Billionaires with Benefits

4. Friends with Benefits

Williams whole body was wet with sweat. He seemed to be forcing himself to defend and dodge Paulas attacks.

His eyes were now not only looking in another direction but also shut tight because he didn want to give up. As much as possible he drove away the sexy and beautiful sight from his mind. Unfortunately, he just couldn .

Williams heart beat faster. His blood rushed as if driven by a pumping machine. There was no doubt for anyone who saw that at this time he wanted to immerse himself inside her.

However, Williams pure conscience said something else. He had to stick to what he believed in. He had promised himself that he would not touch his wife.

Thats why, at this moment, William was saying the one thing he had previously kept secret from Paula. The thing that should make any woman stay away from him. ”Sorry, Paula! I can touch you. I already have a girlfriend—the one I truly love. ”

Silence. Paula flinched. She lowered the arms that had intended to hug him.

”I married you because my mom was sick, ” William explained. He managed to reduce the intensity of his desire that had almost exploded earlier.

He recalled there was a lover who was waiting and believed in his promise. He promised to marry his lover despite his parents not agreeing. He promised to marry later when the situation was under control.

Now, William was very sure his wife would give up and leave him. However, there was no sign that his wife would soon leave his room. She didn even take the cloth for a more decent appearance.

Paulas next words shocked William even more. ”Is that the only reason you refuse to touch this? ” Paula asked in a low tone, her hands pointed at her breasts.

”What did you mean by the is-that-all question? ” Williams heart was pounding fast again. That man felt that stronger aggression would attack him soon. However, he didn know what it was. ”That is indeed my reason. ”

Paula smirked. ”Then we can still do it in secret, no? ”

”What? ” William couldn stand her eye-popping response.

e a man. No one will know whether you
e a virgin or not. As long as you don tell your lover, she won know! ” Paula insisted. She didn intend to give up at all.

Annoyed, she folded her arms over her stomach, supporting her beautiful round breasts for William to see. When she did that, William turned his sight to her. Of course, in an instant, his desire was on fire again.

William groaned softly in anger and pleasure at the same time. The show in front of him was draining his sanity. That tall man who was gifted with a rock-hard body immediately mustered all his strength to walk to the bed and pulled the thick white blanket off the bed. He then approached his wife and covered her body with that white cloth. Of course, his action made her feel rejected for the umpteenth time.

Williams panting breath was still clearly audible to Paulas ears. His face looked very tormented by her appearance.

”Will, I didn intend to marry you for jokes. So at least do your role as a husband, ” Paula said, looking up at his face as he wrapped the blanket around her naked body. ”Please …. ”

To be honest, Williams ears stung to hear all of Paulas words which sounded very logical and innocent. However, he had to persevere. ”Paula, Im sorry. I can . ”

”Will, Ive been celibate for too long due to my dads rules. I can bear to wait any longer. What can I say to my friends, Will? ” Paula whispered very seriously. ”I kept my virginity until I finally got married. I think, after marriage, this hell will end. But why should I get a husband like you, Will? This is so unfair. ”

”Paula— ”

”Are you telling me to have sex with other men by bearing the status of your wife? ” Paula looked up. Her teary eyes looked at him with pleading eyes. A look of disappointment crossed her face. ”A wife who is hungry for pleasure, seeking a one-night stand outside? ”

William was stunned. Holding her shoulder, unable to lift even a finger. What now? Everything he did felt wrong. Why did this woman make it seem like he was an irresponsible husband for abandoning his wife?

He sighed. His face was grim and confused. He couldn make up his mind in such a short time.

Paula who saw it also understood what William was still thinking. Then, she tried to offer a solution. ”I know you want to be a loyal lover, no? How about if we just do it with no feelings attached? ”

”You mean … like friends with benefits? ”

”Friends with benefits! Yes, true! ” Paula answered firmly. ”Lets do this as if we were just playing a game. Its a win-win solution. Okay? ”

”But …. ”

”Whats wrong with that, Will? We
e a lawful couple. ” Paula insisted on convincing William. ”When the time comes for you to go back to your girlfriend, we will get divorced, Will! I won fall in love with you. I swear! ”

Now, Williams defense had completely collapsed. All of Paulas arguments sounded plausible and tantalizing to him. But, he still hesitated to touch her.

”Is that true— ”

Unfortunately, Paula acted very quickly. Before William changed his mind, she grabbed his lips which were still open in amazement. At that moment, the one percent of his remaining defense was gone. His eyes closed, accepting—enjoying—all the sweet things she did to his body.

Their minds were no longer where they should be, as was the blanket that had fallen perfectly on the carpet. The thick white cloth had completely removed from her body, mixing with the clothes William had been wearing.

Now, both of them were drowning in a sea of ​​hot breath, merging in intoxicating waves. They compete with each other while helping to reach the perfect ending. Before long, a scream of pain slipped slowly from her luscious lips, making him surprised and stopping his actions.

”Does it hurt? Should I stop right now? ” William asked in a husky voice. He was sure he couldn stop but he was afraid she couldn bear the pain.

Before he knew it, he wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. She smiled softly and shook her head. ”No, Will! Im happy to finally become a real woman tonight! Thank you. ”

”So? ” William asked out of worry. He had to make sure that she was willing to continue. He was determined to stop if she refused … even though it would be depressing for him.

”Keep going, Will! ” Paula said, biting her lower lip. ”I can bear the pain. Don worry! ”

Slowly, while giving Paula more time to get used to his size, William continued thrusting and completed his role as a husband. Tonight, they consummated their marriage. They become a real husband and wife—with no love, though.

”Will— ”

”What now? I can stop even if you beg. Too late, ” he growled. He was so nervous. The first time doing it was too much for him. He didn even plan it.

”I think its better to avoid pregnancy since— ”

”But I don have any rubber right now, ” he panicked. He couldn bear it if she asked to stop right now.

”Just … don forget to pull out in time, ” she reminded him. A smile plastered on her face. How adorable his expression made her want to laugh even more. ”Do you understand? ”

”Oh, sure, ” William said while groaning. ”Im not that silly. ”

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