ng in the afternoon, the wedding reception still hadn’t ended.
Su Shen’s back was sore from sitting so long and could only go on her phone to scroll around a bit. 

This morning, Jiang Liankai posted a photo of himself and the bride on Weibo, as well as a group photo with the groomsmen.
The Hot Search list was instantly occupied by today’s wedding. 

1 on Hot Search was precisely #The Most Powerful Groomsmen In History#. 

Netizen A: AHHHHH! A once-a-lifetime thing!

Netizen B: Including the groom, these seven people can absolutely draw a box office of five billion if they shot a movie.

Netizen C: This group of groomsmen is too powerful.
Boss Jiang’s popularity is too good.


Netizen E: This is almost half of the entertainment industry.
It hadn’t been easy for Boss Jiang and to finally get married, congratulations! [heart] 

Some stars who didn’t attend the wedding also sent their blessings on Weibo.
Of course, there were some who were using it for clout.
In short, today’s wedding was the subject of talk throughout the entire entertainment industry.
Someone had posted a blurry video of the groom and bride’s vows just now too.
Everyone gave their blessings to this couple. 

The reception lasted until 8:00 pm.
Some people had already left as everyone was very busy.
There were some who even had to take an overnight flight back to make it to some pressing engagements.
After sitting there for a long time, Su Shen heard from Ge Luo that they were going to go make a ruckus at the bridal suite, so she followed after. 

Jiang Liankai’s primary residence was in China, so the bridal suite was temporarily set in a presidential suite on the ninth floor of the hotel*.
When Su Shen followed Ge Luo and them up to the ninth floor, the hallway was a mess, full of red confetti. 

* – in China, the bridal suite is usually the master bedroom of the newlyweds’ new house

As soon as they walked into the suite, the living room was full of people.
Jiang Liankai was surrounded by a group of people on the sofa, and the coffee table was full of wine.
It was obvious that they didn’t want him to enter the bridal room just yet. 

“I’m telling you guys, if any of you disturb me from continuing our Jiang family’s line, don’t blame me for being rude!” 

Jiang Liankai’s words were firm and resolute, but the people around him were not weak either.
They all laughed at him and teased, “So you can’t continue your Jiang family’s line in the future?” 

“That’s right, that’s right.
If you can’t drink us down today, don’t even think of entering the bridal room!” Sun Zhi opened two bottles of wine and aggressively blocked the person on the sofa. 

Jiang Liankai had no choice but to beg for mercy being surrounded by wolves in front and tigers in the back.
At the door, Su Shen wanted to laugh as she watched. 

The living room was a complete mess.
The bridesmaids were also there to watch the fun.
Clearly, they didn’t want the groom to enter the bridal room so smoothly. 

“Think about it.
Do you guys think it’s easy for me to get married at my age? My parents are already 60-something, waiting to hold a grandson.
Won’t your conscience hurt if you do this?” Jiang Liankai invoked pathos just so he could enter the bridal room.

The others laughed and said nothing.
Sitting next to Jiang Liankai, Xie Yan glanced at him from the corner of his eye and asked, “What is conscience?” 

“AHAHAHA!” Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter. 

At the look of him, Jiang Liankai could feel his anger rising up.
He knew that it was Xie Yan who asked these people to block him, all to take revenge on him for letting him give a kiss to a bridesmaid today.
How could a man be so petty! 

“Su Shen!” Jiang Liankai suddenly shouted at the person at the door, “Take Xie Yan away quickly! Uncle will treat you to dinner later!” 

At the door, Su Shen was taken aback.
She felt that Jiang Liankai hadn’t had it easy.
It was enough to kick up a fuss, might as well let him have his wedding night. 

Thinking of this, she walked over and held Xie Yan’s arm.
“Let’s go, Jiang laoshi is already exhausted.” 

“Yep, yep, yep!” Jiang Liankai immediately nodded.
At this moment, Su Shen was an angel in his eyes. 

Glancing at him, Xie Yan didn’t say anything and just stood up, pointing at the bottle of wine on the coffee table.
“Finish this, and I’ll let you in.” 

Everyone was just fussing around and wouldn’t really stop him from entering the bridal room.
At this moment, no one objected to what Xie Yan just said.
Without hesitation, Jiang Liankai downed the bottle of wine in a few mouthfuls and immediately rushed into the bridal room. 

The others couldn’t help laughing.
They all drank a lot today, but they still suggested going somewhere else to drink some more.
Xie Yan didn’t go but left with Su Shen. 

It was a little chilly at night.
At the entrance of the hotel, the two of them met He Hua.
Seeing them, he immediately said, “Xie Yan, don’t you have to rush back to set tonight? Look at the time, shouldn’t you hurry back and pack?” 

Su Shen didn’t expect that he would leave tonight.
Hearing this, she looked at him earnestly and said, “Let’s hurry back to the hotel.
Don’t waste any more time.” 

Su Shen was not in a hurry.
Now that she wrapped up with filming, she only needed to attend some engagements later.
Director Li’s film began filming in the middle of next month, so she was not in a hurry at all. 

Xie Yan uttered an “en,” before the three of them took a taxi back to the hotel. 

Xie Yan did not have much to pack.
Su Shen helped him bring his tuxedo back since he couldn’t wear it on set anyway. 

“I’m leaving.” He stood at the door and looked at her with his suitcase in hand. 

Knowing that he would finish filming in ten days, Su Shen just told him to be careful on the road.
But seeing that he was still unwilling to leave, she blushed and kissed him on the cheek on her tippy toe. 

At that, Xie Yan finally left with his suitcase in hand in content.
At the same time, Su Shen went back into the room to pack up her things. 

The flight home was at ten in the morning.
But early in the morning, when Su Shen was waiting for her flight at the airport, something had happened.
Yesterday, someone had taken a photo of her, Xie Yan, and He Hua talking in front of the hotel.
Although her face was blocked, the photo of Xie Yan holding her hand was clear as day. 

This photo caused a great uproar online again.
Everyone knew that Xie Yan had a girlfriend, and there was only a slight wail from fans.
But someone revealed that the woman in the photo was Cen Qing.
Yesterday, Cen Qing also wore a white dress and even posted it on Weibo.
Thus, many people guessed that Xie Yan’s girlfriend was Cen Qing.
After all, the two had collaborated with each other before.  

However, most of the comments were hurls.
Xie Yan’s fans didn’t believe that the woman in the photo was Cen Qing even if they were beaten to death. 

Netizen A: Regarding the relationship between the two, his studio had clarified it before.
Please don’t spread rumors.
Thank you.
[smiley face]

Netizen B: I think it’s hype from Ms.
Cen’s part.
It was hyped so much before, but Xie Yan’s studio clarified it in the end.
What, her face is still not slapped enough? [smiley face] 

Netizen C: It seems to be true.
Else, why’s it the same white dress? This is too much of a coincidence. 

Netizen D: Ms.
Cen doesn’t work on improving her acting.
Instead, she spends her days working on her image.
Now, she’s hyping.
I almost forgot but Ms.
Cen has a movie that’s about to be aired.
[smiley face]   

Netizen E: I would rather it be that stiff face Fan Meng than this b***h! [vomit] 

Netizen F: Ahahaha, what if they are really together? Some diehard fans are so ridiculous.
No matter what, Xie Yan won’t belong to you guys.
[smiley face] 

Sitting in the lounge where people came and went, Su Shen scrolled through her phone and found that many marketing accounts had reposted that photo.
Some had even affixed that Xie Yan was together with Cen Qing, and the comments got more and more intense. 

He Hua, who was beside her, also saw what happened online, and after sending a message, he comforted her, “I’ve already told the people in the studio to clarify it.” 

“Is Cen Qing close with Xie Yan?” Su Shen asked as she turned around. 

The lounge was crowded with people.
Hearing this, He Hua didn’t take it seriously and just smiled helplessly, “Not really.
She once asked me for Xie Yan’s number, and I gave it to her, but Xie Yan ignored her.” 

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