With it becoming wartime and the presence of the princess, there was no way they could keep living in the estate.

Because there is no telling when assassins or suspicious people will infiltrate.
The way the estate was built made it very weak in terms of defense.
There was no way they would leave Bery and Kreschenta at that kind of place.

There's also a suggestion to let the soldiers be their escort, however Krische doesn't trust their abilities, also although Bery who had slight distrust towards men doesn't object to it, she still showed some discomfort.
That was why for the time being, everyone would be staying at the fortress—-

“Really, when it comes to using these kinds of ingredients, I need to ask Krische-sama for guidance.”
“Ehehe, since there aren't any ingredients in the village like there is in the estate.”

At the large kitchen of the fortress—-standing in front of the kitchen island, the two of them were cooking side by side.

Pumpkin soup and pie.
Herb-grilled chicken.
Though it's a simple country dish, Bery smiled as she taste-tested the soup.
For Krische who lived in a village, the ingredients in the soup was plentiful
However, for Bery who always tries to bring out the best flavor by using plenty of various ingredients, the lack of selection was a bit concerning.
On the contrary, the less options she had the more she became puzzled.

Bery had a very high awareness of cooking, and she always aimed for the best.
For the dish she wants to make, even if only a little bit of the ingredients was insufficient, she will immediately go to town to buy it.
In that aspect, as expected Bery is also an aristocrat.
She strives for artistic perfection even in her cooking, for which she goes to great lengths and spares no expense.

For Bery, cooking in the fortress where the variety of ingredients being supplied are limited was difficult, but Krische being used to this kind of situation, chose a dish from the few ingredients available, randomly deciding on it.

“The peddler that occasionally comes to the village would bring pumpkins.
Krische  really likes pumpkin pie and soup, so Krische used to borrow the oven at Oba-san's house who lived nearby and make it all the time.” She said with excitement. 

If there's pumpkin, use pumpkin, if there's potato, potato it is then!
Krische's specialty was simple country dishes made with what was available, and thanks to Bery's various lessons, her cooking skills had improved, so although it was simple, she amplified the flavors of the ingredients to maximum.
Cook using everything that an ingredient has and not wasting any of it.

Krische's cooking, which approaches a single ingredient from various perspectives, had many points that impressed Bery.

“Oh, is that so? In that case, I should have made more for Krische-sama.
You could cut out the inside of the pumpkin and use it as a gratin.
The appearance looks interesting, and it's also delicious.”
” Gratin.

In contrast, Bery would use ingredients lavishly if it would improve the flavor.
For her with an aristocratic mindset, she only uses the good part out of the Ingredient.
If she only needed a small amount for  a subtle seasoning, she would be willing to use the ingredients even if some parts will get wasted.
It was a big difference for Krische, where if she uses radish she will use everything from the peels to the leaves of the radish.

Having been taught not to waste ingredients, Krische was initially surprised at Bery with the extravagant use of ingredients, but the dishes created with such extravagance are also works of art.
She was deeply impressed by Bery's stance of prioritizing everything for the sake of flavor.

“Fufu, let's make that tomorrow.
Krische-sama likes gratin too, right?”
Yes, Krische likes it.”

Watching Krische blush and nodding embarrassingly, Bery chuckled. 

“Let's grind the pumpkin guts and dissolve it in the soup and to make it milkier.
I'm sure Krische-sama will like it.”

Bery keeps petting Krische while talking, making Krische smile happily.

Bery's culinary philosophy pursues supreme delicacy through combination of ingredients, and Krische's culinary philosophy emphasizes approaching ingredients from various aspects to bring out their charm.
If there is a difference, then the method will differ, and the focus will also differ.

Though when it comes to complex dishes, Krische can't match Bery who could think of the best combination from her myriad of experiences, if it was a simple dish then Krische was confident in her skill.
However, Bery's creativity, which sought the best of the best, always surpasses Krische's imagination.
Both of them stand by each other, both serving as cooks, and as a teacher to the other. 

Filled with respect and happiness Krische snuggles to Bery.
Bery chided Krische “There are still people working” while blushing with an expression that is not all that dissatisfying.

The large kitchen had just finished preparing meals for the soldiers and the cooking team also had finished setting the table.
Right now the cooking team was taking a break, but the men had not returned to the barracks and were happily watching the pair from afar, while doing chores that didn't really need to be done as an excuse.

Krische swayed with her silver long hair in a ponytail.
Wearing a white apron, Krische was smiling happily the whole time.
Her petite and slender body that stirs up people's protective instinct, her adorable, beautiful face glowed in the dim light of the kitchen.
The way she was spoiled by Bery sometimes, makes her seem like a little girl.
It was truly lovely.

And the same goes for Bery, who was standing next to her.
Just like Krische, the red-haired beauty wearing an apron dress was smiling gently, like a flower bursting into bloom.
Like Krische, she is petite and has a baby face, but she has good looks and is feminine, with a well-developed body that would make you look back if you passed by her in the street.
Her apron, which was tied tightly around her waist, accentuates her narrow waist, making you want to look at her backside.
Her body was not bewitching however, but rather though sexy,  it was clean, and her affectionate  atmosphere was pure.

Their appearance was so picturesque and beautiful that they were afraid to disturb the atmosphere, though if the situation had permitted, there would have been a rush of people calling out to them.
However, everyone present knew that the pretty silver girl was Krische Christands, the daughter of the general and also, an official knight.

And for Krische, this time of cooking delicious food while being pampered by Bery was a blissful time, a time she does not want to be disturbed by anyone.
The other day, Krische had told everyone present that she didn't need any help because she was cooking for Her Highness, the Princess.

The only opportunity to talk with them was when someone was asked  to do trivial chores, so they had to voluntarily stay here and feast their eyes on the two beautiful girls, while faintly hoping for such an opportunity.

However, this place sometimes turns into a battlefield.

“Then, let's carry it so it doesn't get cold.”

—-The first person to act swiftly upon hearing those words was Zalbach, the head of the cooking team.
He had a chubby body and was approaching middle age, but he moved faster than anyone else.
A pot of soup, a herb-grilled chicken, bread and pie.
With those dishes, and bringing them to the princess and corps commander,they would need a food trolley to carry it.

Then, let's carry it—-the one who had started moving around the “then” in those words, was already closing the distance to the location of the wagon.
A large stride but calm gait.
It was an unspoken agreement among the cooking team that they should not use such blatant means as jogging or trotting.
It can't be helped if it was a busy time, but before anyone knew what was happening, a rule had been established here that their atmosphere was not to be interrupted.

In times like these, experience speaks for itself—
Zalbach, who had a splendid beard, followed the movements of the two with the eyes of the head chef.
The way they cooked was vibrant and without any waste, their coordination was also splendid.
But, after all, Zalbach, who had many years of experience, could estimate how long it would take them to complete a dish, based on their abilities and coordination.
When he sensed that the end was near, Zalbach moved naturally so his position was closer to the food trolley.

Zalbach grinned—but was startled by the sound of wheels rolling from behind and turned around.

The man rolling the food trolley was Kart, the young man who was in charge of the food distribution in this fortress.
Zalbach immediately looked at the place where the food trolley was supposed to be, and one of them had completely disappeared from there.
Then he saw that it was in Kart's hand.

—-When Kart returned from directing the food delivery, the two of them had just set up the pot.
Kart's excellent brain, which commands the distribution of food for thousands of soldiers, had finished grasping where every cooking utensil and ingredients were placed.
How to get ahead of everyone else, what was needed, and what steps should be taken.
Kart, who instantly found the answer, immediately requisitioned the food trolley, saying, “I'll take care of it,” and waited for the right moment.

Kart analyzed that, in experience, Zalbach was always one step ahead of himself.
Because for Zalbach, this place was like his own home.
Zalbach, who has been entrusted with the kitchen of this fortress for ten years, was equal to a king in this place.

In the past few days, not counting the small victories, Zalbach had won four times, Kart had won twice, and the others twice.
If one were to count the small victories, the gap would be even wider.
Zalbach always puts himself in the position to be ordered by the two flowers to do their chores.
Kart does not doubt his own excellence, but he also accepts the fact that in this limited space, Zalbach was superior to him.
It was frustrating.
However, if he accepts the fact as a fact, he can think of a way to counter it.

'If Zalbach is always one step ahead of me, then I should be three steps ahead of him.'
Using one's brain, not experience.

If he had been born into nobility and given the position of leading others in battle, he surely would be an excellent general.
At the very least, if Bogan's idea of a General Staff had taken shape earlier, his brains would have made him an exceptionally General Staff indeed.
The talented Kart was still excellent, even in the food distribution—-

Zalbach glares at the fearless Kart, looking like a parent whose child had been murdered, and sneers.

'You're good, young man.'
'Kuku, it's time for the old people to sleep in the barracks, you know.'

While conversing through their gazes, Zalbach didn't just give up there.
The route was different, and Kart's food trolley would definitely get there faster.

However there was still a difference of two steps.
Zalbach, who knew the kitchen inside and out, accurately determined the difference in distance between the two of them and came up with a secret stratagem..


—-He pretended to stumble even though there was nothing there.
A momentary lean forward and a leap.
With one move, it narrowed the gap of despair that should have existed between them and turned it around.
Kart's eyes were filled with astonishment.
'You're willing to go that far', was what his eyes seemed to be saying.

However, Zalbach did not care about the look in Kart's eyes and put his hand on the food trolley that “just happened to be there” when he landed and pulled it out.

Kart glares at Zalback, who has a fearless look on his face, as if he were a son whose father was murdered and sneered ——–

'I didn't think you'd go that far, you old raccoon.

'That's called the difference in experience, brat.'

The battle between the two was evenly matched, and the others who could not intervene had no choice but to hold their breaths and watch.
The showdown between the two chiefs.
It was a holy war.

However, the war's conclusion was blocked by the presence of an even more powerful person.

“Krische-sama, Argan-sama! I will help you!”

Breaking through the unspoken agreement, Anne, the woman with the seven-colored flaw, stepped into the fray without even reading the air.
Having a strong admiration for Bery, she had come to the fortress yesterday as a servant, forsaking her position as a servant at the Royal quarters, which was a position that many people desired.
Well, maybe except for Anne.
She insists that as a lady, the one she should aspire to be can only be Bery.

She left the royal estate two days after Krische and the others, she then went to her parents' house in the same northern part of the country, had a fight with them that almost resulted in her being disowned, and left the house for Christand's house.
Then, as she wandered around the empty estate, she was suspected by the soldiers there, and after crying and explaining the situation, she was escorted and arrived safely yesterday —- and here she was, in custody.

Her only merits were her seriousness and high ability to take action.
The boldness to break through head-on, without any ingenuity or tactics—-the sudden appearance of an ambush was, in fact, waiting at the entrance the whole time.
Don't disturb their happy moment, but also be quick to help when it is needed.
Then Anne saw the opportunity and jumped on it without regard..

“Oh, excuse me, I'm going to borrow ……
your food trolley.”

Anne took the wagon that Zalbach had been desperate to grab as if it was only natural and ran towards the two of them, “Here you go!”.
She perceived that the food trolley had been specially prepared for her on purpose.
She was completely unaware that she had snatched the others' credit from the side.

Her ability to take action was one of her few virtues, but Anne was a woman with a seven-colored flaw.

While it is a virtue, it was also paired with her thick-skinned nature.
It being a virtue depends on the situation.She also couldn't read the air.
In the end it became one of her flaws.

“My, thank you, Anne-sama.”
“Um, uh…
you, you wouldn't spill it right?”
“You, you can't do that Krische-sama, if you say that, Anne-sama will get even more nervous…”

Bery said in a panic, and Krische anxiously put the pot and plate on the food trolley.
Meanwhile Anna was saying 'it will be fine' while shaking the food trolley.
Anne, despite her thick skin, was internally timid and weak when it came to it.
She grew nervous as she remembered the many blunders she had done in front of Krische.

Krische, who was recruiting troops outside, was the one to confirm her identity who had been escorted by a carriage while being somewhat suspected of being a suspicious person.
Her exasperated expression at that time…
The more she thinks she shouldn't show such things to Krische again, the stronger her trembling becomes.

Krische recognized her as an annoying woman who even though was extremely clumsy she uselessly had a high ability to take action.
She has repeatedly interfered with Krische's desire to be alone and pampered with Bery, and also it was still fresh in her mind that she was scolded by Serene at the royal estate because she kept saying unnecessary things.
Her disposition is made worse because all of her actions are based on goodwill and kindness.
Because of her repeated mistakes and failure, she was the first person to make Krische realize the meaning of the word 'thank you for the trouble'.

Naturally, Krische does not trust Anne as a servant at all.

Looking at Anne, who was trembling, Krische holds the food trolley, thinks for a moment, and then tells Anne.

Krische is in the mood to push the food trolley, so can Krische be in charge of the food trolley? Anne, please walk a little bit apart.  .
.Ah, right since Anne is skilled in opening the door, Krische wants Anne to open the door first.”

There was a palpable sense of distrust that could not be hidden that it became obvious.
Krische intended to nicely conceal it, but the halfhearted consideration just injured Anne's heart.
Anne struggled her best not to shed tears when she heard her first compliment, “You're good at opening doors.”
Krische's evaluation of Anne was summarized there.

then, open the door..I…I'm good at it, so…”

There is absolutely no malice at all, and it's not like she was making fun of her.
Or rather, Krische was being considerate, and that only worsened the wound, Bery urged the two of them without touching on the matter.

“Well, let's go then…”

In fact, Bery also felt a little uneasy.

While glimpsing Anne's condition, Bery follows the two, and gracefully bows while making a slightly strange face to the culinary team that has solidified.
Krische notices that and politely follows suit, and the three of them leave the kitchen.

The men looked at Zalbach and Kart, who were still frozen, with pity.

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