Billionaires with Benefits

1. Adorable Virgin Husband

erstand the situation. However, he was aware that a sudden arranged marriage was something unnatural. It was something that actually couldn be explained with sorry for the short notice.

”I promised Alex, we will be an in-law when we have a son and daughter, ” her father said while eating his dinner.

”Hmm, but … don you think that you should consider my opinion? ” she objected still, despite never really falling deeply in love with someone.

”Yes, if you have a boyfriend, you just have to break up with him, no? ” her father replied, laughing. He knew the unique character of his only daughter. She didn believe in love, only cared about the business. Currently, she only dodged his request to test how important this matter to him was. ”And … I will surely invest a hundred grand for your bakery. ”

”Seriously? A hundred grand? ” Paula screamed in joy. She didn believe what her father said right now. ”I thought you would never care about my startup. ”

”I always care about you, young lady! ”

”As long as this marriage has many benefits, I will have no reason to reject, ” she concluded, finally agreeing to the arrangement. ”Okay, I will leave for Tokyo tomorrow morning. Please make sure that you will transfer the money to my bank account before the wedding. ”

”Ok, Daddy will take care of everything for you. Make sure you come home at least three days before D-day. ”

”Sure! ”

Well, why should she argue? After all, her father always gave her the best clothes, the best toys, the best food, and the best school, so naturally, her father would also choose the best husband for her. At least, it was supposed to be like that.


The sound of a ringing alarm from a cell phone woke Paula up. Its already seven in the morning. She immediately did her morning routine.

While enjoying the fresh warm water splashed on her body, her cell phone rang, and she left the bathroom immediately to pick up the call, which turned out to be from Monica. Her assistant told her the meeting with one of the investors was rescheduled.

”Okay, then tomorrow at eight am, okay! Thank you, ” Paula said while marking the date and time on the agenda.

She had just hung the call up when suddenly a scream came from the door.

”Aaaaaaarrrgh…! ” a dark brown-haired man shouted in shock. Moments later, he awkwardly closed his emerald eyes and turned his back. Thats when Paula realized why he was screaming. She was standing completely naked beside the bed.

”Ow, ow! Sorry. ”


”Do you have no shame? How could you do something like that in front of a stranger? ” William, Paulas husband, scolded her. His face was as red as tomatoes. Either out of shame or anger. He looked at anything but his wife, despite her beautiful body being neatly wrapped in a hotel white bathrobe.

”Sorry, I thought there was no one in this room. And … you
e my husband, not a stranger, ” Paula said in a flat tone while drying her hair with a dry towel. ”Also, if you were really embarrassed or even angry with me, you should have just shut your eyes instead of staring at my beautiful body for a few minutes, ” she added casually with a smirk plastered on her face.

Williams eyes that had been away from his wife now turned to her again, trying to defend himself. His mouth opened to say something, but he didn manage to do that.

Feeling guilty about her husbands adorable response, Paula tried to soothe his feelings, ”Don be shy. Its natural to like a beautiful and sexy naked woman— ”

”Enough! ” William snapped, cutting her words. By now, his face was completely red. She knew that her husband was upset.

Being aware of the unfriendly situation, she was kind enough to get him a bottle of mineral water from the minibar and handed it to him. He gladly took it and immediately drank half the bottle. After that, she asked him a not-so-important question, ”Why did you come back? I thought you would leave for good. ”

At first, Paula wanted to ask where her husband was last night, but she didn because she was sure he would never answer honestly. If it wasn a secret, he would say a word, no? ”Did you leave something behind? ”

William shook his head, ”I just wanted to pick you up. We
e going home today. Pack your stuff up asap. ”

Thats how it was. Today, Paula went home to Williams … her husbands, not to her fathers anymore. She was Paula Montgomery … no longer Paula Roberts.

Well, anywhere is fine. As long as I can work well, she muttered to herself. After all, she was aware that a wife should live under one roof with her husband, immediately after the marriage ceremony.

While driving towards the house, Paula studied her husbands face in silence. She wanted to tease him because she knew that he also stole glances several times. When their eyes accidentally met, thats when his face turned completely red.

Paula chuckled, then asked, ”Mr. Montgomery, are you a virgin? ”

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