Xu Moshu retracted his thoughts.


He squatted down and looked at the red-eyed Chu Chen’an, his eyes were locked on his body, emotions obscure and unclear.


“Does it hurt a lot?” Xu Moshu glanced at the corners of his slightly red eyes, “You’re crying.”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes twitched.


He froze and raised his eyes to look at Xu Moshu, and he forgot about the pain for a moment as he looked into those dark eyes.


The first time he fell in front of Xu Moshu before, Xu Moshu also asked him this ……


But he remembered that since that time, Xu Moshu had protected him very well and hardly ever let him get hurt again.


From time to time, Xu Moshu would intimately hug him from behind and check everything from his feet to his hands.
After checking that there were no wounds, he kissed his cheek again, saying, “An An is so good today, no injuries.”


And then, kissed him again without question, passionately and wildly.


He cried pitifully, and Xu Moshu’s face was only tender and compassionate as he gently coaxed him.



“An An, stay by my side all the time, okay, I love you too much, I’ll go crazy if you leave me ……”


Xu Moshu asserted his ownership every late night.


Xu Moshu said.


He wanted him to stop hurting.


Because everything in him belonged to him.




He was too well protected by Xu Moshu, so much so that at the moment when he was injured, he saw Xu Moshu and inexplicably felt a little aggrieved.


Maybe he got used to it.


This was why there were such strange emotions, he consoled himself.


Chu Chen’an was busy glancing to the other side.



He covered his calf, raised a hand to quickly wipe away the tears on the side of his face, “No, it’s okay.”


It was as if with one more glance at Xu Moshu, his weak inner defenses would be quickly breached.


A blinding white light suddenly hit the gloomy hallway, and the sound of hurried footsteps came from the hallway.


Zhang Liang walked quickly toward the two of them and was holding a flashlight in his hand, “Chen’an, what’s wrong with you?”


He walked down the hallway, and when he passed the door of 702, he deliberately shone the flashlight once.


Inside was silent as before, nothing out of the ordinary was visible.

“You’re hurt!” He walked past the door of 702 towards Chu Chen’an, and also squatted down to check Chu Chen’an’s injury.


He raised his hand to touch it, and it was quickly dodged by Chu Chen’an.


“No need.” Chu Chen’an propped his palms on the ground and stood up with trembling legs.



Zhang Liang’s outstretched hand retracted with resentment, and he clenched his palm into a fist and hid it behind his back.
His eyes shone with a gloomy light, but instantly returned to normal.


He lifted his hand and falsely held up Chu Chen’an’s elbow again, following behind him.


“Chen’an, what happened just now, how did you fall down?”


Li Yaya followed Zhang Liang closely, nervously looking around the shadowy surroundings, her gaze cold and hollow, she didn’t make a sound.


“When I woke up,” Chu Chen’an held the wall with one hand, “I saw a female ghost in my room gnawing on human bones, and when I ran out, I accidentally fell.”


He described it briefly and concisely, using his will to stand strong.


Zhang Liang’s face slightly paled.
He gripped the flashlight tightly and was scared silent for a moment.



“I just looked, there is nothing in the house …… It may be gone,” Zhang Liang said, “Don’t be too afraid, your wound is still bleeding, why not go to my house to take care of it? ”


“Hmm.” Chu Chen’an hesitated for a moment, but still answered, and he walked slowly with one hand propped up against the wall.


He didn’t want to go back to the house that smelled foul either.


The bright light behind him was still there.


This meant that Xu Moshu hadn’t closed the door and had been watching him from behind.


Chu Chen’an suddenly felt a chill behind him.


He walked towards 703 at the end of the hallway with trembling legs, followed by Zhang Liang.


He refused Zhang Liang’s embrace and sat himself on the sofa with difficulty.


“I’ll go look for the medicine, I remember there should be more.” Zhang Liang lowered his eyes resentfully.


Chu Chen’an nodded.


A thin scab was starting to form on several of his wounds, and the pain was not as intense as it was just now.


He bent over and was observing his knee when a blue medicine box suddenly appeared in front of the table.


He looked up in a daze and saw Xu Moshu’s black shirt sleeve.


Xu Moshu looked down at Chu Chen’an, his eyes were gloomy as he put down the medicine box, “There is medicine inside.”



After saying that, he glanced at the corners of Chu Chen’an’s slightly red eyes again, and turned to leave.


Chu Chen’an’s legs were still leaning on the table, looking towards the familiar medicine box on the table, he was slightly frozen.


When Xu Moshu happened to leave, Zhang Liang also came to the living room with a pile of medicine.


He looked at the medicine box on the table and Chu Chen’an, and glanced at Xu Moshu’s back at the door.


A cold light crossed his eyes, and he heavily squeezed the medicine bottle in his hand.




Chu Chen’an used his medicine, he really couldn’t stand Zhang Liang’s hypocritical care.


After the medicine was applied.


He raised his eyes and said, “I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight, you guys sleep in the room.”


Li Yaya tugged Zhang Liang’s arm and didn’t let go, murmuring vacantly to the floor itself.


“Sleep in my room, Chen’an, you still have injuries on your legs,” Zhang Liang kept on trying to shake off Li Yaya’s entanglement, his words were full of enthusiasm, “She is probably already crazy, she can sleep anywhere …… ”


Chu Chen’an listened to Zhang Liang’s words and frowned.


He felt at the moment that Zhang Liang was the most dangerous one.


His gentleness and care were all disguises.


This person’s heart hid countless coldness and obscurity.


Li Yaya stuck to Zhang Liang like a dog skin plaster, “I don’t! I want to sleep with you! Yesterday, we also slept together!”


Zhang Liang pushed Li Yaya: “Shut up! You, don’t talk nonsense ……”


Chu Chen’an didn’t want to hear anymore, he stood up and walked hard towards the second bedroom of 703 by himself, “Then I’ll sleep in the second bedroom, the main bedroom is left for you guys, I might go back to live tomorrow.”



Zhang Liang: “…… Okay.”


At around seven in the morning, Chu Chen’an woke up.


He woke up with a faint stabbing pain, and between bending his legs, the wound in his knee was tugged.


He sucked in a breath of cold air and got up in a daze to wash up.


Zhang Liang’s master bedroom door was still closed, and Li Yaya was probably inside.


He also had no time to pay attention to their complicated relationship with Su Yu before, hastily ate a slice of bread and turned toward the front door.


He intended to go back to the sixth floor to take a look.


The time limit for mission point one was tonight.


There wasn’t much time left.




Chu Chen’an quickly arrived at the door of Jiao Jiao’s house, took out the key and twisted it once, and the door was opened with a “click”.


He pushed open the door and walked quietly to the living room.


The room was dark and silent, and he looked around the cold and silent surroundings.


He turned to the back of the carved wooden shelf in the living room.


He remembered that he wasn’t even close to looking here.


His steps were small, his movements slow and slightly difficult.


Because as soon as he moved, the scabbed wound between his knees would be stretched until it cracked slightly.



As he crouched down, the main light in the living room came on suddenly.


The door to the second bedroom was open, and the glazed jeweled lamp with bells hanging inside also began to spin.


“Jingle Bells …… Jingle Bells ……”


Chu Chen’an was startled by the sudden sound, and he tilted his head to look around the living room.

He heard the delicate child’s voice resounding in the room, “Good morning, brother Chen An! Are you here to play with me, brother ~”



“Brother Xu won’t let me go out, hum, I haven’t seen brother for two days.” The girl’s sultry voice with a hint of aggression, she said in alarm, “Brother you are hurt again! Is it very painful ah woo woo, brother you poor ……”



This silly child’s cry was lingering and sorrowful.



Chu Chen’an looked around the wooden frame, while warmly saying, “It doesn’t hurt Jiao Jiao, don’t cry.”



The fire spread from the master bedroom to the living room, the fire on this side of the wooden frame wasn’t as serious as the master bedroom.


Although the wooden frame had been burned to ashes, the carved wooden frame of the Western and Eastern antiques could still be seen in shape.



He searched one by one along the wooden shelves of Western antiques, from the glazed jars to the carved ornaments at the end, but found nothing.



He sighed anxiously and turned with difficulty toward the shelf where the eastern antiques were placed.



Chu Chen’an bowed his body and rummaged among the pens, ink, paper and inkstones.



If Jiao Jiao butchered her parents with her own hands, then how did she die?



The breakthrough point might be in the reason why Jiao Jiao massacred her parents.


“Brother, what are you looking for?” Jiao Jiao hugged the doll and said nicely, “I can help you find it.”


Chu Chen’an searched several rows, but still found nothing.


He was so tired that his forehead was sweating.



He still had to ask Jiao Jiao.


“Jiao Jiao, can you tell brother …… why you did that to your mom and dad?”



Jiao Jiao was silent for a while, then smiled playfully, “They are not my mom and dad, I hate them.”



Chu Chen’an asked, “Why do you hate them?”


“No reason, just hate them.”


Jiao Jiao hugged the doll tightly, and then answered Chu Chen’an’s question seriously, “They are not as good as brother, brother Chen An is the best for me!”



Not good to her?


Chu Chen’an tried, “He …… they beat you?”



“Yes! They always beat me, beat me so much that my body hurts and bleeds a lot, and they won’t let me go to school ……” Jiaojiao said aggressively, “Brother Xu hasn’t even beaten me, brother, I’m not a bad kid, why did they beat me?”


“I know, Jiao Jiao has always been good children.
Because they are bad, Jiao Jiao isn’t, Jiao Jiao has always been a good child.” Chu Chen’an heard the heartache and comforted her.


Jiao Jiao became more aggrieved, “oooh brother …… you are so good …… you go and marry brother Xu quickly, okay?”





“You and brother Xu will be able to give birth to a small baby, if you give birth to a small baby, you won’t want to leave, so you will always be with me and brother Xu la!”


Chu Chen’an listened in awe.



Jiao Jiao stopped crying and began to have a wonderful vision, “Ooooooooo I don’t like that bad mommy, brother you be my mommy! Okay! Brother Xu will be my daddy, the little baby will be my brother or sister, I like the little sister better ……”


Chu Chen’an smiled.


He wondered where this silly child heard this.


He was a man ……


How was it possible to have a baby.



“This …… We aren’t in a hurry ha, Jiaojiao ……”


Chu Chen’an ears were slightly red, he tried to bring the topic back around, “Can you tell brother, how you died?”



Jiao Jiao said that her parents treated her badly.


Could it be that she was abused and died?



Moreover, Jiao Jiao could abuse two adults to this extent, that meant she couldn’t have still been an ordinary seven or eight year old girl at that time.


She may ……


be the one who turned into a resentful ghost after death to seek revenge on her parents?


Chu Chen’an thought.


He heard Jiao Jiao laugh and say, “Brother is so stupid, you’ve asked so many times, I really forgot.”


Chu Chen’an nodded, “Oh, yes, brother is so stupid.”


Jiao Jiao wiggled her doll again and smiled playfully, “Brother, when will our game end?”


Chu Chen’an: “Hmm?”



“My new doll is still at brother Xu’s place! You have to help me grab it back.”


“Okay, I’ll get it back for you ……”



Seeing that his inquiry was fruitless, he sighed slightly and had to turn around and continue his search on the wooden shelf.



“Well! I’m going to leave my little sister the new doll my brother tied for me! Brother Xu should buy her a lot of beautiful princess dresses, hehe, how nice ……” said Jiaojiao.



He was in front of the lowest first row of wooden shelves, rummaging through the paintings pressed under the inkstone.


Hearing Jiao Jiao’s whimsical words, the movement of his hands suddenly became unstable and his elbow accidentally hit the blue and white porcelain vase at his side.


The blue and white porcelain vase shook twice and suddenly knocked over to the ground.


The blue-and-white porcelain vase was dropped and split into pieces.


Chu Chen’an took a step back.


He looked at the miserable porcelain and lamented, “I’m sorry Jiaojiao, I didn’t mean to do it.”



“It’s okay, why should brother apologize, you like to play smashing bottles?” Jiao Jiao said, “There are many bottles up there! Brother you can smash everything.”



Chu Chen’an shook his head.


This porcelain looked unusually expensive.


He squatted down with difficulty and tried to gather the pieces up.



And when he picked up a fragment, his hand suddenly stopped.



There was an old yellow piece of paper hidden in the bottle!


The piece of paper was folded into a square, and it was stained with a few drops of deep black blood.


Chu Chen’an was busy raising his hand to clip it up from the tiles and patted the dust on it.


Slowly, he opened it.


His eyes widened in shock, and the hand holding the paper began to tremble slightly.


This ……


It was a painting.


The girl in the painting had bright red blood running from her eyes, her skirt was in tatters ……


hands, legs and face were painted with red pen.



The girl in the painting should be carrying injuries from head to toe.


The girl was surrounded by a black color.


The head of the doll in her hand was cut off and fell pitifully into the darkness.


A large black palm was over the girl’s body.



Red lines continued to emerge from the thigh, which should be the girl’s leg bleeding.


The lines of this painting were rusty and green, and should be drawn by a young child that wasn’t too old.




This was the child’s self-portrait.


Looking at it, Chu Chen’an’s eyes couldn’t help but redden, and his heart was filled with endless sourness and heartache.


His eyes were covered with a thick layer of fog.


In the blink of an eye, three or four drops of tears fell on the old yellow paper.


Dropped on the girl’s bleeding eyes.


He didn’t care about the wound on his knee, he knelt on the floor and silently cried.



Pinching the corner of the old yellow paper tightly.


He shouldn’t have asked.


How could he go over and over and over again to uncover the child’s scars ……



He was going too far.


The mechanical voice of the system sounded in his head.


[Mission point one completion: 90%]
【Task is about to be completed, please keep up the good work oh ~】



“Brother Chen An why are you crying?” Jiao Jiao stuffed the doll in her hand into Chu Chen’an’s hand, “Brother don’t cry, the doll is for you to hold, don’t be sad.”



Chu Chen’an’s vision blurred, he raised his hand to wipe the tears in front of his eyes, with gentle smile, he tightly held the doll, “Okay, I won’t cry.”


“Jiao Jiao.” He looked around the living room.


Jiao Jiao, “What’s wrong brother?”


“Can you come out for a moment?” Chu Chen’an’s eyes were red, he choked with difficulty, “Brother wants to see you.”


In fact, the last time he was in the game, he saw Jiao Jiao’s face once.



It was late at night, her face was bloody, one eye was missing, and the hollow eye socket was bleeding straight out.



But the light was too dim that time, and it was impossible to discern the cause of her death by impression alone.


“Don’t,” Jiaojiao hesitated, pouting, “but …… but I don’t look good, brother will dislike me.”


“No, Jiao Jiao,” Chu Chen’an said in a warm voice, tears piling up under his eyes, “Brother will never dislike you, you will always be the best looking.
Brother wants to hug you, don’t you want to come out and hug brother?”


Jiao Jiao seems to be moved by the words.


She wanted to hug her brother very much.


Brother actually said he wanted to hug her.



Her former mother hadn’t even hugged her.


Suddenly, the lights in the living room to the second bedroom turned off.


The interior returned to pitch black, and the girl’s long, hushed voice came in her ears.


Chu Chen’an saw a petite dark figure.


That was Jiao Jiao.


He looked over carefully by the faint light of the torch.


“Brother.” The girl’s voice was cautious.


One hollow eye was bleeding, the white princess dress was torn and tattered, bloody dots soaked the red dress, and blood flowed down the side of the leg.


The right side of her head was smashed with a crater-like wound by a hard object, within which the blood spread.


Chu Chen’an looked at Jiao Jiao’s appearance before she died, and the teardrops piled up at the corners of her eyes once again broke the bank.



He scrambled to wipe away all the tears on his face, smiling gently as he walked up and gently hugged the girl’s shoulders.


His palm from the arm stroked the girl’s shoulder, but touched a handful of scars.


It was a burn.



Large swaths of burns.




His tears dripped on the back of his hand.


It hurt.


She was hurting, right.


Jiao Jiao was good enough to let Chu Chen’an hold her lightly, not noticing that Chu Chen’an was crying.


She was happy.



So this was how it feels to be hugged ……


So warm.




Chu Chen’an’s tears blurred his vision, as if he was covered with a sour fog, and he choked, “Hmm?”



“I really forgot how I died.
I only remember that my bad mother stole my eyes and let that bad uncle bully me, then after I bit that bad uncle, he took a hammer to my head and locked me in the house.
Then I was too cold, so I used the bad guy uncle’s lighter to burn the sheet to bake the fire, I was so warm when I baked the fire, I fell asleep …… sorry brother, I didn’t help you.” Jiao Jiao felt self-blame, and secretly squeezed the hem of Chu Chen’an warm clothes.


The girl carefully said what happened to her life, but still didn’t understand when he said death was at.





She was a child, how could she understand death.


Even without eyes, a smashed head by a hammer, burned by fire ……


In her world, she still couldn’t be said to be dead.



Because that was all she suffered when she was alive ah.


She had always been able to feel the pain.



Chu Chen’an thought, heartbreakingly tightened his arms around the girl’s back, “It’s okay.”



Three or four tears dripped down, he choked, “forget it, don’t think about it …… Jiaojiao you have helped brother a lot …… thank you Jiaojiao, you have been great.”



“Hehe.” Jiao Jiao smiled happily again.


Brother complimented her.



Chu Chen’an quietly hugged Jiao Jiao for a long time.


Jiao Jiao carefully opened her mouth and called out to him, “Brother.”



Chu Chen’an, “Hmm? What’s wrong?”


“I want a new dress too, my dress is torn.” Jiao Jiao looked at Chu Chen’an expectantly.



Chu Chen’an’s heart flooded with infinite sourness, “Okay, brother will buy you many.”



Jiao Jiao asked the last question, “Brother, can you stay with me all the time? Like mommy protected me.”


Chu Chen’an’s vision blurred, “Okay, I will protect you later.”


The system prompted him in his mind.


[Congratulations on completing mission point one]
[The cause of the little girl’s death [click here to expand]]
[Reward points: ×10]
[Please complete mission point two as soon as possible: Find out the cause of death of the fourth floor occupants.
[Task time limit: 1 day]



Jiao Jiao let go of Chu Chen’an’s coat, broke away from his embrace, and went to hug back her doll.



“Hehe, brother is so nice.”



She stabbed the bad guy mom and burned the bad guy uncle alive.


And he didn’t blame her, and didn’t say she was a bad child.



Brother even praised her.




Chu Chen-an looked at the control panel and clicked [click here to expand] at the top.



An illustration then appeared on the control panel, and above it was a one-eyed girl holding a doll.



She was wearing a tattered princess dress, a bit of blood makeup on the hem, like a broken white rose.


The illustration turned to the other side, and above it described the girl’s experience.



The girl’s stepfather was a university literature professor and her mother was one of the country’s top biologists.
Her mother was willing to contribute everything to biological research experiments, including her daughter.



In order to conduct a biological study of a living human being, her mother took her daughter’s left eye in the name of research while the girl was asleep.


The girl woke up in pain and cried out for her mother.
“Oooooooooo mommy …… mommy my eye hurts ……”



Her hand touched her left eye and hugged the doll pathetically, asking her mother for help.



She thought her mom would hug her.



Her mother, however, was too annoyed with her and single-handedly cut off the doll that had been with the girl for years.


Her mother coldly left her in the care of her stepfather.


Even though her mother knew that her stepfather was a jerk with a special fetish.



Later, the girl’s skirt was shredded.



She became a broken white rose.



She was beaten by her stepfather day and night, and once when he was drunk, he hit the girl with a hammer.




The girl fell to the ground, blood stained her white dress.



The stepfather didn’t bother to clean up the girl’s wounds and put the dying girl in the master bedroom.



The girl was shivering with pain.



She was too cold and in too much pain.


Suddenly, she saw the lighter on her stepfather’s bed.


She dragged her crippled body, little by little, to climb up to the bedside table and reached the lighter.




The bedspread was lit.


The girl, holding her mutilated doll, was also lit in the warmth of the fire.






The girl turned into a grieving spirit.



She repaid her mother and stepfather in the same way.


Like her rag doll, it was left with wounds all over its body.


She listened to the wailing of her mother and stepfather, leaving them to die in extreme pain.



Then the girl fell in love with the game of stealing eyes.


She wanted to give the doll the best-looking eyes.


As for the girl’s parents?


Their ghosts were long gone.


Perhaps they could no longer be reincarnated, or perhaps they had long since fallen into the path of animals.




[Click here to exit]


Chu Chen’an sat on the floor for a long time before he calmed down, his eyes were a little sore, after more than half an hour, he finally wanted to get up.


“Jiaojiao, brother has to go back first.” He said in a warm voice.


Jiaojiao was very good, smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll go back to play with brother later!”


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an returned in a warm voice as he lightly closed the door and walked towards the stairway.


Mission point two was actually an additional mission in the copy, and was more difficult than mission point one.


The system allowed players not to complete mission point two, but would deduct 40 points.


He hadn’t saved enough points for 40, so he could only take over this task.


He just walked up the stairway, he heard the sound of Zhang Liang talking with someone in the seventh floor hallway faintly.


“Who was that female ghost last night?”


“That still need to guess? my good sister ah …… haha …… look at my hand, that crazy woman bit it.”



“Didn’t you say you could let us out when people die, huh?” Zhang Liang’s voice was anxious and grumpy, he lowered his voice, “How can you still seal the neighborhood, Wu Longyang died not on the line Why did you want to kill Lu Cheng and Su Yu?!”



“Shh, don’t be too nervous, I’m just playing a few games,” Qu Jiu’s hand was bandaged, he sneered and looked at the table in Zhang Liang’s hand, “Yo, this table is limited edition ah, worth millions, right?”


Zhang Liang used his sleeve to block the watch on his wrist, which he had picked up in Wu Longyang’s pool of blood.


“Besides,” Qu Jiu smiled creepily, his body shape thin, cheekbones protruding from his face, “I didn’t kill Su Yu, you did it yourself, don’t blame me for this.”



“You and Su Yu used to be good, right? And now with Li Yaya? You got a good deal on your own.” Qu Jiu vilely smiled and poked Zhang Liang’s arm, “Are you still trying to get him?”


Zhang Liang was unhappy, “shut up, hurry up and open the gate and let us out!”


“Don’t be in a hurry, when it’s time to release, I will naturally release, now, you just think about how to live here first, haha ……”






After the conversation.


He then heard the sound of Zhang Liang’s footsteps going upstairs.


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he hid back in front of Jiao Jiao’s house.


The amount of information was so great that his heart beat faster, and he waited until the footsteps were far away before he carefully walked out the door.


As he quietly walked up to the entrance of the seventh floor of the building.


But suddenly saw the figure of Zhang Liang standing at the corner.


He was so frightened that his heart trembled violently.



Zhang Liang was standing at the corner quietly waiting for him, the gentleness of his face disappeared without a trace, and now he was staring at him grimly and greedily, “You seem to have a secret, Chu Chen’an.”


This was the first time Zhang Liang called him by his full name.


Chu Chen’an nervously took a few steps back and was forced back into the stairwell, he squeezed his palms, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”



“Really, you heard all our words just now, right?” Zhang Liang approached Chu Chen’an, his eyes were gloomy and cold.



Zhang Liang raised his hand to touch the side of Chu Chen’an’s face, he quickly dodged, “You have nothing to go to the sixth floor, you’re not afraid of death?”


“I, I am an anchor that came to the murder house was originally to do live content, of course, I have to see ……”



“You still have the leisure to care about the live content?” Zhang Liang’s face was filled with disdain, he touched Chu Chen’an’s pale arm.


“Do you want to live?” He suddenly grabbed onto Chu Chen’an’s arm, and his face came close to his, “If you want to live, follow me …… I can let you get out alive.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart flashed with a trace of disdain.



Just now who was at the entrance of the building roaring at the male landlord for survival.


He could hear it clearly.


Chu Chen’an quickly refuted, “Not interested.”



“You know Xu Moshu, right?” Zhang Liang’s face twisted and he said despicably, “Every time I see you afraid of him, you are afraid like that, you used to be his lover, when did it happen, how come I haven’t seen you talk about it before?”


Chu Chen’an frowned, “What are you talking about?”


“What secret is this? You gathered here to speak,” Xu Moshu’s voice came from the entrance of the building.



The two of them turned their eyes to him.



Xu Moshu smiled warmly, he changed into a white shirt, wore a pair of gold-framed eyes, and carried a plastic bag smelling of medicine in his hand.


He matched the image of the svelte scum to the fullest.



“Zhang Liang, let me hear it too, don’t be so petty.” Xu Moshu casually threw away the garbage, took Zhang Liang’s shoulder with one hand, and stared at Chu Chen’an with a smile.



Zhang Liang’s face twisted as he pushed away from Xu Moshu’s hold and took the lead in turning into the building entrance.


Xu Moshu threw the anti-bacterial gloves in his hand into the trash as well.


He glanced at Chu Chen’an’s eyes that were slightly swollen from crying, “Crying again, are you made of water?”


Chu Chen’an glared, intending to pass Xu Moshu.


Xu Moshu raised his hand to stop Chu Chen’an, “I heard that little anchor An went to the sixth floor, how about it, any new discoveries?”

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