where did you graduate from?”

“Beijing Dance Academy.” She said insipidly. 

“Ohh, I thought you were from The Central Academy of Drama.
Your acting’s quite good.” Cao Yaner said meaningfully. 

Beside her was Cen Qing, she was wearing a white off-the-shoulder dress, and her makeup was rather light—all very fitting.
It had to be said that she had a great aura but gave people a sense of arrogance. 

“It’s alright, not as good as you seniors.” She smiled and turned to continue to look at the scenery. 

Cen Qing, beside her, couldn’t help but glance at her.
The woman next to her had an exquisite side profile, an indifferent temperament, and a touch of youthful vigor, which were indeed eye-catching. 

So, Xie Yan liked this type?

“Us seniors have gotten old, we can’t compare with newcomers like you.
The entertainment industry needs you guys’ young blood, so you must work hard.
If you need any help, feel free to come find me.
After all, I’m quite close to Xie Yan.” Cen Qing smiled at her. 

Su Shen turned around slightly upon hearing that.
As their eyes met, she smiled.
“Thank you, Cen laoshi.
But if I really did bother you, I’m afraid that Xie Yan would scold me.” 

Cen Qing pursed her lips and said indifferently, “Indeed, he’s not a person who likes to trouble others.” 

“He’s very courteous to others,” said Su Shen in an insipid voice.
She turned her head and continued to look at the scenery outside.  

Looking at this scene in the rear, Cao Yaner couldn’t help but take another look at Su Shen.
She didn’t expect that a girl like her would hide daggers in her smile.
But then again, if she didn’t have any schemes, she wouldn’t have been able to take down Xie Yan. 

The atmosphere in the car was very awkward, so Su Shen looked down and scrolled through her phone.
At this time, news about Jiang Liankai’s marriage had been leaked online, but it was useless, since the wedding venue forbade paparazzi to enter, so people at home were crazily guessing who the bride was.    

Someone had leaked the list of groomsmen, and it caused a huge uproar among the fans. 

Among Jiang Liankai’s six groomsmen, only one was a newcomer who was signed to his studio.
He was also a xiao xian rou with a pretty good branding and acted in mostly films.
The lineup of the other five groomsmen was also formidable, with almost all the A-list actors there.
It was indeed enough to make the media go crazy seeing so many big names gathered in one place.
But unfortunately, the paparazzi were forbidden from entering the wedding venue, unless they sneaked in. 

Su Shen had told Liu jie before coming here, and she didn’t say much besides telling her to be careful not to be photographed with Xie Yan.
After all, it was good for her to get to know so many big names at such a party. 

When the car stopped in front of a hotel, the groom and groomsmen went inside to pick up the bride.
Some guests had already arrived at the hotel where the wedding ceremony would be held, while they were all here to pick up the bride. 

After getting out of the car, she followed Cen Qing and the rest all the way up.
When they arrived in front of the bride’s suite, the hallway was already packed with people.
The door of the bride’s suite was shut tight with the bridesmaids shouting for red envelopes inside. 

Jiang Liankai had no choice but to slip red envelopes frantically through the slit of the door.
After slipping half of the red envelopes in a bag, the door opened a little.
The groomsmen outside naturally pushed the door open. 

Su Shen thought it was interesting, so she squeezed into the crowd to watch the fun.
The bride was wearing a white wedding dress and a veil, sitting happily on the bed.
The bride wasn’t part of the entertainment industry, but she was also very beautiful. 

“I’m telling you, you can’t take the bride away unless you find her shoes,” a leading bridesmaid shouted in a domineering manner. 

It turned out that the bride’s high heels were hidden away.
Jiang Liankai and the others all looked around but couldn’t find them, so he gave some more red envelopes to the bridesmaids. 

The bride was from a pretty wealthy family, and so were the bridesmaids.
Hence, they were all daring and didn’t relent no matter how many red envelopes they gave them.

“You guys can’t do this, you can’t delay other people’s good matters!” Sun Zhi was anxious for Jiang Liankai. 

Just at this moment, one of the groomsmen suddenly exclaimed towards the bride sitting on the bed, “Saozi, where are your shoes? Give us a hint!” 

The bride was soft-hearted and was about to speak, but the leading bridesmaid, who was slightly tanned, immediately stopped her and said, “Juan Juan, you can’t be like this.
You gotta make it hard for them!” 

“It’s hard enough.
If it’s harder, Kai ge won’t even be able to take his wife home!” Sun Zhi couldn’t help laughing. 

Instantly, everyone else laughed.
But they searched all four corners of the room, and the pair of high heels were still nowhere to be found. 

Seeing this, the leading bridesmaid suddenly swept a look around and saw Xie Yan among the groomsmen before saying kindly, “Well, if you have Xie Yan give me a kiss, I’ll tell you where the shoes are.” 

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