This was the second time he discussed with Xu Moshu whether he was “good or bad”.


Xu Moshuu’s laughter made Chu Chen’an panic.


He hugged his legs tightly, trying to save the situation, “You’re …… not particularly bad, I just feel that you are not good and not bad ……”


Xu Moshu leaned over and was once again amused by Chu Chen’an’s words, his handsome face was close so the smile on his lips was obvious.


He was wearing a black suit, and his robust and slender body was blocking Chu Chen’an’s body.


Because of the close proximity, his unique scent diffused near Chu Chen’an’s nose.


Chu Chen’an slightly dodged backwards, he grabbed the hem of his shirt and his palms began to sweat.


It was a very familiar, and terrible smell ……


Zhang Liang and Li Yaya just turned back from the stairway, his voice broke the stalemate, “We have looked, door 501 is locked, it is estimated that no one ……”


Zhang Liang looked at the duo in front of him and froze for a moment, “What are you doing?”


Chu Chen’an gently pushed back Xu Moshu, stood up and quickly walked towards Zhang Liang and Li Yaya, “Nothing, what did you just say?”


Zhang Liang hesitantly looked at Chu Chen’an, his eyes flashed with a trace of obscure light, but he continued warmly, “502 should not have anyone living there, door 501 opposite seems to be occupied, but there is no blood at the door, Su Yu should be on the fourth floor.”


Except for the seventh floor, which had three suites, the rest of the floors had only two suites, and they were opposite each other.


“That’s fine, let’s go.” Chu Chen’an nodded, clasped his hands and walked quickly towards the next step, the stench from the unknown dark brown liquid still permeated around.



He held back his nausea and walked at the front, glancing back at the three behind him, then he pinched his nose and let out a soft, fuzzy hum, “Come on, it stinks.”


His voice was soft, scratching Xu Moshu’s chest like a ball of cotton.


They followed the winding blood trail to the entrance of the fourth floor, which was a little brighter.


The weak sunlight shone on Chu Chen’an’s side face, adding a bit of warmth.



His long, slender eyelashes cast a curved arc in the pale light, and his already handsome face was ferried with a layer of light.


Like a pure spirit.


Xu Moshu was in a trance for a long time.


Every time he looked at Chu Chen’an, he could see his shadow.


Chen An.


His Chen An


His baby, his lover, the one he embraced and kissed and was intimate with on countless nights ……


Numerous thoughts of admiration and loss surged, his eyes gradually narrowed.


Chu Chen’an felt the burning oppressive gaze above his head.


He raised his head, his head glanced at Xu Moshu behind him, and saw his obscure and gloomy eyes, staring at him slyly.


He was so frightened that he withdrew his sight and walked towards Zhang Liang’s side, avoiding the gaze from Xu Moshu.


What was wrong with the pervert ….


He thought as he rubbed his cool neck.


The four of them turned into the fourth floor gallery together, the left side was 401, and the opposite right side was 402.


401 was locked, and the door was covered with dust.


So, they could now rule out 401 and 502, which had been unlocked.


The choice was between rooms 402 and 501.


The doorway of 402 was full of solidified large blood stains, even the top of the door was splattered with a lot.



The blood was dark, dripping from the doorway all the way in to the long corridor.



“There is not even blood in the corridor of the 5th floor, Su Yu must be here.”


Li Yaya trembled as she whispered slightly excitedly, “So are we counting on finding …… that …… then we don’t have to die?”


Zhang Liang also didn’t expect it to be so simple.


Chu Chen’an looked at the black blood-stained door and stood for a long time without moving.


The blood stains spread all the way down the stairs and just happened to stop right at the 402 door.


Suddenly, the right side of the tightly closed 402 suddenly opened, the room was dark.


An eye appeared in the doorway!


Chu Chen’an trembled with fear, it was a cold creepy eye like stagnant water.



It was hiding in the dark and peering at them.


The indifferent eye inside the door turned strangely, and the door crack widened a little, revealing the wrinkled, yellowed side face of the person inside.


Only part of it could be seen clearly.



According to the exposed part of the side face, Chu Chen’an could tell that it was an older middle-aged woman.


Li Yaya was so scared that she covered her mouth, grabbed the hem of Zhang Liang’s coat and hid behind him.



The middle-aged woman gazed coldly and hideously at the four people outside the corridor and mechanically smiled.


She murmured up, “Come in, come in, I’m too hungry …… eyeballs delicious ……”



Then the door slit suddenly closed.


Chu Chen’an leaned against the wall, he was also scared to death.


Under the watchful eye of Xu Moshu, je trotted and hid in the stairway.



Xu Moshu followed closely behind, only to see Chu Chen’an sitting on the steps again, his arms clutched the railing handrail at his side.


His timidity was excessively cute.



Zhang Liang dragged Li Yaya back to the stairway, his eyebrows furrowed, he was obviously hesitant.


The neighborhood radio rang again.


[Good afternoon, new tenants.]


[You’re already on the fourth floor, right? You’re pretty efficient.]


[Uh huh, since everyone is here, let’s start the game.]


The male landlord hummed a weird little tune, and then smiled and said.


[It’s 4:30 p.m.]
[ You have half an hour to think about it and decide which door to knock on by five o’clock.
[Remember to hurry up and choose ……]


[Because your neighbors on the fourth and fifth floors have been hungry for a long time.]
[Hahahaha ……]



The radio tone pinched off in laughter, breaking down the defenses of their hearts little by little.


Because death was close at hand.


Their lives were staked on a nonsensical speculation.


Li Yaya tugged Zhang Liang and tried to walk towards the door of 402.


She was so frightened that two tears were still hanging on her cheeks, “Let’s …… let’s go knock on the door, there’s only half an hour left!”



Zhang Liang frowned tightly, anxious and worried, he hesitated for a long time, then lifted his leg and wanted to go towards the door of 402.


Chu Chen’an stopped Zhang Liang, “Su Yu is not here.”



“She is upstairs.” Chu Chen’an said.


Zhang Liang turned around and looked at Chu Chen’an distrustfully, “Chen’an, we’ve looked upstairs, we didn’t even find a bit of blood.”


Li Yaya said, “Yes, we saw it clearly.”



Chu Chen’an said, “Then what if, these are what they deliberately want us to see?”


Zhang Liang and Li Yaya looked around hesitantly for a few moments.



“How are you sure she’s upstairs?” Li Yaya nervously, not quite trustingly looked at Chu Chen’an, “Chu Chen’an, don’t guess ah, you think now is really the time to play games, ah, you are deliberately trying to pit us to death ……”


“Believe it or not, anyway, Su Yu is upstairs.” Chu Chen’an said softly, “If you guys want to go up and have your eyeballs eaten I don’t care ah, I’ll go upstairs and knock on the door.”


The male landlord’s rules were stated superficially.


If you knock on the door, it counts.


After that, he turned around and walked up the steps of the fifth floor.


Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an with interest and didn’t speak.


Xu Moshu silently followed behind Chu Chen’an, Zhang Liang and Li Yaya still remained in the same place, hesitant.


Chu Chenan again stopped at the puddle of dark brown unknown liquid.



He pinched up his nose, raised his foot but hesitated to step on it.



It was really disgusting ……


Like the smell of corpse fluid.


This puddle of foul-smelling liquid was dense at the entrance of the building, and now it was still spreading, it was impossible for Chu Chen’an to cross over.


Chu Chen’an pinched his nose and frowned.


He hesitated.


He hesitated between dying and stepping on it.


You’ll die if you can’t finish the job.


But it was really disgusting.


You’re a gamer! What are you afraid of with this little difficulty!



But it was really going to make him throw up ……


As Chu Chen’an hesitated, an extravagant black suit covered the puddle of liquid.



Chu Chen’an froze.


The suit in front of him was familiar ……




It was the six-figure suit that Xu Moshu was wearing today.



He lifted his eyes.


He saw that Xu Moshu had stood at his side at some point and leisurely raised his chin, “Step on it.”


Chu Chen’an was slightly stunned.


“Aren’t you going over there?”


Xu Moshu lowered his eyes and surveyed the reserved and petulant kitten.



“Oh.” Chu Chen’an dumbfoundedly came back to his senses and stepped on the expensive suit to walk into the stairway.



Xu Moshu followed behind him.



When they stood in front of the 501 door, Zhang Liang and Li Yaya also followed him up.



It looked like they hadn’t knocked on the door yet.


Li Yaya nervously looked at door 501, “Chu Chen’an, you better choose the right one, otherwise, all of us will have to follow you to death.”


Chu Chen’an was baffled.



If she was worried, why should she follow him, couldn’t she just choose herself?


Chu Chen’an shrugged.



He looked around at the three people behind him, raised his hand and knocked three times on door 501.



There was a loud rustle in the door, and the old man’s hoarse voice came from the door, “You found it so soon…..
It was nine… just kill them…”


After the old man’s words, door 501 opened.



The old man was wearing an old colored Taoist robe.
His withered face was covered with thin gray and black spots and wrinkles.
His eyes were deformed by wrinkles.
His eyes were bent and thin, and were cold and unkind.



The old man in Daopao had sharp eyes.
When he saw Xu Moshu, he smiled kindly and gently, “Are you looking for someone? Haha…”



The old man’s voice was hoarse to the point of being somewhat inaudible, and his smile revealed a row of yellow and black teeth.



Their hearts tightened, they were nervous and scared.



“You guys are pretty smart, the person is indeed here with me.” The rickety old man said with a smile.


Chu Chen’an heard a sigh of relief.



The rickety old man smiled creepily and added, “But you have to come in and look for yourselves.”


After he finished, he let the door open wide and turned around with his cane and walked into his living room.



The interior was decorated with various kinds of talismans, and a statue was enshrined in the center, with incense constantly burning.


The walls, on the other hand, were hung with red ropes and mahogany swords, and even the light and shadows in the room were blood red ……


The old man only said, “Take your time to find it, if you can find it.”


The time limit was to find Su Yu before five o’clock, otherwise they would have to die as usual.


Chu Chen’an suspected that the old man was going to deliberately delay them.


This set of house specifications were quite large, in addition to the living room and balcony, there were three rooms.



The rickety old man sat on the wooden sofa in the living room, smiling and looking back at Chu Chen’an with a creepy expression.


Chu Chen’an followed Zhang Liang and they searched these three rooms several times, but there was no sign of Su Yu.


It was pointless to keep looking like this.


So he quietly broke away from the group and walked out of the room and turned toward the bathroom on the right side of the living room.


It was the only place that hadn’t been searched.


Chu Chen’an tried his best to keep his head down and not look at the scary old man.



But when he passed the wooden sofa where the old man was sitting, the living room lights suddenly went out.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes were pitch black, and he was so frightened that he stopped in his tracks and hurriedly reached out his hand to feel around in the pitch black.


“He doesn’t know yet, does he, that you’re back?”



The old man had come to his side at some point, and his hoarse voice was low, spoken in Chu Chen’an’s ear.



Chu Chen’an trembled and froze.


The old man laughed lightly in a rarefied manner, “huh ……”

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