hree following.
Even without turning around, she knew everyone was fascinated by the same thing.

The Silver sways, and blood flowers bloom.

She headed there.
The Silver was hidden.
There was something in the way.
Before she knew it, she pulled out her sword and cut off its head.

Rugged, unpleasant feeling.

She didn't think about what it was.
She kicked it away, breaking up the wave of people.

The others had killed one as well, and Kalua had already slain the second with her cheeks lifted.
Her eyes were wide open, and she had a somewhat mad smile.
She noticed that her cheeks were turned up and wondered if she might have the same look on her face.

Bagu, Kels, and Adol.
All three of them were also the same.

The dancing silver color turned its inorganic purple eyes toward them for a moment.
A little strangely, and somehow a sweet voice resounded.


Mysterious shivers ran down her spine.
As if replacing one another, she ran to another place.
The head of the enemy centurion beside her was cleaved with her curved sword.

“Leave it to me!”

—-I leave this to you.

Just by being called, she understood that and was overwhelmed with joy.
Looking left and right, she searched for her prey.

'If you are wolves, your enemy is a sheepdog leading a flock of sheep.
It is only that dog that you should aim at.
Even if you are tempted to eat the sheep, endure it and eat the dog first.
Then you can eat all the sheep you want.
Enjoy the meal, and you're done.'

She pictured her, with a look of satisfaction on her face, puffing out her small chest as if she had given a good explanation in front of everyone.
The explanation was repeated over and over-enthusiastically, and every time it was explained, the details changed.

The important thing was to kill the instigators, which was a simple and vague explanation, so she must have made various efforts to convey it in an easy-to-understand manner.

There is no one in the Black Century who did not understand what she meant.


Kalua took the lead when she raised her voice.
She grabbed the enemy soldier on her left, rotated her hips, and threw him away.
Forcing her way through with her monstrous strength, she stepped forward a step and drove her sword through the enemy captain's neck.

Kahlua had the appearance of a beautiful lady if she kept quiet and dressed nicely, but the truth is she is rougher than anyone else.
Bagu and Kels covered the gap, and Adol cut off the head of an enemy who was about to slash at Mia.

Mia also cuts off the arm of the enemy who was aiming for Adol.

Blood splattered.
Life disappeared.

The heart that tried to feel something about this act was left behind.
There was no room for that.

At some point, the Black Century was all there, and the enemy was clearly frightened.

“Bald Eagle, Selene's Red is coming.”

“Squad 1, get back! Prioritize rendezvous!”

“Yes, sir!”

As Mia drags the four along and the wave of enemies splits.
The frightened enemy soldiers cleared the way on their own.
Then, as if replacing Mia and the others, three squads charged in.

She saw that silver again.
There was almost no blood stain.
Even though she must have slain dozens of people already, she was beautiful.

“Ku ku, Bald Eagle always makes me laugh whenever I hear it…”

“Because of Kalua, I got scolded, you know!”

“Now, now, oops.”

Kalua killed another one.
They now had the leeway to make jokes.
Her vision, which seemed to have lost color and narrowed, somehow widened.
Her suffocating breathing had calmed down.
Her thoughts were also clear.

“Captain! Please charge in from the left! One squad after the adjutant corps commander!”

“Understood! Squad 3, Squad 4, Squad 6, go!”

Dagra hadn't even killed a single enemy yet.
He simply took in the situation around him and continued to issue instructions in the center to keep the flow going.

A centurion does not have the time to surrender himself to the madness of the battlefield.
A melee without forming a line of battle.
The effort required to unite nineteen disparate squads in the midst of such a melee is completely different from that of a simple centurion.

That is why the light infantry and their commanders had to be excellent.

It was very difficult to control troops in the midst of the pure melee.
If instructions were delayed, the squad would be isolated and destroyed.
They must read and understand all the situations around them and decide what to do.
The soldiers must develop strong self-determination to maintain the situation until they are given orders.

But Dagra's' heart was more moved than anguished.
Except for one death and three injuries during the descent, none were seriously injured to the point of being unable to fight.
On the contrary, this small force was overwhelming the large enemy.
Dagra had no doubt that this group of centurions was unquestionably the strongest in the world at the present time.

Krishce cut into their formation, chopping off the heads of the centurions and the captains and crushing their leadership.
And then the elites of the elite charged in.
Their abilities, specially trained for melee situations, were greater and more impressive than any soldiers Dagura had ever led.
And he was the one who took control of and moved the violent force.

There was no reason for his blood not to boil.
To be entrusted with such a unit was the greatest honor one could receive as a centurion.

If they were to taste flesh and blood here and have their naiveties removed, just how much power would they gain?
It was all he could do to keep his body from shaking with anticipation and excitement.

'Krische wants to create a unit composed solely of people who possess magic and decided to choose you, Dagra, as its captain.
Krische thinks you're the best of all the captains who accompanied me in the mountains.'

He recalled the words that he was told when he was summoned.
Dagra was frightened at first when he saw the carnage, but now he felt a deep sense of gratitude to her for having chosen him.

'…Dagra, that child has no hesitation in killing people, and to be honest, she's not normal.
But in reality, she's just clumsy, more serious, obedient, and more spoiled than anyone else, and she's my cute little sister.
So please, I entrust her to you.'

The words Selene told when she came to inspect the training.

'If there are at least 100 Dagra here, it should be possible to satisfy Krische's demands, so it's only natural to be able to do that much.'

Then he remembered Krische's words and swore.
Being given such troops, there was nothing that could not be done.
It was only natural that they were able to do it.
And he expects himself to be able to fulfill that demand.

What greater honor could there be, Dagra thought.

The First Battalion—-the light infantry broke through, and simultaneously, he heard Krische's voices.

“Bald Eagle, rendezvous.”

Even the nickname, which sounds like an insult, seems like an honor now.

He raised his voice.

“Yes, ma'am! From now on, we will start a pincer attack with the Second Corps! We are the vanguard, as the spearhead, to make way for the first battalion and cut through the enemy! Understood!”

A roar resounded, and the soldiers in black armor turned around.
They charged in the direction of the main camp where the second army corps was located.

“Show our power to the fools who stand in our way! We, the Black Century, are the Kingdom's strongest warriors, and Krische Christand is its sword!”

The battle cry of the century, augmented by magic, shook the air.
There were even those that screamed and ran away, losing their will to fight in the face of overwhelming violence.

“You did well, Krische.”

Selene stood a little further back from the front line, on the border of the Bernaich mountains, and looked out over the whole area.
The mighty Christand army—but that didn't include the First Corps led by Selene.
If she were to speak only of their skill level, they would be no better than Gildanstein's army, and in fact, they would be inferior in some respects.

Some of the soldiers had received less than a month of training.
It could be said that it was enough if it was the army that had been assembled three months in advance as a reserve.
But they were all fresh recruits.
Many of them were only able to hold their shield and thrust their spear.

The only ones that could be called sufficient were the First Battalion of red and the Second Battalion of heavy infantry.
The rest were consolidated into the Third and the Fourth battalion—-the ones surrounding Selene were all recruits who could barely form a line.

She judged that even they would fight if they were under herself, the corps commander.
She could not send them to the frontline as a collapse in morale at the front will affect the battle's outcome.
However, as a result, three of the five battalions did well, and the Fifth battalion continued to rain arrows down on the enemy without a pause.

The First Battalion launched an assault at the enemy center, while the Second Corps waved countless flags and set up a breakthrough.
The Second Corps broke through the enemy deployed on the Bernaich side and inked up with the First Battalion.

It was a victory, without any doubt.
But then a voice rang out.

The voice came from the blazing Mirskronia.
Against the backdrop of the great flames scorching the heavens, one of the countless men in black armor stepped forward and raised something in both hands.

One side was a sword.
The other one was an arm.

'The traitor Bogan Christand has been vanquished by me, Gildanstein—-'

The voice echoed everywhere.
The music of the battlefield ceased.

'The war is over.'

Gildanstein Kalnaros Vel Sarcarinea Alberan.

The man who was the rightful heir of the royal family announced boldly with a majestic voice.

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