ws about this, perhaps the problem would end soon. However, of course, she was not the type who would always come to her parents and ask them to solve the problems she faced.

This was not a big deal. Its just that she had never been rejected by men. Her former exes even frankly wanted her. They were even willing to beg and promise many things for her to have sex with them.

Meanwhile, William refused her presence. Of course, she had no idea. She was even more curious about his real reason.

Its time for dinner. Paula ordered the food as she did this afternoon. Its not that she couldn cook. She was just too busy. The fridge was also empty. Her husband only had frozen foods in the freezer. Tomorrow she was planning to go shopping so that she can fill the refrigerator with fresh stuff.

Paula looked at her husband who seemed more interested in the food on his plate than her despite the fried noodles she ordered didn taste too special. She realized that he was doing this on purpose to avoid having a conversation with her. Honestly, he wouldn be able to state the reason why he turned down such beauty as his wife. She shouldn be rejected.

The dinner was silent. The two of them even washed the dishes separately like in the dorms. No words, no chat. After that, they both returned to their respective rooms without saying good night or goodbye.

However, this was all temporary. Because actually, Paula was preparing a surprise for her husband. She was planning to expose her cute face and her attractive body by wearing the lingerie that she didn have a chance to wear last night. Tonight, shes determined to seduce her husband and get what she wants as soon as possible.

Paula went down to the first floor, to the place where the master bedroom was. She knocked on the door with an incredibly confident smile. The owner of the room screamed when he saw what was served in front of him.

”Oh my God! You
e crazy, aren you! ” he shouted, closing his eyes at the appearance of the sexy half-naked woman—his lawful wife—the only woman he allowed to touch.

”What the hell, Will! Don be so silly. Im your legal wife! ” Paula protested, offended. How come? Her husbands response was very disappointing. ”Don look at me like a stranger, please! Then why did we get married yesterday? What was the marriage for? What was the meaning of your vows? ”

”What do you want? ” William asked, still averting his eyes from the beautiful sight in front of him.

”Your wife is already wearing this kind of super sexy lingerie and … you are asking what do I want? ” she protested with pursed lips. ”I want you, of course? ”

”Go away! ” he shouted, still shutting his eyes. ”I will never touch you, Paula! I don want you! ”

Paula didn flinch, stared at her husband. It was obvious that his mouth and body were out of sync. She smiled as she felt like she was going to raise the victory flag in no time.

To increase her chance, she stepped further and further into the room, ignoring her husbands warnings to leave. Knowing what was currently happening, he panicked even more.

”You! ” William looked away for a moment. Seeing the breathtakingly beautiful scene in front of him, William turned back. ”Go! ”

”Will, Im your wife. Do you want me to be left alone upstairs? Don you think its such a waste? ” Paula persuaded him again. This time with no emotion, as if she was forcing a child to eat the delicious treats that were served.

”You have no shame, indeed. I bet you are no longer a virgin, ” William accused, his face burned like a brand. He was facing the wall. However, actually, in his eyelids, he could only imagine his wifes stunning appearance that he had glimpsed earlier. ”Are you a sex maniac? ”

”Do you want to know? Why don you check it? ” Paula said seductively. She was now stripping the thin cloth that was left on her body. She did it so calmly as if it was no big deal. This was what bothered his mind. How could there be a woman who behaved like her?

Holding out her arms, Paula said, ”Look! Now you can check whether Im a virgin or not. ”

The surge of his desire suddenly increased exponentially. Even though he didn see directly what Paula was doing, his third eye—as a normal man—was able to know what Paula had just done.

Sweat dripped vigorously on his forehead. It was obvious that he was holding back, lust stirred strongly inside him. His sanity severely begged him to endure. However, his primal instinct forced him to surrender and accept the offer.

Moments later, William could no longer think straight. He didn know anymore what was right and what was wrong. All he knew was just one, a normal guy would say yes to this tempting beauty.

Unfortunately, William was a normal one. Will he be the real man tonight? Or will he be able to resist his seductive wife even though his desires are currently burning?

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