Clever Anne and Centurion

Manipulate magical powers and build virtual muscles.
Magic can be manipulated by will, for example, if one repeatedly exerts oneself to hold a heavy object, the magic will naturally move and enhance the body.
Those who have a good sense, will feel that it is a different force than muscles, and may learn how to handle such imaginary muscles rather than muscular power.
There were 98 people who have been identified as “black”.
Of these, 30 of them are using it unconsciously.
And there were about two people who had acquired the skill to use it consciously.

Krische first interviewed these two, asking them about the process by which they had come to consciously handle magic, and thought about the teaching guidelines.
Since Selene had explained the method that Bogan had taught her, Krische was quick to get an idea of how to feel magic in general.

First, Krische ordered the “black” training captain —- her assistant, Dagra centurion, who had been given an unofficial offer to be the captain after the training was over —- to put them through a rigorous basic training program.
He comes from a commoner background, having learned to handle magic in battle and consciously understood and mastered it.
He was relatively smart and capable, and his emphasis on command and discipline made him what Krishe considered to be a good soldier, as for how she was valued by Dagra who was afraid of her is another matter.
His troops are also a group of excellent soldiers who have accompanied her in the infiltration of the mountains and have fought through fierce battles.

When the number of volunteers decreased, the selection process was closed at noon.
In the morning, Dagra oversees the “blacks,” and in the afternoon, Krische joins them for training.
Since it has been decided that they will operate as a Krische's men, it is important for them to be able to communicate with each other to a certain extent, and since they are a special unit, it is necessary for Krische, who is the operator, to provide them with good guidance in order to speed up their training.

There's also the fact that the other units were being led by Christand's excellent soldiers, so there was no need to worry so much about it.

One of the rooms at the warehouse is used mainly for Black's simple training.
There was also the point that they didn't want people to see much of the training too, so the training that dealt with magic was used in such a room.
Because of their special inborn talents, it does not reflect well on their special treatment to other soldiers.
It is not possible for them to move up to black if they show excellent results in training.
For this reason, only the most rigorous basic training was conducted outside for the other soldiers to see, while the magical training and education was conducted in this somewhat cold warehouse.

“All hands, salute the corps commander's adjutant!”

Krische entered the room with a tray of tea and other items, and at Darga's words, the trainees all clicked their heels and put their hands on their chests.
Their salute lacked some uniformness, but it can't be helped because they're a mixed recruit, and are in a state of extreme fatigue.
Everyone had their postures straightened, but their shoulders were shaking a little, as if they were having a hard time breathing.
Thanks to that, the room smelled sweaty.
Krische, with a furrowed brow, put the cup of tea on the desk in front of her, opened the window, and told them that they could take a rest.

They have undergone grueling basic training.
After a discussion between Dagra and those who had consciously mastered the art of handling magic, she had come to the conclusion that it was easier to learn to manipulate magic in the extremes of fatigue.

“Today we have 87 people.”

“Thank you for your hard work.
It's going well, but please be careful not to overdo it.”


The trainees are basically assigned in groups of five.
In the morning, they would run around the fortress in full infantry gear, and without taking a break, they would swing their swords.
Then, they would form up in line and engage in a battle of shields of five against five, and the team that lost, would be made to run around the fort even more.
That's about it for the warm-up exercise, and then they were made to carry on their backs heavy objects that they could not carry without using magical powers.
Two of the five-man team must carry it, and the remaining three who do not carry it must assist them.
In the five-man team, it was decided that at least two heavy items must be carried, and if a third or fourth item was carried, a reward would be given, such as an increase in desserts for the meal.
That's the basic training.
Those who had grasped the point assisted the other, and by teaching the still inexperienced the knack, the overall level was raised.

Instead of forcing them to train hard, they are given proper breaks and meals, and she also made sure to show the hard training to the supply team

“Now then…”

Krische looked around at the trainees and nodded, satisfied with the results.
A group of five.
Some sense of solidarity was born, and physical strength was also built up.
The ability itself was not bad.
For today, she would start with a basic lecture on operations.

“Narga, you must now fight Dagra here.
The objective is to kill Dagra.
The objective is to kill Dagra, and it must be done with certainty.
As a prerequisite, you will be allowed to use everything in this room.
How will you do it?”

“Eh, ah…
yes, corps commander's adjutant.
I will…”

“Next, Oudal.
The same question.”

This went on.
After about five people, there was finally someone who was able to answer.

“Next, Mia.
I'll ask you the same question.”

“Y-Yes, I'll ask my comrade here to help me, and fight him with multiple people.”

“I see, well done.
Right now, Krische doesn't think anyone can boast that they can kill Dagra alone.
If you want to achieve your aim, increase the number.
Create a military superiority.
Any army as a strategy will prepare a military force that surpasses the opponent.
That's because it's more advantageous.”

Krische stuck a magnet to the steel plate behind him.
The magnet was used by the General Staff during its establishment, and it has figures on it that represent military units and terrain.
If it's just for a simple explanation, then it'll make things easier.

“The basis of battle is superiority in military strength.
Heroic tales often tell of the fact that a side with a weaker military strength defeats an enemy with a superior strength, but this is simply the weaker side's tactics being used to make up for the lack of military strength in the first place.
It's a strategic defeat the moment you're outnumbered.”

Krische put up a magnet and reenacted the previous war.

“In other words, the battle the other day when the empire attacked was nothing but a strategic defeat for the Christand army.
If they had doubled their superiority, they could have defeated the Sarshenka army in a head-to-head confrontation.”

Krische's words were an overbearing criticism of Christand and, by extension, the Royal Army.
The trainees looked at each other, and Dagra shouted, “Focus.”
Krische continues while watching the situation.

“The Christand defeated Sarshenka through the strength of its soldiers' training, command and control, and tactics.
But Krische doesn't want you to misunderstand.
First and foremost is military superiority.
As Mia said, the correct answer is to kill Dagra with multiple people”

Krische poured the tea, added two spoons of honey, poured a generous amount of milk, and stirred.
Despite the content of the talk, her expression was one that showed satisfaction.

“But that's just an ideal theory.
Depending on the situation, you might face a superior enemy.
Dagra, let's assume that all the trainees in this room are attacking you all at once.
For you, right, there are only two allies outside the room.
What do you do?”

“Yes ma'am.
I will temporarily retreat from this place through the window behind me.
After that, I will hide myself and create a three-on-one or three-on-two situation with the person who is chasing me.”

“That's a great answer.
The overall inferiority of the military strength remains the same, but by repeating the local superiority of the military strength, you can deal with the superior enemy in an advantageous situation.
After all, it is the superiority of military strength.
Tactics are simple, everything is nothing but a means of creating a local military superiority.”

Sipping the tea, Krische's cheeks relax at the sweet taste.

“Strategic defeat is always possible.
On one hand, the important thing is to create a military superiority under the given conditions.
On the other hand, it is to render the opponent's forces fallow.
The same principle applies, for example, to shooting arrows from behind while the battle lines are pushing against each other.
In a line of battle, only the front line is fighting each other.
But by using a ranged weapon, you can increase our attack opportunities even from behind.
That's why bows are used on the battlefield.”

Krische attached magnets to various shapes.
Encirclement, half- encirclement, central breakthrough, rear attack.

“When you are in the line of battle against the front, it is hard to attack from the side or back, so you attack from the side of the enemy and encircle them.
Break through the center, break up the opponent's line, and aim for the rear.
Bypass and attack to the rear.
Flank the enemy in a marching column.
These are also examples.
In a situation where it is difficult for the opponent to counterattack, attacking unilaterally is also a means of creating a force advantage.”

After saying that, Krische looked around at the trainees.

“We know that the other side will naturally aim for it, so we will protect against it.
And they will try to do the same thing to us.
Tactics are a fight for local superiority.
In addition, a part of the force is intentionally left idle as a reserve force, and it is operated either to create a local advantage or to prevent it.”

Krische sipped her tea again.
She was not nervous at all, her tone, quiet and calm.
Naturally, there was no way the morale would boost up, and the confusion on everyone's faces was obvious.
They understood the content, but it didn't sink in.

Krische looks at Dagra, he nods and tells them.

“This unit is made up of people who all have a special talent for magic.
The high level of physical ability that comes with it will give you a power that no ordinary soldier can match if you train for it.
Your strength will make it possible for a hundred men to slay a thousand, and your mobility will allow you to disrupt the enemy and pierce their weak points.
In short, you will always work at the crossroads of victory and defeat on the battlefield.”

Dagra chuckled.

“That means that you can make a bigger credit than any other unit.
Our purpose isn't to maintain the battle line.
It's to attain a decisive battle result of breaking down the enemy's line and taking the enemy's general's head.
That's right.
It will only play the role that everyone wants …
Do you think that there is any more honor than this for soldiers? “

The trainees looked at each other in unison, their faces beaming with delight.

—- However, not all the soldiers wanted that.
Mia, a chestnut-haired girl, was one of those who volunteered to be a soldier here, or at least to help carry provisions.
Born in a northern village, she was illiterate.
Since she had many brothers and sisters, she followed the recruiting soldiers dispatched by Selene with the idea that she could send money home to help her family's finances.

However, Mia did not know that the logistics unit required by the military was one that could do literacy and arithmetic.
Since the Christand's army basically hires civilians and merchants for logistics activities, the logistics unit is mainly responsible for the management and paperwork of these people.
Naturally, this requires specialized knowledge, and the elite are the ones who are sought after.
A mere uneducated villager could not enter.

Mia can take on the role she wants if she is in charge of food in the battalion to which she is assigned, but as long as she is in the battalion, she is a soldier and must be able to fight.

Though Mia doesn't want it, she had no choice but to fight with a sword.
It's not like she could go home after all this.
While cursing her own stupidity, wondering why she had not looked for work with the transporters and merchants in town instead of the army, she was selected…

'The second one from the front is black.
Go straight to the black place.'

Mia had her own reasons for thinking that she could at least help with the transportation of provisions.
She is not muscular, but she is more powerful than most people.
She was somewhat aware of the magical power that clung to her body, and she had naturally learned how to handle it in her daily life.

Since her arrival here, she has been able to consciously manipulate magic, and she and another person, Tagel, have been summoned several times by Krische and Dagra to talk.
And before she knew it, Dagra took notice of her as one of the best soldiers, she drifted, following the flow, she arrived here.

“— is the expected situation.
What do you do?”

A small room next to the one they had just left.
Krische is sitting in a chair, and Dagra, a bald man with an eagle nose and a fierce face, is standing next to her.
Krische explains the hypothetical battlefield while drinking tea and asks the optimal situation one can create in that circumstance.
One by one, the trainees take turns entering the room and answering these questions.

The circumstance being asked about now is that they are facing an enemy across the river that can be crossed on foot.
Each side has a battalion of 1,000 men with archers, and the other side is attempting to cross the river to you.
This must be prevented.
Where is the appropriate place to defend?

“Uh, ……
I will form a battle formation a short distance from the river.”

“What is the reason?”

A black cloak with a black silver dress and a hawk and lightning emblem.
Mia looked at the general's daughter named Krische.
She had flowing silver hair.
She had double eyelids.
Her purple eyes wrapped in long eyelashes were large and beautiful.
Her face, which was as well formed as a work of art, was almost expressionless, and she looked somewhat detached.

The way she stirred honey and milk and drank the sweet tea was lovely, but there was a reason that made Dagra, a strong centurion, somewhat afraid of her.
There may be some truth to the rumor that she had beheaded countless people in this form.
After she learned to swing a sword, she could control it intuitively.
She can't see any way of this girl being cut down.

A demoness, an executioner, a ripper, a monster.
She is described in gossip with such words along with her beauty and loveliness.
While most of the stories about corps commander Selene, including sexual ones, were favorable, the rumors says that, unlike her charismatic sister Selene, Krische is a distorted genius.
Having had many opportunities to come in contact with Krische, she felt that these rumors were not entirely off the mark.

In a word, she was a strange girl.
If she was said to be a genius, she certainly has that kind of presence, and if it was said that this lovely girl kills people so easily, she would nod her head and say that it is true.

Her somewhat inorganic eyes were cold and could send chills down the spine.

“If you defend on the riverbank, you will be in the range of the opponent's archers.
But if you move a little distance, I thought that it would be possible to attack the opponents one-sidedly.
also while crossing the river, their clothes will get wet and become heavy, and will inevitably make it difficult to attack, I guess? “

“Good answer.
We concentrate our offensive power, and the other side can't attack us.
It is not that waterfront defense itself is wrong, but it causes unnecessary damage, so basically it is better to strike the opponent who has risen from the river.
The enemy's formation will inevitably be disturbed, so it is easy to prevent their attack, and the enemy won't be able to use their archers.”

Krische nods satisfactorily and looks at Dagra.

“The answer as a whole is excellent.
Dagra, I still feels that Mia is excellent.
I would like to make her a captain.”


“Certainly, she is smart.
I admit that she is excellent, but ……”

Dagra grimaced and looked at Mia.
Mia stiffened her body.

“First of all, she is still too young, and there are also many veterans, so to put someone who is not a noble and has no achievements at a higher rank due to excellency, there will be a backlash.
Well, not overtly to the adjutant corps commander, but ……
some will be dissatisfied inwardly.
If we can provide more than enough time for training, it might be resolved, but I don't know how much time we can get ……
under the current circumstances.”

“Well, I see……
but it would be a shame if she dies by mistake as an ordinary soldiers.
Even though she's smart.”

“Oh, uh, um, sir adjutant corps commander! I'm just a countryman who doesn't know how to read.
So, becoming a captain is……”

The captain leads about 50 men under the centurion.
It's too big of a jump in rank.

“Krische has judged you to be excellent.
You can acquire knowledge and experience as much as you want later.
But intelligence is something you are born with, so it is very valuable.
No matter what Mia thinks, it is Krische who will be the judge.”

“But ……”

“But, you said? Don't talk back to your superiors, you idiot!”


Dagra shouts angrily, and Krische looks at Dagra with a look of annoyance.

“I'm sorry …
adjutant corps commander, if you are to give someone the rights to command, you need to consider their personality too.
If you become a captain, you must be at the lead and inspire the other soldiers.
I recognize this girl's excellence, but with her temperament, it will be difficult.”

“I see, I suppose that is also true……”

Krische pondered for a moment and then clapped her palms.

“Then Dagra it will be fine, if we post her as your adjutant.”

“But it's a century …”

In a century, the captains also serve as two adjutants.
It was only from battalion that an adjutant was attached.

“It is a hundred people of special operation squad.
It is necessary to order difficult tasks depending on the situation, and if you say that, Krische was also an adjutant at the 500 hundred Corps the other day.
There is no rule that says you can't have an adjutant unless it's a battalion, so isn't that fine?”

“That's certainly……”

“At that time, Krische was in charge of leading and killing, and Selene was in charge of operating Dagra and the others.
We just need to divide the roles according to the occasion, with those who are good at what they do well.”

The face of Dagra twitched as if remembering something, and he nodded as if giving up.
The rumors are true, Mia thought in disbelief as Krische said the words 'lead and kill' without hesitation.
There is also a desire to escape from the reality that is being made an adjutant.

This girl's excellence is certainly too good to be a mere soldier.
I will take it upon myself to educate her so that she can be of use.”

The corporal is already confirmed for the time being.
One of the captains is Tagel, but if ……
Mia is no good, what should we do about the other one?

Mia was the last one to come to this interview, as she had come here as she was swept along.
For now Krische has finished their selection.
Tagel is a cheerful man, good-natured, and although he looks young, he is in his mid-thirties.
Dagra had no complaints about him being selected as captain, as he had served in the military in the past.
The corporals were also basically made up of men with military service experience.

” Well, ……
if you don't mind, I would like to ask you to allow me to recommend someone from the outside.
He is a captain who is a former subordinate of mine.
Although he is not that skillful, he can use magic, and the command and operation are excellent, and my head is cut off.
He also accompanied me before in the mountain's breakthrough with Krische-sama.”

“Then, please bring that person with you.
If it's just one person then it's fine.”

Of course, there are those who can use magic already enrolled in the military, but in most cases, they were in positions such as corporal, centurion, battalion commander, or their adjutants.
Because of their high ability, they often achieved good results and survived the war.
There was a concern that the ability of the organization as a whole would decline if she pulled out a soldier from such rank, so Selene basically told her not to do it.

“For now, we've got the shape down.
What's your next training plan?”

“The basic movements of a soldier have taken shape to some extent, but to give the captain and corporal some command experience, I would like to have them do a light exercise in a nearby forest around the day after tomorrow.
Considering the operational objectives of this unit, I feel it would be better for them to learn how to operate in the forest, what do you think? If possible, I would like to use some of my men who are elsewhere for instruction but……”

Your men were excellent even in the mountains.
I will give you permission to pull out about ten of them under the guise of black training.
Submit your selection by the end of the day.
Krische will arrange it so that they can be here tomorrow at noon.”

“Thank you very much.”

Krische thinks about what needs to be considered, but leaves the rest to his own initiative – in short, she throws wholesale.
If there is a person like Dagra who can be an “instigator” to lead others and is also disciplined and a good individual, she will leave everything to him like this.
She believes that she is in a position to tell people what the objectives and policies are, and that it is her subordinates who carry them out, not her.
Her thinking in this area differs greatly from that of Selene.

For example, Selen observes the condition of the soldiers, based on that, announces the purpose and policy.
On the other hand, Krische, who does not doubt her own judgement, first tells her objectives and policies, if it is impossible, she compensates for it, or she will consider switching the head to someone who can do it, including herself.
This is the difference between Selene, who always aims for better, and Krische, who always seeks the best.

Although it is naturally more work, Selene is loved and respected by her subordinates and produces stable results.
Krische, on the other hand, is hated and feared by her subordinates for the reckless demands she makes, but her efforts are spread out to produce near-perfect results.
While Selene's way is usually considered better, Krische has the power to produce results.
Therefore, they were at opposite ends of the spectrum, neither of which was better than the other.

However, at the same time, Krische spares no effort to prepare the necessary items as much as possible to meet that desire, so that unreasonable things become not unreasonable.
This kind of way was very easy for someone as capable as Dagra to work with, and Dagra honestly respected and appreciated this aspect of Krische's work.

As a subordinate, personally Dagra wants Selene as his superior.
Dagra is so loyal to Selene that if she were to find herself in a dangerous situation, he would certainly protect her at all costs even if he needs to sacrifice his life.

But when it came to the battlefield, he knew that there was no one he could rely on more than Krische.

She is a natural killer and a terrifying one.
But she has an overwhelming power that makes the impossible possible, a power that will surely lead them to victory.
And such a person valued him and gives him free discretion.
He felt that was the greatest honor of all.

Even though they have different directions, they are similar.
Both of them is respected by others, and Krische was building up respect and appreciation form talented personnel such as Dagra without even realizing it.

“Those who can't do the body enhancement will also accompany them, and they will be instructed by the team that achieved excellent results the day before.
If they are exempted from training exercises under that pretext it will also be a reward for them, and the problem will be solved.
As for the schedule, will you decide it?”

“No, it is up to Dagra.
Krische will inform the logistics department to provide what is needed.
If it is only forabout a hundred people, it will not matter how much we spend.
If there's any other special needs, please let Krische know as far in advance as possible.”

Krische sipped her tea and looked at Mia, who remained frozen.

“This unit is a small number of elite units.
They must be able to coordinate to some extent even without forming a battle line.
In addition to improving individual capabilities, it is natural to improve the ability to search for enemies, make decisions, and concentrate to withstand harsh missions.
Mia, what do you think is important when training in the forests?”

that is……”

“Don't stutter, you idiot! You will be my adjutant, so be resolute!”


Mia corrects her posture and salutes.

“T-training to group up after being apart as the empha–“

“Disperse and gather.
This is an army, not your rural village.
Always use clear language.”

“T-the training of spreading and gathering, uh, should be emphasized.”

Being glared at by the fierce looking Dagra and being made an adjutant without understanding what just happened.
Mia almost cried.

“You can continue”

“Well…, in order for the scouts to not lose their concentration when searching for the enemy, um, we have to make sure that the deployment, assignment, and small-scale deployment and movement are carried out smoothly.
For example, it would be better if we divide the troops into two groups, one for each captain, and trained against each other as….
Um, imaginary enemies, and repeated ambush training…”

She glanced at Krische and Dagra.
They said nothing.
She understand that it means to continue, and she continue to use her head while feeling sick in her stomach.

“Even during regular training using swords, sentries will be set up, or one side will sneak up on the other side and attack in surprise during that time, etc.
So that there is always a sense of tension and, well, reward and punishment.
If we do the same with the “major resting,” etc., and have them always assume that they will be operating in enemy territory, they will naturally become more aware of the situation.
Always give them situations that make them let their guard down or force them to spread out, and have one side attack the other side.
This will help them learn to make individual decisions and develop the ability to respond to ambushes and counterattacks.”

“That's a good idea.
What else?”

“Well, since injuries are expected, we'll need a doctor—-n-not, but someone with a medical knowledge.
I think it would be better to use wooden swords and require everyone to wear armor.
The actual sword training doesn't have to be in the forest, and it would be better to focus more on practical coordination and movement training than, umm, is what I think……”

Krische stared at Mia, sipped her tea, and then looked at Dagra.
Dagra nodded in satisfaction and opened his mouth.

“You can do it after all.
Come and report a more detailed training plan to me tomorrow morning.”


Tomorrow at noon, we will consider it after the instructor comes.
Tomorrow we will have plenty of preparations.
Don't think you can rest.”


How did this happen?
Mia wanted to curse herself for coming here, but Dagra laughed at her.

“Don't make that face.
Instead, you don't have to participate in the training tosday.
It's your job to come up with a training plan.
After you're done, rest well today.”

“tsu……Is that true!?”

“Watch your word, you idiot! You can go.”


With a wide smile and salute, Mia left the room with light steps.
Krische sensed that she was somewhat similar to Anne.

“My daughter is around that age.
So, it's hard for me to just treat her as a stranger”

“Is that so”

Thinking that Mia might be a little clever version Anne, Krische threw her into the same category as Anne—- Anne category, in her mind.

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