trol of the atmosphere of the place.
In front of the crying princess, there was no longer an option in the conference room to take a truce.
That kind of atmosphere was created.

Selene once again faced with existence known as Kreschenta, and chills run down her spine.
What would happen if this girl became her enemy?

“…Thank you, Your Highness.”

Kreschenta shook her head at Selene's words and sat down.
She looked at the faces of the corps commander and their adjutant.
They all looked convinced and nodded quietly when Selene turned to look at them.

“Even knowing the danger, Her Highness has said that.
…I, too, originally thought that it would be dangerous to take agree with the truce.
I would like to choose to continue the engagement with the help of Her Highness.
Is there any objection?”

A voice rise saying there is no objection, and Kolkis laughed.

“Her Highness is doing her best after all.
Haha, my, my…
Her Highness, Selene-sama, and Krische-sama, three goddesses of the Christand.
If so, The Goddess of Victory will surely be lured out and will want to come to visit.”

“…that's disrespectful, Corps Commander Argrand.
That said, well, I agree with those words,…
if the three concerns are minimized, then there is no need to worry.”

Terrius replied and looked at his neighbor, the Corps Commander of the Fourth Corp, Eluga.
With a skeleton-like face, he too nodded.

“…I also think we shouldn't agree with the truce.
This detour breakthrough is close to a surprise attack.
Now that we've finished transmitting the order to the soldiers, the enemy will know if there's time.
Let's go.”

“Haha, seems everyone agrees.”

Krische nodded to Selene, annoyed at Kolkis's loud voice.
Selene also nodded.

“Sending a messenger and resuming the temporarily suspended preparations.
Krische, Faren Corps Commander, please.
You two will be the key.”

Yes, I will do my job properly.”

“Please leave it to me”

Selene took a deep breath and drank the black soybean tea.

“Good girl, good girl.
You're a good girl.”


When Kreschenta returned to her room, she was being pampered by Krische.
Being cuddled on her lap, stroked, and fed by Krische.
Even in the bath Kreschenta was thoroughly washed by Krische, and had her brain melted with pleasure.

Selene looked at the situation exasperated, wondering where was the actor from a little while ago had gone.
Bery looked on happily and poured Selene another cup of tea.

“…But are you going too? Bery”

“Yes, …I can help you with various things, such as changing clothes and taking care of the meals.
And the escort will also be a reliable personnel from Krische-sama's Century, so it'll be okay.”

A dependable servant was necessary for an audience in the Imperial State.
The choice was Bery and Anne
Considering its Kreschenta, they can't afford to leave it to someone else's servant.
And as expected, if it's Anne they will be a little uneasy.
Considering it's a role where failure will not allowed, Bery was the only choice here.

“Krische'll send around 10 men from Corinth's squad as an escort.
Krische will be more at ease than sending someone from another squad.”

Saying that, Krische tightened her hold on Kreschenta's body and lowered her eyes.”
It was something Bery had brought up when they were in the bathroom.

It was not truly as safe as Kreschenta had said.
There was no guarantee that the Imperial State would not sell out Kreschenta to Gildanstein.
To be honest, she doesn't want her to go on such trip.

“Mu, Mugyuu…”

Krische is a little uneasy after all.”

Gyuu, her arms tightened, crushing Kreschenta who was in her arms.
Her face was pressed against the modest breasts, and her hands tapped Krische's arms from the suffering.

“I'm fine.
Besides, there's no truly safe place.
There's some kind of danger everywhere…then it's the same thing after all.”

Bery approached and stroked Krische's cheek.
Kreschenta was flailing.

“Besides, I also want to help Krische-sama and the others, even if just a little.
Like Krische -sama and the others, I too want to do as much as I can.”


“We'll cook together again, have tea together…
that's why.”


Bery kissed and ran her fingers through Krische's silky hair.
Krische nodded quietly, and Selene, who was watching them, called out.

“Ah, um…
it's a wonderful conversation, but is it fine? Kreschenta is being crushed…”


When Krische finally realized and loosened her strength, Kreschenta got up and coughed.
Holding her crushed and reddened nose with both hands, she stared at Krische with tearful eyes.

“Uuu…how cruel.
Onee-sama almost crushed my nose…”

“Crescenta, don't get angry.
Look, chu~.”

“Onee-sama, don't think you can cheer me up with that…

Kreschenta was in a good mood as soon as she was kissed and hugged by Krische.
She then glared at Bery.

I'm sorry…”

“…not enough sincerity.”

Squish, Krische pinched Kreschenta's puffy cheeks and stretched them out.

“…Kreschenta, I'll leave it to you.”

“Uuu…I understand.”

“Good girl.”

She patted her head and kissed her repeatedly.
Even Krische was surprised when Kreschenta said she would take the risk.
And as much as she was surprised, she was also happy.
She tangles her golden red hair with her fingers and told her to look into her wet purple eyes.

“When everything is over, we'll all have a tea party.
And after that, we'll be together forever.
That's why Krische is doing her best.
That's why Kreschenta, too.”

“…Yes, onee-sama”

Chu, chu, Selene looked at the two who seem to kiss forever if they were left alone, and opened her mouth.

“By the way, Kreschenta.
Did you just thought up the speech?”

“Yes, of course.
You just have to do it according to the situation.”

“…You sure make it sound easy.”

“It is easy.
I have a position, so I'll just use it to say what I want.
The soldiers are demoralized after losing the battle, so I should give them a reason and hope to fight.
If I deceive them, even temporarily, then Onee-sama and Selene will take care of the rest, right?”

Though the word 'deception' catches my eye.”

She sighed and sipped her tea.
The soldiers are tools for her.
The reason why they are fighting is not something that she sympathized with.
But she understood their reasons and knew how to move them.
And she is not moved by their deaths, not even a hair's breadth of emotion.
She's ruthless to her core.

As if sensing Selene's emotion, Kreschenta pressed her fingertips to her lips, troubled.

“Well, that's preference in how to say it, I guess.
I wonder if Selene-sama prefers to call it encouragement?”

what we do is similar.
So, I won't deny it.”

Either unconsciously or consciously.
Selene wondered what was different.
Encouraging soldiers to fight is nothing less than making them sacrifice their one and only life.
No matter how you put it, for the sake of victory, many lives are exchanged for gambling chips.
It doesn't change what they're doing.

But is it arrogance to want her to accept it not with logic, or reason, but with emotion?
By doing so, the two of them will become closer to normal and will be able to feel extremely normal thoughts and happiness.
The two of them were too young to understand it.
It seemed as if they would just stay like that for their whole life.

In truth, they probably didn't know the difference between objects and life.
She wanted to teach them that, but on the other hand, She wondered if it was really the best for them.
Their strength is also what they got in exchange for their humanity.

Well, I wonder if it's the kind of thing that has no correct answer.”


Even if this war was over, her worries will probably never end.
She can a future where she would find becoming an old lady while she's endlessly thinking about it.

“Bery, I'm thinking of giving the soldiers something a little extravagant.
The day after tomorrow, we're all going to say goodbye for a while, so could you please make a little extravagant meal?”

Fufu, actually, I secretly talked about that with Krische-sama.”

“Shrewd one.”

She smiled and looked out the window.
Strangely, she felt calm.
Failure was not an option.
But, even with that in mind, there was no longer any need to worry.
All she had to do was work hard at what was in front of her.

whatever the case, let's do our best together.
It may be painful, it may be hard, and that period may continue, but…”

—-I'm sure there will be fun things waiting for us after that.
The three nodded silently at Selene's words.

—-at that time.

“Nhh, Thank you…but you sure are very considerate.
Krische is a clever but clumsy girl, so it's reassuring to have not just Bery, but also someone who is as capable as you.
Because Selene also tended to push herself too hard, a presence like you will surely bring comfort.”

“No, no! I am not even close to reaching Argan-sama….”

“Haha, don't be so humble.
Even if you don't show up on the stage, it's the people who support you that are important.
You look like a fine servant to me.”


Anne, who had been sent to Gallen's place as a way to prevent trouble as if it's only natural, was being praised to death.

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