ends before?” Su Shen blinked, breathing steadily.

Xie Yan: “……”

He coughed slightly and immediately sat back in his seat to drive, “My parents forced one on me before, but we broke up in just a week.”

“Ah? Why?” Su Shen seemed rather curious about this.

The car sped through the road.
The expression on the driver’s face seemed to be a little peculiar.
After a pause, he said insipidly, “I needed to film; she was too bothersome.”

Hearing this, Su Shen seemed to have understood something.
It was true that couples broke up easily in the entertainment industry, but it was because they seldom got together most of the time.
Take herself as an example, Tong Le had asked her out for dinner several times, but she didn’t have time, not even time to sleep nor time to date.

“I never even touched her hand.” Xie Yan turned his head slightly and emphasized.

Hearing this, Su Shen just smiled.
After a pause, she asked, “Did you like her?”

If he didn’t like her, he still wouldn’t accept it even if his parents forced it on him, right?

Noticing that she liked to ask these kinds of questions, Xie Yan couldn’t help but chuckled, “Are you jealous?”

He didn’t turn around.
Taking a glance at his side profile, Su Shen continued to lean against the seat and closed her eyes, “You can choose not to say it.”

Who said that only men could be possessive, why couldn’t women be too?

Seeing that she was silent, Xie Yan coughed helplessly and said, “She was the daughter of one of my dad’s friends.
At the start, she was very well behaved.
There was no like or dislike, but if I continued not to have a girlfriend, my family would send me to the hospital and get checked, so I agreed.”

Hearing this, Su Shen suddenly opened her eyes and turned around to look at him seriously, “Do you feel that you’re at the age where you should get married and felt that I was quite pleasing to the eye, so you forced yourself to be with me?”

As her words fell, a hint of helplessness flashed through the driver’s eyes.
He had no choice but to turn around slightly to look at her, “Should I show you whether I forced myself or not right now?”

His aggressive yet passionate glance made Su Shen blushed.
She quickly closed her eyes and leaned against her seat without saying anything more.

When they returned to the hotel, Su Shen got out of the car first.
She was afraid of the paparazzi, so she entered the hotel first.
After Xie Yan parked the car, he would go up from the elevator in the parking lot.

When she went back to her room, Su Shen didn’t even go through her phone and went straight to take a shower to go to bed.
She was so exhausted that she could fall asleep in less than a minute.

When the alarm rang the next day, she still felt sleepy and had no choice but to get up and wash up.

It was very cold today.
Apparently, it was snowing heavily in the north.
It was still fine in the south, but when the cold wind blew against one’s face, it was as painful as a cut.
The most important thing was that it was still summer in the script, so even if Su Shen wore winter clothing, she still had to wear summer clothes when filming.

She was afraid of the cold, very much at that.
Every time she had to say a line, she had to hold her breath to say it, else she would be too frozen to utter a word.
As soon as the Director called “cut,” she immediately squeezed into her cotton padded coat, and Xiao Zhou would give her a glass of hot water to help warm up her body.

Just after the end of a scene, Liu jie came over.
Seeing her bundled up in a cotton padded coat shivering, Liu jie couldn’t help smiling and walked over.
She looked around, but didn’t see Xie Yan.

“Liu jie.” Xiao Zhou greeted her as soon as she saw her.

Su Shen turned around and saw Liu jie walking over in a gray coat while carrying her purse.
But, she was so cold that she couldn’t even muster a smile.

“Where’s Xie Yan?” She walked over and asked.

After drinking a large mouthful of hot water and feeling a little bit warmer, Su Shen then said, “He seemed to have something to do, a dinner apparently.” 

Xie Yan asked for leave today, but he seldom did so.
It seemed that he had something important to do.

The cold wind blew throughout the set, with staff members busying themselves away.
Li Xue, over there, was also bundled up in a cotton padded coat while reading her script, as if she placed great importance on this drama and so were the others.
They insisted on waiting outside in the cold wind for filming to start.

Pulling out a stool, Liu jie sat beside her.
Seeing that there was no one around, she leaned over and whispered, “When he comes back, go and ask what he did.”

Su Shen glanced at her from the corner of her eye and knew that there was another meaning to Liu jie’s words.

“I heard that the director of that Hollywood blockbuster has come to China.
Inviting Xie Yan to dinner, I’m sure that the matter’s halfway to success.”

Hearing this, Su Shen was also taken aback, but not surprised.
This kind of opportunity was no longer achieved through ordinary connections, but a combination of various factors.
However, most domestic artists were unable to even get close to this kind of opportunity, so the few domestic artists that were able to enter the international scene could be counted on one’s fingers. 

“The reality TV show from Hunan TV will start next week.
Have all the other members been determined?”

Speaking of this, Liu jie replied conscientiously, “Yeah.
Although they’re all more popular than you, they’re not busybodies and are easy to get along with.”

After saying that, she looked at Su Shen meaningfully, “Since you can’t hype CPs any more, you need to have some other topics to attract people’s attention.
I find that you know a lot of things, what else can you do besides playing the bamboo flute and the guzheng?”

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