ood care of you.
Despite my appearance, I'm good at handling girls.”

Thank you.
But Krische has a place to rest, so——“

“Yes, yes, stop! Usa-chan, this way!”


Krisje, who doesn't seem to understand much, responded seriously, and Kalua grabbed her arm and pulled her along.
Kahlua scratches her own head roughly as she sighs in exasperation.

“Geez, even if they called out to you, you don't have to answer.
Right when I take my eyes off her…”

but it seems kind of bad to ignore them when they talk to you.”

“…Usa-chan, if you leave her alone, she seems like she'll immediately be kidnapped before you can count to three.”

Mia and the other three members of the squad smiled wryly at Krische.
Krische was pulled by the hand and answered while chewing on the skewered thick-sliced mutton.

“Krische is is strong so, even if Krische is kidnapped, Krische will be able to return, so it's okay.”

She spoke confidently, but they couldn't help but feel uneasy because of her childlike appearance.
The reason is that Cliche does not look like a soldier by any means, although she has a coat of arms sewn into her cloak.

Inside she wore a white lace shirt and skirt.
Although she wears a thick belt around her waist and carries a curved sword, no one would recognize her as the highest-ranking corps commander in the army.
Considering her position and role as a member of the Christand family, she is the actual leader, but it is extremely difficult for someone who doesn't know to recognize her.

The girl holding the grilled skewer in one hand, being led by the hand, and her silver hair swinging in the air, no matter how you look at it she was a sitting duck.
She was a beautiful girl who can be crowned as peerless, so she naturally attracts the attention of those around her.

“Anyway, even if they talk to us, we ignore them.
And don't follow people you don't know.”

Krische isn't that stupid.”

“…I don't know about that.”

Exasperated at Krische that was puffing out her cheeks with a slightly dissatisfied look, she sighed again.
Krische then looked to Mia.

“Mia, where's Bald Eagle?”

“As instructed.
Corinth Squad is resting.”

“Is that so.”

Nodding in satisfaction, Krische loosens her cheeks over the grilled skewers.

“Krische will go to the banquet with Skeleton and the other.
Krische'll leave the rest to you.”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

Mia smiled and saluted.

Krische, Eluga, Granmeld.
Three people were invited to the mansion.

It was a large mansion inside a wall.
Four fountains were placed in the large garden, and sculptures were lined up on both sides from the main gate to the door of the mansion.
Without needing any signal from them, the double doors opened and a beautiful servant appeared.

Please come inside.”

However, she was dressed a little strange for a mere servant.
Her black and white apron dress had a short skirt that exposed her thighs.
Her black high socks seemed to accentuate her white thighs, and her bosom revealed a hint of cleavage.
When she looked, all the servants in the mansion were dressed like that, and Krische is impressed by the appearance of an unfamiliar apron dress.

Krische didn't like clothes that has high exposure, but that's when she was outside.
Krische, who basically prefers comfortable clothes such as negligee, evaluated it from a serious point of view, thinking that it might not be bad if it was a little hot in the summer.
Although it is a blatantly indecent outfit, Krische rather admires it as a functional construction for better ventilation.
She even thought about discussing it with Berry the next time they met.

Eluga, a man of common sense, looked blatantly uncomfortable when he saw the servants' outfits, while Granmeld, on the contrary, looked somewhat pleased and relaxed his cheeks.

If the outside is luxurious, so is the inside.
Everything was extravagant, from the gold and silver ornaments to the paintings larger than a person's height, to the railings of the stairs.
While observing that cleaning seems to be difficult, they were guided to the large dining room by the servants.
As soon as the door opened, the scent of the delicacies tickled their nose.

“Welcome everyone.”

And it was the smell of perfume that drowned it out.

“I apologize for inviting you to a place like this.
Nice to meet you, my name is Roland, the representative of Kielzaran Firm.
Earl Farren, Baron Varkus…
I met the Princess of Christand before.
Is I remember that was…Ah…
that's right! in Mitskronetia.”

He laughed intentionally as he said that.
The white and gold jacket held back his belly, which seemed to be straining with flesh, and his thighs almost tore off his black slacks.
His thinning was brushed back and decorated with countless rings and ornaments.

“……Long time no see”

“Yeah, yeah! I never thought I'd be able to see that beautiful figure again…
I'd like to thank the Goddess of Fortune, Arsay.
I am trembling with joy and would even shed tears if it was not in the public eye..
I'm sure this what's called a fortuitous meeting!”

——Fortuitous meeting.
That's certainly true.
Krische played with the hilt of the curved sword under her cloak.

“Krische's is also grateful for this meeting.
With yesterday's and today's arrangements outside, the soldiers will finally be able to relax a little.”

“This is a matter of course.
I am ignorant of politics, so I can't talk much about it…but I loved the deceased King as a citizen of the Kingdom.
Taking the life of the former king who, and even claiming to be the legitimacy of the royal family on top of that…
even I, a humble merchant, feel a sense of righteous indignation.”

He clenched his fists and shook his head as if to show his anger.
Then he looked at Krische with feverish eyes.

“…I want to do my best for Her Royal Highness and everyone who fights for it.
That's what I think.
Until now, I couldn't move freely and was forced to submit, but thanks to everyone who came as the savior of the Kingdom, I can finally stand against the great evil.
Words such as gratitude cannot be expressed anymore, please use me as you will.”

He was a man of slick tongues.
After saying all that, he said 'Pardon me, I become too excited', while guiding Krische and the others.

“I'm sure you must be tired from your long trip.
It's a small amount, but I've prepared some food for.
Let's start with that, and then we can talk later.
Now, please come this way.”

The long table, which could seat up to 30 people, was filled from one end to the other with food.
There was a whole roasted pig, a whole roasted lamb, and three whole roasted birds.
There were countless kinds of soups, stews, and grilled dishes.
All were of good quality.

Roland sat in the innermost seat, and Eluga and Granmeld to his side.
Krische sat next to Eluga.
She did not want to sit too close to Roland.

Everyone was seated, and wine was poured into the cups.
Krische didn't like wine, but she can't help it for the time being.
When Roland saw that everything was in order, he clapped his hands.

“For now, let's celebrate this encounter.
And to the future of the Kingdom.”

He raised the cup while saying empty things as if it were a matter of course.
Krische followed suit and sipped her wine.
It was bitter and has a sour taste.
Not sweet.
When she frowned, the servant who noticed her chuckled and whispered.

“Would you prefer juice?”

Krische nodded obediently.
Her dark hair was trimmed at her shoulders in a neat and tidy manner.
The servant's atmosphere was somewhat similar to Bery's.

Roland continued talking while eating.
About cooking, about the economy these days, about people's lives.
Eluga and Granmeld would handle such matters.

Krische's role ended with the greeting.
She decided to enjoy the meal.

When she calls her Servant-san, the servant smiled wryly and asked to be called Elvena.
The gentle atmosphere was exactly like Bery.
Unlike Berry, who had a pretty childlike face, Elvena was a beautiful woman, and she was taller than Bery.
But her mischievous, quiet smile reminded Krische somewhat of Berry.

“How unusual.
It's a foule herb.
Properly kneaded…Is the seasoning seasoned with sun-dried salt and Elkish fruit?”

you understand very well.”

“Because Krische like cooking”

While Roland and the others were talking seriously, Krische was enthusiastic about her culinary research.
The taste is similar to that of the food at the royal palace.

“I don't know much about cooking…but I heard that in the south they often use foule herbs.
It seems to grows in the wild over there.”

“I see…
Come to think of it, Krische had heard about that.”

“If it's southern cuisine…
ah, you might like this.”

Elvena, happily, began to divide the food and lay it out in front of Krische.
It seems that there are many spicy dishes in the south, and many of them did not suit Krische's tongue, but there were still many things that felt fresh in her ideas.

This is delicious, and that is also delicious.
Krische was in a good mood by ignoring Roland.
Elvena watched her with a smile and took care of her.
Roland also seeing how Krische liked Elvena, didn't say anything in particular.

By the time the meal was nearing its end, Granmeld was completely drunk, his cheeks red and laughing merrily.
Roland flattered him and spout out flowery words one after another.

“——haha, my, my, if the brave Baron Varkus is here, we can rest easy in the next battle.
Even if it's a Dragon's Maw, it's probably useless in front of a big wolf.”


For a moment, the conversation stopped unnaturally.
And to kept up appearance Granmeld said.

Ah, no doubt.
Leave it to me.
I'm worried about Hilkintos coming from the west, but…
I'm going to finish it before that.”

“…Corps Commander Varkus.”

Hearing Eruga's voice, Granmeld said 'I know' while, laughing and raising his hand.
Roland's eyes narrowed slightly.

“General Hilkintos.
I've heard rumors.
Seems he is with His Highness the Royal Prince…”

“I guess so.
But they are not our enemies.”

His voice sounded as if he had somewhat sobered up.
Grammeld's thick arms were crossed.
Seeing the sign that he wanted to end the conversation, Roland laughed.

“I see, how brave.
However, it was a rude conversation at a meal.
I'm a merchant, and I don't have the bravery to fight with a sword, so I can't help but worry about that.”

“It can't be helped.
However, I would appreciate it if you could take care of even the smallest things since right now, we're in the middle of the battle.”

Eluga said so irritated and sipped the wine.

“Of course, I'll be careful.
…It's about time to end the meal.
Let's go have some dessert, now, please bring it over.”

After the meal, Krische took a hot bath.
Granmeld was sent back to his room first, and Eluga was discussing the contract.
Until that is done, they probably won't make a move.

“You have very beautiful hair…
I envy you.”

“Ehehe, it's been a long time since it's been washed.
It's a bit difficult if it's long.”

Krische closed her eyes pleasantly as the foam on her hair was washed away with hot water.
Elvena smiled as she carefully combed her hair with her fingers.

“I have curly hair, so long hair like this doesn't suit me…I envy you.
My older sister also had such beautiful long hair.”

“Do you have an older sister?”

She is my prided older sister.
Fufu, it's been a long time…since we met.”

Krische turned around and saw the tattoo on Elvena's left shoulder.
A distorted star—-it seems to be the mark of a slave trader.
While not publicly recognized in the Kingdom, it was not really so, and kidnapping does exist.
Meal charges, fares, lodging charges——whatever the name is.
The slave was made to sign such document and incurred a debt, and then sent to serve in the service in the name of repayment of the debt.
That is the pretense.
However, they are bound by the contract and deprived of their freedom.

The exchange was completely black.
But it is also very difficult to take legal action against it.
A kidnapper, a debtor, and a debt-buyer.
Everything was divided, and it's hard to keep track of because the debts are usually circulated left and right between multiple brokers.
In this case, only the kidnappers and debtors were guilty.
The traders who bought debts were often bona fide third parties with no knowledge of the facts, and the actual situation in the country was that they gave up on investigations and turn a blind eye to the situation considering the labor costs needed just for one slave.

Roland was the owner of the debts.
And by working for him, she was paying off her debts.
Even if it was only in form, there was no ostensible problem.

“Such thin shoulders.
Krische-sama is also…umm, going to fight, right?”


“Is Krische-sama…not afraid?”

When it comes to Krische herself, not particularly.”

She is not afraid of fighting.
Because it's not her who get killed, it's the person standing in front of her.

“…Krische doesn't want someone important to Krische to fight, so Krische is just doing everything Krische can to prevent that from happening.”

“Krische-sama is very impressive.
Even with such a small body.”

“It's just a job.
Krische doesn't think it's that splendid.”

Krische thought for a moment and said.

“Krische think the best thing job is a job that makes someone happy, like what Elvena is doing now.
Krische is very happy.”

“My…thank you”

Krische's favorite…
the servant Krische respected is always kind like Elvena, so when the war is over, Krische wants to be like that.”

“Pardon me…
I don't know anything but, Krische-sama is quite the strange person, huh?”

Elvena laughed mysteriously and stood up.
She took Krische by the hand and led her into a bathtub strewn with crimson petals.

“Is it strange?”

“No, it's a very nice idea.
It's just someone who is honest and kind…
that kind of person is rare.”

Krische doesn't think Krische is that kind.”

“Krische-sama is very kind.
That's why I'm happy to take care of Krische-sama like this.”

'fufu', she chuckled.
Elvena sat opposite Krische and caressed her cheek.
Her breasts and, her narrow waist—-as if to hide a little bit of her feminine flesh.
Bringing her face close, Elvena admired Krische's beauty.

“Does Elvena not like it very much?”

“…If the partners are all like Krische -sama, it may be very happy.
However, there are many different types of guests here, so even now that I've gotten used to it, I sometimes feel it's hard.”

“……I see.”

And slowly, to her neck.
A little below Krische's thin shoulder—-she kissed Krische's collarbone.
Krische twisted her body from the tickle sensation, and Elvena moved her palms and stroked Krische's modest breasts.


Elvena stared at Cliché without saying a word, and she went up this time.
She rubbed the tips of their nose together then pressed her lips against Krische's.
Krische's eyes widened in surprise, and she looked at Elvena with her eyes wide open.

Elvena, noticing this, looked into her eyes for a moment, and then, as her lips and body parted, her shoulder shook amusingly.
When Krische tilted her head curiously, she seemed to enjoy it even more.

“Fufu, ufufu…
it's no good.
It was a bit of a mischief, but somehow, the poison was drained.”


“Since Krische-sama was saying so many cute things, It made me wanted to tease Krische-sama a little.
But more than I thought…
it's no good, fufu, forgive me.”

Cute and teasing.
There, Krische understood the intention of her actions is, and Krische was convinced.
And with her serious face, she thrust her fingertips to her lips.

“It's no good to tease.
Chu, is for when you're with someone you really like.”

It became even more funny when she said that, and Elvena lowered her face and began to laugh.
'Is there something funny?'
Krische waited for Elvena to calm down, mulling it over with a 'muu'.

After a while, Elvena wipes her eyes and still smiling, she told her

it's been a long time since I laughed like this.”

“Krische don't really understand what was so funny though…”

“Fufu, I'm sure Krische-sama is fine like that.
But, yeah, really, Krische-sama's servant must be happy every day.
I'm very envious.”

Elvena smiled as she sighed and wiped away the tears that have welled because of her laughter.

I don't think it's okay for someone like me to say this in a place like this…
I really wish you luck in battle.”

Thank you.
Krische, uhh…
may you be blessed with fortuitous encounter.”

“Thank you for your kind words…but I'm sure today was a good, fortuitous encounter.
For years to come, I will be able to remember and laugh remembering this day.”

Elvena said then she stood up.

“Krische-sama will be returning to your tent today, right? Such a shame.”

Yeah, for Krische it is also a shame.


Krische is also satisfied with being able to slowly soak in hot water.
Thank you very much.”

“No, no, it's a great honor to hear Krische-sama say that.”

She faintly smiled.
Slits at the corners of the eyes—-lightly pigmented lips, a slender face overall.
The atmosphere of Elvena is similar to Bery's, but the facial features are completely different.

But her face was also somehow familiar.
It was such a strange smile.

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