hahahahaha!…. I guess just like 007 this is the part where I get my gadgets for a secret mission.

Arkan had an evil laugh in his head as he thought of the powers he might get, well, that he hoped that he would get.

Realizing the nature of the spark of divinity he had, he shattered at the fact that it wouldn be farfetched for him to be unfortunate when it came to that too.

Oizys laughed again. It seemed that the powerful but dying Guardian was being entertained by his thoughts in his last moments.

”Relax… I know all about you and what you always wanted if this dream of yours to be reincarnated ever came true. You are my first and might be the only child I allow to carry my spark. I would not be a good father if I did not spoil you a little now, would I? ”

Hearing those words made Arkan to be optimistic again. The fact that he would be a child, a Chosen for a Guardian, and him calling him his child made him emotional for the first time. He could finally have someone to call his father.

”So, there is so much we have in common you and I. ”

Oizys said.

”Those who carry our sparks have the option to either have a System, A.I or Intuition to help them since they have to face and conquer the very nature of those sparks. ”

Oizys said as his skin started to turn to dust.

”And we both despise Systems and A.Is. ”

Arkan could not agree more.

”They are like a cheat. ”

Arkan said.

”A System allows you to see your status or anything relevant to you and that is around you and put it into values, having the ability to instantly tell how you and anyone elses power level, abilities, and weaknesses are by calculating those values and presenting them to you in form of a screen. ”

Oizys continued while Arkan grew irritated from hearing all this.

”Able to allow access to a System store where you can get weapons, potions, and other system-related items by exchanging points that you get from completing the missions the System gives you which assist in your goals. Just a rough explanation of what it can do as it can do much more. Those who chose a System tend to be battle oriented. ”

Oizys said. Arkan would have spat on the ground if he was not in the presence of Oizys.

”Its like having a personal guide or assistance on how to grow powerful. Just to be able to be grunted skills and items by just doing missions is already a broken ability. ”

Arkan said with a mocking tone.

”A.I, well, a supercomputer that is intelligent enough to hold conversations and advise you on the path most suited for any situation, able to calculate possibilities of winning a fight or how to win it even before that fight begins. Just a small example of what an A.I can do. ”

Arkan was growing irritated again.

”Being able to store any if not all information, helping you learn some of the hardest subjects in any world as it deciphers it. Those who choose this are usually the jack of all trades, able to brew potions, be a blacksmith while being a lethal fighter that is versatile and hard to kill. ”

Oizys said.

”Only lonely lazy bastards who need a voice in their head to help them with every decision that they make would choose such a thing. Whatever those who have either a System or an A.I achieve is not due to their own power or ability. ”

Arkan said as the fire to prove them wrong started to burn in his heart.

”Hahaha, I couldn have said it better. But, they tend to gain power quickly, achieving greatness from a very young age, some from when they are just babies. ”

Oizys said and Arkan looked at him with fury in his eyes.

”I can do better than all of them. ”

He said with determination in his voice. Oizys smiled.

”Than our only choice… Intuition….. Earthlings call it the sixth sense. Able to sense danger, heighten your senses to that of a super soldier as you get to hone it. At the pinnacle even being able to see beyond the present and predict the future. Takes time to master and attune it with your body and mind. A deadly tool to have in a fight as anyone who chooses this can only focus on one thing and excel. If they choose that thing to be fighting, they become a genius in everything that has to do with fighting. ”

Oizys said. Arkan smiled for the second time he was there.

”This will make you much stronger for your mission and me to get more divinity than if you are helped by a System or A.I, but let me tell you this. Only three have chosen Intuition in the millions of years I have been born and all three died while not even reaching the age of 10. ”

Arkan was still determined.

”Well, since we both knew what you were going to choose anyways I guess we just wasted time. ”

Oizys said.

”I guess you know me well, I hope you know what power I want too? ”

Arkan replied.

”Well, of course, but first since you will be born with my spark, you will inherit some of my powers. Something we both know you will need since you will not be able to use mana. ”

Hearing that made Arkan smile even wider. The old man really knew him.

”This is why you were the only one I could choose, Arkan. You not wanting to use mana in a fantasy world is something only unique to you and only you. Even Alax could not bring himself to accept such a thing. This means the Guardians will not know of your arrival or that you are killing their Chosen until it is too late. No one will be able to tell how strong you are. ”

Oizys said.

”Oh… ”

Arkan was pleased. He did not want anyone after him until he had enough power to protect himself. At the same time, he did not have to act like a background character and hold himself back by trying to hide his power.

”Superhuman strength, durability, immunity to diseases and attacks of the mind, and a slowed aging process after reaching adulthood while having the ability to heal yourself. Also one teleportation per chain you break, needing to mark the sport you want to teleport to before you do. ”

Oizys said while knowing how Arkan would feel after hearing this.

”Immunity does not mean no disease or mind attack can affect you though. you will still feel the effects to some extent. These powers will get stronger and the distance you can teleport will get greater as you break the chains that hold my power. It is what you get for sacrificing the ability to use mana and you will need them as potions and herbs that use mana will not work on your body. ”

Oizys added. Arkan was suppressing the edge to jump up and down like a kid who was just told he could be superman. He never even thought that he would gain the ability to teleport.

”Wait until you see the surprise of who I chose as your Eldian parents as you will get their traits as will. ”

If this was misfortune then Arkan wanted the whole bucket of it.

”What about….. ”

He could not finish the question as he swallowed, hoping that he could be able to get what he truly wished for.

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