rt inside her cloak.

“We are the sword of the kingdom.
—-the General has sworn to become the sword of Her Highness.
And I pledge here! I, Kolkis Nactra Linea Agrand will be a sword that will defeat all enemies that stand in the way of Her Highness!”

Kolkis swunghis sword and announced.

“What about you guys! Will you be afraid of defeat and return to humans, or will you become the same sword!?”

A heroic cheer echoed through the fortress.


After the speech was over, Bery and Kreschenta will leave in a short while.
Krische will also leave the fort today for the detour.

In a sense, it was only natural they would be together in the room before their departure.
Krische was kissing Bery endlessly.

Krische was sitting on Bery lap, hugged her, and continue to kiss her.
Selene looked at it with an indescribable face.
Kreschenta glared at Cliché dissatisfied.
Anne, who was preparing the luggage in place of Bery, was peeking at them and was not focused at her work.

The situation continued for nearly half an hour.

“…Haah, really.”


Selene lifted Krische's body from behind and puts her on her lap.

“I know you're lonely, but it's about time for her to leave.
If you hold on like that, then Bery will be late for departure.”


Krische still stared at Berry with reluctance.
A storm of passionate kisses.
Bery, whose face was red as if she was hot, scratched her cheek with a troubled face and smiled wryly.
Then she got up and bring her face closer.

It's not a farewell for life.
That's why we will continue after I come back…at that time please give me a lot of kisses.”

Chu, She kissed her lightly and stroked her head.

“According to the rumor, love grows when you can't see each other.
I'm sure the kiss at that time will be an exceptional one (written as different quality), a very lovely kiss that you've never had before.”

“…exceptional one”

“Yes, it will be.
It's a very happy kiss with lots of overflowing love.”

Bery said and kissed her regrettably.
Twice, three times, she put her hand on Cliché's cheek and stroked it.
Staring into her eyes, tracing her lips, Bery narrowed her wet eyes and brought her face closer—-

“……stop it.”


Pechi, Selene flicked her forehead.

“Uuu, even if it's Ojou-sama, you can't hit me …uu.”

“You, what are you going to do becoming just like her, geez…”

Selene said looking, exasperated by Bery who is holding her forehead, and Krische pouted her lips in dissatisfaction saying 'Bery's kiss'.
Selene pinched Krische's lips with her fingers and told her that it was over.

“If you're going to have a stupid exchange, please wait until you got back, really.”

“That's right, only Argan-sama…
even though I'm also going to have to leave Onee-sama from now on…”

Kreschenta hugged Krische.
But this time Selene flicked Kreschenta on the forehead.

“What are you doing! I'm a princess you know!”

“If that's the case, can you show me some princess-like behavior…if you continue like this then just when will the two of you depart?”

“Uu…It's only Argan-sama, that's not fair.”

'just why do I have to do this'
Selene sighs and pulls Krische's cheek.

'unya', Krische let out a scream.

You two should prepare quickly.
Then I'll let you do it one more time.”

“…Since when did we need Selene-sama's permission to kiss Krische.
Are you going to keep it to yourself by saying that?”

“…I won't.”

“…Ojou-sama has been suspicious lately, so I'm a little worried.”

“Y-you know…”

Bery, who seems to hold grudge for the flick on her forehead, glared at Selene, then quickly immediately giggled.

“Fufu, then, Kreschenta-sama, shall we go and say hello to the escort? The goodbye kiss will be later.”

I understand.”

“Ah, t-then I'll accompany you two too…!”

Kreschenta puffed up her cheeks sulkily, and nodded, then left the room with Bery and Arne.
Selene sighed again and nuzzled Krische's soft cheek.

“Really, thanks to you, I'm already drained.
Even though it's going to be hard from now on.”

Even as she spoke, Selene's voice was filled with tenderness.

“Bery and Kreschenta are both infected with stupidity, just what should I do with you guys.”

Krische turned around on her lap.
Then looked up with upturned eyes at Selene.

Selene too, Chu.”

Krische is a kissing demon.
Selene froze, and her eyes swam around, then she somehow managed to escape.


Selene doesn't like it?”

“Uhh, um, it's not like that…”

Krische leaned over and pressed her lips.
Soft and kind.
Her eyes are somewhat dim, and she repeated the kiss without saying anything for a while.
And when she was done, she leant her body against Selene and embraces her.
Delicate and weightless body.

Krische said nothing and remained motionless.
Sensing such Krische, Selene shook her gaze.


Krische nodded.
she is just like she appearance suggested.

“Krische's really worried…
can't calm down.
It's kind of strange…”



Squish, she put strength into her hand.
She caressed her back soothingly.

“It's similar to when Krische thought about what if Bery and Selene hated Krische…
Krische's body is weird and Krische doesn't really understand it.”

“…Is that so.”

She felt happy.
Krische was starting to understand a lot of things, and what she lacked was filled in.
Perhaps one day she'll be just like everyone else, even if not perfect.
But she was a little lost as to what to say.

“That's important.”


“Yeah, very….
The fact that you're scared is proof that you care about someone.
Me too, and Bery too.
Everyone feels scared.
It's not just Kische.”

The silver thread that hangs from her thin waist is entwined with her fingers, and she tilted her head.
Their cheeks squished together and Selene smiled.

“The reason it's not scary is because there's nothing important.
That might be something very strong thing, and in that sense, the Krische may have become weaker.”

Krische, useless?”


Selene said with a wry smile.

“Everyone gets scared, but in the end, the really strong are the ones who stand up for what's important.
Even if you get scared at the end of a parting, you're still going to do your part after that, right?”


—-Then, Krische is a strong child, Selene said, and lowered her eyes.
Cowardice is kindness.
And she wants her to live forever in a world where that is allowed.
Following Bery around, doing housework, cooking, and pampering her.

However, Selene didn't have the strength to allow her to do so.



I promised you that I'd let you cook with Bery all the time at the estate…
but it looks like it's going to be a long time before that happens.”

Krische sat up and put her hand on Selene's cheek.
With her thumb, she wipes the dripping water droplets.
Then she held her chest with her left hand and looked down a little.
Krische shook his head from side to side.

Krische is very happy that Selene think's like that.”


“When the war is over and peace is restored, Krische, everyone will have tea together, cook together, and eat a lot of delicious food…
Hehe, it's Krische's dream to spend every day like that.
…Dreams are, uh, what Bery's said, but…”

Krische looked at Selene with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“Not just Selene, but Krische also will do her best.
Krische will also do her best so that Selene can stay in the estate forever.
That's why Selene doesn't need to apologize, if you apologize, then Krische too…”

Krische paused, searching for words.

“Krische wants Krische's dreams to come true together.
…Then, Krische'll be very happy…and happiness doubles when we're together, and Krische sure we'll be very, very happy…um, that…”

It was awkward and tottering.
There was so much to convey.


Selene pinched her soft cheek.

Fufu, I was going to comfort my stupid little sister, but I can't believe I was comforted.”

Beautiful, and smooth —-she brought her face closer to hers.
The tip of their nose rubbed and their lips touche.

It was just a little touch.
But also deep and important.
Krische hand wrapped around her neck, and Selene hugged her waist as she pull her slender body.

“…I love you, Krische.”

Ehehe, Krische love Selene too.”

Krische smiled as usual.
A soft smile that just lifted her lips.

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