What doesn kill, makes you weirder… What makes you stronger can kill you. If it is immortal, consume it and make it a part of you…..

Yes, these were the thoughts of a young man who was lost in them while walking down the street with no care in the world. Thoughts brought about of watching countless movies, gaming, and reading light novels and manga.

Some would say those are the thoughts of a madman, well, only if you think they applied in the real world, but unfortunately, the person who was lost in his head at that time was one who would argue that they applied in any world.

Well, that would bring about a whole other different conversation, which would bring about the question of if there are any other worlds in the first place.

Suffice to say, its a conversation you could not win with him if you wanted to remain sane at the end of it. Unfortunately many had fallen headfirst into the pit of useless conversation with him that he could convince even an astronaut that the world was flat if he had his way.

”Cough, Cough!….. ”

He coughed as a piercing headache stopped the memory that he was heaving of himself and what he had been doing that day.

As he opened his eyes, he found himself on a floor that was white and with no roof or walls as he looked around. The floor that he was on was only a hundred meters on all sides and floating in what seemed to be…. well, he could not comprehend what he was seeing at the time.

”A universe? ”

He asked out loud out of shock and because the killer headache was still persisting, making him not see as clearly as he wanted to.

After a few seconds, he stood up as his eyes finally adjusted and that was when he saw him.

A man… no, a tall, tall man standing not that far from him and looking at him with a warm smile as welcoming as the food that he had eaten that day. The best food he had eaten in his life.

The man looked like a noble from ancient Rome from the robe that he was wearing together with the look of an old gladiator that was tired of life. His eyes seemed to carry such cosmic power in them that it hurt Arkan to even glimpse at them.

As he looked at him, there was a reverence about this person but at the same time, something was wrong. That was when he finally noticed it.

The mans body, face, eyes, and ears were bleeding, and not just that, he was bleeding some kind of golden blood that emitted some kind of indescribable yearning for it like pirates that just saw the most brilliant treasure they had ever seen.

He gulped and then looked at the man again, and as he did, the memories of that day came crashing back into him. He looked at his hands, and his chest and then suddenly touched his head like he was expecting to find a hole there, but there was none.


He thought to himself as he did not know what to think of everything happening to him at that moment.

”How? ”

He managed to ask as the shock overcame the fear, reverences, and supernatural of what his mind was failing to compute.

”Arkan! ”

Golden blood spilled out of the giant of a mans mouth as he said something for the first time, making the boy step back so as to avoid touching it.

As much as every fiber of his being wanted to touch the blood, something… something inside him was telling him not to.

The mans voice also carried with it a power that stopped the headache that had been eating away at him since he woke up.

The giant man held his mouth, trying not to spill more blood, and then pointed his finger at him. Right then and there, he was thrust back to his memories of the days events.

As he went back to his memories, he was still walking the streets while thinking of how he would kill a wizard using only lasers shooting out of his eyes and hands.

He smiled as the wizard got his head blown off by a surprise attack as he was only fairing lasers using his fingers the whole time, only to surprise the wizard when he was face to face with him and thinking that the wizard had won only for him to shoot lasers out of his eyes and blow his head off.

To him, lasers were everything. Too bad there was no such thing as wizard and magic in his world. Fantasizing about it was the only way to escape the horrors of where he stayed.

There was something wrong as he walked through. Everyone made way for him as if he was a pit bull that no one wanted to stop and ask where the owner was, but while the man would avoid him altogether, the women would avoid him too, but could not help themselves to glance back at this pit bull wanna be.

While still thinking of many other senseless thoughts, he stopped in front of a tall building. That was not his destination though. The only reason he had stopped was that this buildings glass windows reflection showed him how he currently looked as if it was more of a mirror than a window.

It showed a tall y

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