Billionaires with Benefits

1. Adorable Virgin Husband

”Enough with the call, hurry and get ready to make me a grandson! ” The chuckling voice of the middle-aged man on the other end of the phone made a sweet smile etched on the lips of a beautiful woman with long blonde hair who was leaning on the headboard of the bed, resting from a tiring days activities.

”Ugh, gross …. ” The young woman replied, blinking for a moment, letting her thick and curly eyelashes go up and down. Her neat white teeth were visible as she laughed as she bid farewell and good night to her father.

”Good night, Paula! ”

”Night, Dad! ”

Paula put the cellphone on the table after ending the call. She snorted at the thought of her fathers words just now.

”Making baby? ” she muttered to herself, repeating her fathers words while laughing at the situation right now. ”Huh? Ridiculous. ”

She took a deep breath to relax her body. Well, a while ago was her wedding ceremony. Of course, its not wrong if her father expected something like that. What else would the bride and groom do on the first night together?

However, of course, he would be shocked to death if he knew his daughter was alone on the wedding night. How come? In this world, where was there a ridiculous wedding night like Paulas? Shouldn this be the night when husband and wife make love and share kisses?

She looked at the ivory lingerie lying in the open suitcase. The lingerie that she bought a few days ago, especially for tonight.

Her slender fingers picked up the beautiful lingerie from the suitcase. A look of disappointment crossed her face. It felt like having prepared a presentation slide for a business meeting with a potential investor, but the client does not come without saying a word. Vain? Yes, a waste of time and a waste of money.

She let out a long sigh and then threw the lacy transparent lingerie back into the suitcase. She looked really annoyed and very disappointed at her husbands treatment which could be considered harassment.

Paula hoped that tonight she could have the perfect wedding night she imagined. She wanted to say goodbye to her virginity after some years of being a celibate girl because her father did not allow her to have extramarital sex.

Like other young people, Paula was curious about what it would be like to be a real woman. Why did her friends love it so much and didn hesitate to do it with a lover or even a stranger they just met at a nightclub? After that, they would talk about experiences and tell what luck or misfortune they experienced while spending the night with their new date. RIP to I-didn -kiss-and-tell.

Guess what, how could her curious young soul not be tempted to do the same? However, the strong reins in the girl did not allow her to get out of control. She finally decided to stay patient until she got married and had a legal partner as her parents wanted.

Instead of worrying about unimportant things, Paula chose to do some work. Sitting alone in a hotel room, in front of a laptop with a pile of work, accompanied by a cup of black coffee … to be more precise, half a cup, because the other half was already in her stomach.

After fixing up her long ponytail, Paula re-examined the budget plan for opening her cake shop and cafe outlet sent by Monica, her assistant. Her eyes narrowed, reviewing the marketing costs that seemed less effective. Perhaps, she would choose online marketing through social media and the endorsement system through influencers to keep it on budget.

About two hours later, the tiring work was finished. After sending Monica an email, she turned off the laptop and took a sip of the remaining coffee left in the cup.

Then, she grabbed a brush and toothpaste and headed to the bathroom to do her nightly routine. After changing into a comfortable satin pajama, she laid back on the double king-sized bed which was soft and seemed too wide for one person.

Poor Paula. Where did her husband go?

Who knows. Once they were in the hotel room, her husband immediately left her without even saying goodbye. However, Paula didn want to look for her husband because, to be honest, she didn know where her husband used to go, didn know his friends, didn know his cell phone number … on top of it, she couldn remember her husbands face.

William. The only child of Alex Montgomery, a billionaire friend of her father. The only heir of Montgomery Enterprise. That was all she knew about her husband.

Its not that she didn care, She just didn have time to get to know him. This wedding was planned so suddenly. Meanwhile, She had been very busy these past few weeks with research on the bakery she was starting.

Two months ago, a week after Paulas graduation, her father told her that she would marry William. ”Sorry for the short notice, considering the condition of Lisa, Alexs wife, who is currently sick. Lisa wants to see her only child get married as soon as possible, ” her father explained, hoping his daughter would und

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