the others.
I’ll treat you guys to a dinner.”


He answered without hesitation.

Su Shen found out why he was so kind to her.
It was completely because he took a fancy to her cooking.
It turned out that no matter how aloof a person was, they would also bow down to good food.

Afterwards, they continued to be silent and left the film site.
Outside, the road had little to no traffic with a Hummer parked on the side.
Su Shen and Xie Yan walked over and the rear door opened.

When Su Shen got in, Xiao Zhou was already inside with her phone in her hands.
She kept on glancing at Xie Yan who was behind Su Shen.

It wasn’t until Xie Yan got in that the door was closed.
The car quickly started to move.
It was just that the atmosphere in the car was a little awkward.

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“Your clothes got wet.
Why don’t you take it off before you catch a cold?” She suddenly said, breaking the strange atmosphere inside the car.

Zhao Tong, who was sitting at the front, also hurriedly looked back.
When he saw that Xie Yan’s coat was half wet, he unconcernedly joked with Su Shen, “Improbable.
Our Yan ge was fine even after filming a scene in a pool during the middle of winter with minus ten degree weather.
It was just that he almost broke an arm during filming but other than that, nothing happened.”

“Ah? Broken an arm?” Xiao Zhou subconsciously said.
But afterwards, she found that she was too abrupt and immediately looked down flushed.

“Yea, he was in luck.
Even the doctor said it was a miracle to have only almost broken an arm from falling from such a high altitude.” Zhao Tong couldn’t help but laughed.

Su Shen wanted to laugh a little but she endured it.

Contrariwise, Xie Yan suddenly looked up, “Do you really want me to break my arms and legs?”

Zhao Tong: “…”

He shut his mouth and silently turned around.

“Was it during Secret Route?” She looked sideways and found that he had taken off his half wet coat.
His black t-shirt inside wasn’t that wet.
It was just that it exposed the lingering scar on his arm.

“En.” He closed his eyes and leaned back.

Secret Route was the film that allowed Xie Yan to obtain his first best actor acting award.
It was about mercenaries with the content being very bloody and violent.
It was said that a lot of the scenes had to be deleted before it could pass the censorship screening.
The full version of the film could only be found overseas now.
Xie Yan had a great amount of action scenes and at the time, the news also reported that he was injured.
She just didn’t expect that it would be so serious.

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“Su Shen, let’s exchange WeChats.
You can invite me to dinner in the future.” Zhao Tong knew that this da ge didn’t like talking so he asked Su Shen.
He also had been thinking of Su Shen’s pastries too. 

“Okay.” Su Shen didn’t refuse.
After all, the more friends the more connections.

Xie Yan opened his eyes slightly and saw the two of them exchanging WeChats.
He didn’t speak.

She intermittently talked with Zhao Tong all the way until the car stopped at the entrance of the hotel.
In order to avoid any problems, Su Shen got off the car with Zhao Tong’s umbrella and walked into the hotel while the rest of the people in the car tacitly stayed put. 

As soon as she left, the driver turned around and said to Xie Yan, “Yan ge, there’s a suspicious car behind us.
They’ve followed us all the way until now.”

After he said that, Zhao Tong immediately turned around and looked back.
Although it was raining heavily outside, there was a van parked on the side of the road not far away with its lights turned off.

“I recognize this van, it’s the paparazzi from that Nebula Studio.
They’ve been following us ever since we got to set.” Zhao Tong’s expression changed and suddenly realized the seriousness of the matter.
He couldn’t help but frown and looked at Xie Yan, “Su Shen just got out of our car.
She wouldn’t have been photographed, right?”

If she did, Hua ge would definitely kill him!

The heavy rain was still pitter-pattering against the windows.
Xie Yan was silent for a while and then slowly said, “Go and buy whatever they took over.”

Zhao Tong was stunned after he heard that.
He didn’t expect that his Yan ge would be so familiar with these kinds of things.
It was true that most of these news stories were bought over by money now.

“But… what if they don’t agree?” Zhao Tong was a little worried.
After all, this wasn’t any ordinary news.
This was an accident that had happened only once in ten years.

Xie Yan indifferently looked at him, “Then, increase the price.”

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