expect her to be like this when she was drunk.
Xie Yan suddenly leaned in and held the back of her head with one hand, his eyes burning, “No means no.”

Her neck was very fair without any blemishes at all.
Her face that still carried a touch of innocence was flushed, with her pink and tender lips slightly parted as if wanting to tempt him.
Xie Yan still remembered the sweet taste of that day.

“I won’t look at you anymore.” All of a sudden, Su Shen closed her eyes, tightly at that.

The two were so close to each other.
Her exquisite features were outrageously perfect, yet contained a hint of innocence.
Xie Yan stared at her for a while, then ultimately closed his eyes.
He suddenly got up, took her phone and pulled her fair index finger to press the Touch ID.
After unlocking the phone, he then sent a message to Liu jie.

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Looking at the person on the sofa who still had her eyes closed and refused to open them, he could only crouched down and whispered into her ear, “I’m going to go; you can sleep quietly here.”

The person on the sofa still refused to open her eyes.
He smiled helplessly, and his gaze swept across her pink lips.
He then got up and walked out of the condo. 


When the dazzling sunlight shone through the thick curtains into the tidy room, the person on the king-sized bed turned over.
Suddenly, they reached out with their fair and tender arm for their phone on the side, but to no avail.
Finally, they opened their eyes in a daze.

When she saw the familiar ceiling, Su Shen rubbed her temples and looked all around.
Then, she got out of bed and came to the living room. 

She saw Liu jie leaning on the sofa and reading a magazine.
Hearing her footsteps, she turned around and after finding that she was awake, she just turned her head back and continued to read the magazine, “I bought breakfast, have some first.
I have to catch a flight later.” 

Hearing this, Su Shen rubbed her temples while walking over to sit down.
She remembered that after she drank yesterday, Xie Yan came, and then… How did she get back?

“Did you bring me back yesterday?” She leaned on the sofa and continued to rub her temple, her headache was still as strong.

Hearing this, Liu jie glanced at her, “No.”

“En?” Su Shen’s expression changed slightly. 

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“Don’t you remember? You messaged me and asked me to come over.
When I came over, you fell asleep.
Thus, I stayed with you the entire night.” Liu jie closed the magazine in confusion. 

Su Shen frowned, “Then, who sent me back?”

Why didn’t she remember that she had sent a message to Liu jie?

The latter stood up and lifted her purse on the side, “Xie Yan.”

After that, she walked out of the condo, with Su Shen sitting there muddleheaded.

Why couldn’t she remember anything?

Her headache was still so persistent, so she went to take a shower first.
Then, she made some porridge for herself, and after eating breakfast, she then picked up her phone and sent a message to Xie Yan.

Su Shen: Thank you for sending me back yesterday.
Did I go into a drunken fit?

This was actually what Su Shen was most worried about.
The original Su Shen got drunk once, and Liu jie said that she would hit people when she was drunk.
She wondered if she had hit him yesterday. 

Perhaps Xie Yan was busy, as there was no reply from him after a long time.
Su Shen then packed up as she had to go back to set.
She had two night scenes tonight and filming for this drama would be finalized in half a month.
Next month, she would go on set for that modern drama, and there seemed to be some magazine covers to shoot and a Fall-Winter fashion show invited by a brand that Liu jie sought for her in between. 

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