C17 —– Gentle Neighbor

Chu Chen’an was afraid of such a look from Xu Moshu.


Whether it was before or now, it made him tremble with fear.


He pinched the corner of his coat and carefully stole a glance at Xu Moshu at his side.



Xu Moshu raised his eyes, and his dark eyes were right on him.


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped.



He lowered his eyes to glance away, so nervous that his eyelashes fluttered.


Xu Moshu propped up his chin, his hawk eyes suddenly shone with a gloomy light, the more he looked at Chu Chen’an, the more annoyed and lost he was in his heart.


“I got some blood on my clothes, I’ll go back and wash them first.”


After saying that, Xu Moshu rolled up his sleeve and got up to leave.


Zhang Liang raised his eyes and glanced at Xu Moshu, nodding without saying anything.


Chu Chen’an saw Xu Moshu leave 702 and breathed a sigh of relief.


Zhang Liang, still panting sharply, glanced sideways at Chu Chen’an, saw that his face wasn’t good and asked, “Chen’an, what’s wrong with you?”


Chu Chen’an coldly returned, “Nothing.”


Zhang Liang looked at the fair and handsome young man in front of him a few more times and dryly swallowed.



His gaze gradually became greedy, wandering over Chu Chen’an’s slim body.


“By the way, Chen’an, the wound on Su Yu’s body is still bleeding, do you have any hemostatic medicine there?” Zhang Liang’s ears were slightly red as he stared at Chu Chen’an’s slender neck.


When Chu Chen’an thought of Su Yu’s bruised body, he let out a sigh, “There seems to be some in the box, I’ll go get it.”


“Take what? Don’t you smell the stink she has!” Li Yaya stood close to Zhang Liang, her gentle appearance was gone, “leave the medicine to us who can live, silly, she can only live a few days, we don’t need to use the medicine on her!”


Zhang Liang was silent and didn’t speak again, as if he agreed.


“As long as she still has breath, it can still be used.”


Chu Chen’an got up and went into the bedroom and rummaged around before turning up a box of painkillers and a few scattered bags of medicine at the bottom of his suitcase.


He took the medicine and went into Su Yu’s room, where Su Yu was panting heavily, letting out painful “ho-ho” sounds from time to time.


There was a deep purple mark on her neck, her broken left hand was simply wrapped in cardboard, the blood on her body soaked the bed sheets and emitted a pungent stench.


Chu Chen’an got goose bumps, he couldn’t believe how much pain Su Yu should be at this moment.


Out of humanity, he put the painkillers in his hand on Su Yu’s bedside table and brought a glass of water to put next to the medicine.


Su Yu heard the movement, weakly squinted open her eyes, her gaze turned from panic to pain.


Su Yu’s hand lifted slightly, feebly to Chu Chen’an’s hand, “Chen’an …… well, help …… help me, my body hurts too much …… ”



“I put the medicine next to you, take it yourself, it’s for the pain.” Chu Chen’an indifferently stepped back, he wanted to leave this room emitting a tide of foul smell.


“Don’t, don’t leave!” Tears and her saliva mixed, her voice was hoarse, “oooh you don’t know how disgusting that old thing is! You know what he did to me you know, he, he poured those disgusting corpse fluids into my lower ……”



“Okay, don’t say anymore.” Chu Chen’an shuddered and took a few steps back.


“Only you …… Chen’an only you have helped, I know I shouldn’t have scolded you yesterday, I’m sorry Chen’an, oooh sorry, I was just too afraid to die oooh oooh, I don’t want to die …… “Su Yu choked, a lot of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth again.


Chu Chen’an took a few steps forward and used his hand to pinch a few painkillers into Su Yu’s mouth and detachedly passed the water to her mouth.



“Take the painkillers to make you feel better, I’m going out.” He put the glass of water on the bed and left Su Yu’s room with quick steps.


Su Yu swallowed the medicine with difficulty and looked at Chu Chen’an’s back with a grimace, “Chen’an! Don’t go Chen’an, help me …… I’m in pain, my body hurts ……”


Chu Chen’an closed Su Yu’s room and exhaled heavily.


He had not yet passed the doorway corridor, he heard the sound of two people talking subtly from the side of the sofa.



“If she died, she died, it’s not like she didn’t kill anyone, so pathetic, do you have some old feelings for her?” Li Yaya said, “Don’t you forget ah, it was you who tricked Wu Longyang to come over in the first place ……”


Then it sounded like she had been slapped.


“B-itch, didn’t I tell you, all these words should be swallowed in your stomach ……” came Zhang Liang’s sinister and low voice.



Li Yaya didn’t speak again and let out a subtle cry.



The she in Li Yaya’s mouth should refer to Su Yu.


Chu Chen’an took a few steps back and re-twisted the handle to close the door of Su Yu’s room heavily, making a not-so-subtle sound.


The sound of two people talking became abruptly stopped.


Chu Chen’an slowly dragged his steps to the sofa, only to see Zhang Liang and Li Yaya both looking at him in unison, Li Yaya’s left face flushed with a red mark.


Zhang Liang: “Chen’an, you, did you just come out?”


Chu Chen’an: “Or what?”


Zhang Liang coughed lightly, “Chen’an, you heard it, that landlord said it would be dangerous at night, for safety’s sake, why don’t we sleep together?”



“Let me sleep with you?” Chu Che’an’s peach blossom eyes skimmed Zhang Liang.



Zhang Liang nodded and said with a slight expectation, “Yes, I can take care of you.”


Chu Chen’an turned around and walked towards his room, his little face was reserved and flamboyant, he said petulantly, “I don’t want to, I never sleep with pretentious rats, besides, doesn’t Li Yaya like to follow you, wouldn’t it be better for you to sleep together.”



He pretended to be calm and quickly walked into his bedroom and closed the door.


The system beep was late but arrived.


[Congratulations on completing the cannon fodder daily task]
[Bonus points: X10]
Your current total points: 20
Your current gold balance: 6888+]


[Please complete your plot mission point one as soon as possible.]


Chu Chen’an checked the point index on the control panel, which showed that with 50 points his system account would be promoted to level 2.



Level 2 accounts could unlock more new tools and special skills than would be more helpful in completing the mission.


The words he had just said to Zhang Liang had surprisingly gained 10 more points at once.


It seemed that those words really angered Zhang Liang.


Chu Chen’an exhaled and sat down on the soft chair in front of the table to catch his breath.


The amount of information in the party was too much, making Chu Chen’an a little nervous.



Li Yaya said that Su Yu had killed someone?


And Wu Longyang, he was tricked by Zhang Liang?


Chu Chen-an thought carefully.


The back of his neck leaned on the soft chair to catch his breath, and his handsome little face was flushed with thin red.


Suddenly, there was a faint movement from inside the house.


Chu Chen’an leaned in the bedroom to look at the head.


It was a doll.


It was neatly placed in the corner.



The doll was made by Chu Chen’an before, and the doll’s clothes glowed with an old yellow color.



“Jiaojiao, why are you hiding there and not talking?” Chu Chen’an’s voice was gentle.


The doll was held tightly in Jiao Jiao’s arms.


Jiao Jiao said aggressively from the corner, “Brother, brother Xu stole my new doll away.”


“What did he snatch your doll for?” Chu Chen’an sat up straight with a jerk.


“Well, I don’t know, he was mean to me again yesterday.” Jiao Jiao said angrily, squeezing the doll’s small hand, “He’s so bad, he just knows to be mean to me, he hasn’t even been mean to you, brother.”



Chu Chen’an didn’t listen, he began to get nervous.


Xu Moshu took that new doll, indicating that he had begun to suspect ……


He felt that he couldn’t delay any longer, mission point one had to be completed in a hurry.


He looked to the corner and spoke to Jiaojiao who refused to appear, asking carefully, “Jiaojiao, do you really not remember how you passed away?”




Jiao Jiao hugged the doll and was silent for a few seconds, then she suddenly laughed playfully, “Haha brother is really stupid, you asked me this question yesterday, I don’t remember la.”


Chu Chen’an touched the back of his neck and sighed slightly, not quite sure if Jiao Jiao didn’t want to say it or really forgot.


He turned to coaxing, “Then how about this, can brother go to your house to look?”


He wanted to see if he could find some clues in Jiao Jiao’s room.


Jiao Jiao said innocently, “What are you looking for? Those things, I can bring them to you right now!”


“No, no,” Chu Chen’an continued to coax her, “I just want to see your house, just for a little while, brother will leave after seeing it, I won’t touch your things, okay?”


“Of course you can,” Jiao Jiao put the doll on the palm of Chu Chen’an’s hand, “I will give you whatever you want, brother Chen An, I can give my house to brother!”



Chu Chen’an waved his hand, “Brother just need to look at it for a while.”


“But brother,” Jiao Jiao changed the subject and said in a low voice, “Do you not like brother Xu, so you don’t want him to know that you are back?”



Chu Chen’an broke out in a fine sweat, “No, why do you ask?”



“But you used to always kiss brother Xu, but now you’ve been back for a few days and you haven’t kissed brother Xu ……” Jiaojiao said sorrowfully, crying, “You just don’t like brother Xu anymore! You still want to leave, don’t you! Brother you are too bad woo woo woo …… you always lie to me ……”


Chu Chen’an frowned, what kind of sophistry was this?


He squatted down and explained patiently to the wall, “No, Jiaojiao, you forgot? We’re playing a game, and I’ll go tell Brother Xu after the game is over, huh?”


Jiaojiao stopped crying and huffed half-heartedly, “Really?”


Chu Chen’an sweatdropped, “Really.”


Jiao Jiao: “You can’t lie to me anymore, I’m not a three-year-old child.”


Chu Chen’an: “No, really, I won’t lie to you.”



Jiao Jiao was silent for a few seconds, and then she laughed cheerfully, “That’s good.”



She remembered something and suddenly said, “But brother, the door of my house is closed, wait oh, I’ll go get the key for you.”


“Okay, then go and return quickly.” A trace of excitement flashed in Chu Chen’an’s eyes, hope was at hand.


Chu Chen’an sat back on the soft chair and waited for several minutes.


Jiao Jiao came back.



She hemmed and hawed and hid back in the corner.


“Brother, the key isn’t here with me.”


Chu Chen’an felt something was wrong and asked, “Then where is the key?”



Jiao Jiao smiled, “It’s in brother Xu’s room, go find it yourself, brother~”


“Jiao Jiao!”


Chu Chen’an took a deep breath.


One had to admire this silly child’s astonishing persistence.


In this silly child’s world, a kiss meant exactly the same as like.


“Brother don’t you want to go back to you and brother Xu’s house to see? Oh, don’t forget to kiss when you find the key.”

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