

(T/N: Word used here means both crime and sin, 罪.)

“But I have watched Kreschenta-sama commit those sins.
By your highness’ side, all along.”

“Then isn’t the normal response to report it to the proper authorities?”

Nora nodded.

“Yes, but I could not.
I could understood why your highness did it.
But a sin is a sin and must be paid for eventually……Kreschenta-sama must be judged.
But I am the only one that knows and I also know that Kreschenta-sama did not commit them out of malice……when a starving child resorts to stealing, how could anyone call it a sin?”

Tears spilled from Nora’s eyes and she wiped them away.

This woman cries a lot.
Even if Kreschenta orders her not to cry, Nora would still cry.

So troublesome and unpleasant, but Kreschenta had given up on that and kept Nora by her side.

At the very least, this woman is devoted to her.

“That is why, in exchange, I decided I will atone for Kreschenta-sama’s sins.
From now on, Kreschenta-sama can find happiness.
Kreschenta-sama can finally relax and sleep.
So there is no longer any need for Kreschenta-sama to commit any more sins.”

Nora raised her head and looked at Kreschenta, the remaining tears spilling down her cheeks.

“I believe that Kreschenta-sama can simply live happily, without committing any more sins.
That is why I will pay for the sins of the past, I want Kreschenta-sama to find happiness without shouldering any sins.”“……that is a selfish reason.”

It is selfish.But she cannot do anything about it.

Because Nora is an idiot, she cannot think about the gains and losses.

This woman is also one of those idiots and Kreschenta cannot understand what she is thinking.

That is a common occurrence, and this is the usual result.

“My apologies……but, I believe this is for the best.”

Nora stepped closer and kissed Kreschenta on the cheek.Kreschenta just let her do as she liked.

“Would you feel it is a shame to lose me?”“……I will.
You have been quite useful and I have taken a liking to you.”

Hearing Kreschenta’s unhappy reply, Nora smiled happily and closed her eyes.

“Just hearing those words……makes me happy.
Kreschenta-sama, may you find happiness too.”

After saying that, Nora walked off.After some time, Kreschenta followed, and found Nora kneeling, a knife in her heart.

For some reason, Kreschenta stared for a while, then dug a hole and buried her.

It was not that Kreschenta wanted to give her a burial.

It was just that it would be troublesome if she were found.

――she woke up feeling something soft on her cheek.

She could feel her sister behind her.

Something was stroking her head, something warm, comfortable.

“……have you woken up?”

Kreschenta understood the situation after hearing that whisper.

She had been hugging Bery in her sleep.

Once she realised that, her face grew hot and she closed her eyes without moving.

“Fufu, are you embarassed? Krische-sama was the same at the start.
It is still early, so you can still sleep.”

Her face grew even hotter, but she stayed still to avoid waking her sister.

“……among the things I want to teach you, this is the first.
Please presume upon me.
I like pampering, so both of us would be happy.”

Bery spoke in a gentle tone while patting her head.

Despite the comfortable feeling, Kreschenta also felt embrassed.
She felt embarrassed for sleeping so deeply.

She had been defenseless.

After a while, Bery spoke again.

“Yesterday night, I spoke arrogantly……but in reality, I want to get along with Kreschenta-sama.
If we are to live together, then it is more enjoyable to get along.
So please allow me to pamper you like this.”

“……you, are weird.”

“I am often told that.
But is not a weird person like me more to your liking? At the very least, it is to Krische-sama’s liking.”

Kreschenta did not answer.She just buried her face in Bery’s chest and muttered.

“When I was a lot smaller, I slept with Nora like this.”

“That……must have been very comfortable.”


Kreschenta recalled those times and closed her eyes.

“……I see.”

Bery just stroked her head and whispered, “Good night.”

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