ourite person in his life.

On the 28th of December, the shopping mall and the supermarket were making arrangements for the New Year’s Day event starting on the 29th.
Lu Ying and his colleague were pushing a heavy trolley when Manager Zhang suddenly appeared, her slender hand pointing straight at Lu Ying and the other man: “You go to the garage now and help unload the goods.
You are not allowed to get off work until you finish unloading today.
The goods will be used early tomorrow morning.”

Lu Ying’s expression didn’t look good and his colleague was shocked: “We haven’t finished here yet.”

Manager Zhang glared: “Just do what you’re told!”

As soon as Manager Zhang left, the colleague muttered, “There are special porters to unload the goods, why should we be ordered there just because we’re young?”

Lu Ying asked Supervisor Li: “If we go to unload the goods, will we be paid separately like the porters?” He didn’t mind being a porter as long as he got more for more work.
His first job in Guanlan City with Brother Ji was as a porter in a construction materials market.  It was all hard work, but in fact the salary was quite considerable.
At that time, the two of them worked for a few days and played for a few days.
One person was full and the whole family was not hungry, and they were quite happy and carefree.

Three months after Lu Zaizai was born, Lu Ying’s savings bottomed out.
In order to earn money for milk powder, the first job he came to town to find was also a porter.
At that time, he worked hard to unload the goods, and sometimes he got a salary of more than a thousand a day.
Later… later, he was ostracised by his colleagues and had to leave the portering circle.
He was too good at loading and unloading things by himself, and with him around many people had no work.

“Yes, is it a separate wage?” His colleague also asked.

Supervisor Li was quite frustrated.
Why did Manager Zhang always target the people under her, while Lu Ying was the employee he liked the most.
Supervisor Li gritted his teeth: “The money won’t be bad.”



Everything was fine until they saw the extra-long truck in the garage, and Lu Ying’s colleague exclaimed, “Damn! How many tons is this?”

Lu Ying was more experienced than him and knew that you couldn’t just look at the length of the truck, but also at the load-bearing of the tyres.
He took a look at it and estimated that the truck was about 30 tons.
He didn’t know what was inside.
In the past, in the construction materials market, the most unloaded items were ceramic supplies, floor tiles, marble tiles, and bathtubs and toilets.
It was laborious to move, not to mention that you needed to be extra careful not to fall.  It was much easier to carry timber, steel and other items that were not afraid of being dropped; but of course the price was also different.

When they went over there, there were already seven or eight porters untying the ropes, and when they opened the truck, the colleague started shouting again: “So many cabbages and potatoes! They’ll be selling them until the Year of the Monkey!”

Caifeng City was in the south.
It was cold and damp in winter.
Ordinary people were not used to hoarding vegetables at home.
There were no cellars and except for the refrigerator, there was no place to store something for long.
Therefore, the selling power of vegetables was not great.
There were too many old grandmothers and grandfathers who went to the supermarket to buy just a few scallions and some garlic.

Lu Ying had also done this before.

When cherries first appeared in the market, the price was more than one hundred yuan per catty(2), which was expensive beyond reach.
However, Zaizai’s favourite fruit, as well as Lu Ying’s, was big red cherries.
So in order to satisfy his son’s craving, he bought… two.

One cherry for the father and one cherry for the son was just right.

Only when summer came and big cheap cherries could be eaten did he and his son have a good satisfying meal.

You can’t think about it, you can’t think about it, you’ll crave for it again if you think about it!

Making money is the most important thing! As long as you have money, you can eat a lot of cherries, eat them one by one, chew and swallow them one by one, oomph ╭(╯^╰)╮.

Lu Ying took off his jacket and started to unload, wearing only a thin short-sleeved t-shirt.

It didn’t take his colleague half an hour to start panting, “No, this money is too hard to earn, my back is going to break!”

The professional porter laughed at him, “Look at you, you’re so skinny, how can you come here and grab the job from us?” He just joked casually; he didn’t mind them two coming to steal his work.
They had a lot of work at the end of the year and were short-handed everywhere.
They were afraid they would have to work all night to finish unloading the goods, so he wished someone would come to share their work even if they got paid a little less.

“Let me die… I don’t want this money anymore!” The colleague leaned against the wall like a dead dog with two weak arms hanging down.

Lu Ying didn’t say anything, jumping out of the truck, working with the others.
He had a bag on his left shoulder and a bag on his right shoulder and he was walking like flying.
The most important thing was that after working for an hour, he didn’t even start gasping for breath and didn’t sweat.

Several porters were amazed again and again, “I can’t believe that such a pretty young man is as strong as an ox.”

“God’s gift.”

“Whatever, I’ll go first.” The colleague waved his hand and left.

Lu Ying continued to work in silence.
He calculated that he would get at least two hundred after the truck was unloaded.
In the afternoon, he worked even harder, hoping to finish early and get the money home quickly.

As a result, as Lu Ying wished, the whole truck was emptied by four o’clock in the afternoon.

Supervisor Li paid the money to the team leader in one lump sum according to the rules, and the team leader readily gave three hundred to Lu Ying, “Your strength is really convincing.
I hope we’ll have the opportunity to cooperate again in the future.”


At four o’clock, Lu Ying was ready to leave work, carrying a lot of snacks.
He wanted to surprise his son with an extra profit today.
He walked so happily that he didn’t expect to run into Manager Zhang again.
Without waiting for the other side to find him something to do again, Lu Ying just pretended not to see her, held his head high and turned a corner in a few steps to escape Manager Zhang’s line of sight.

“Lu Ying, do you not want to work here anymore? Believe it or not, you’ll get sacked tomorrow!”

Lu Ying straddled the electric moped, read and deleted the threatening text message sent by Manager Zhang, blacklisting her.
He was not going to work at this place anymore in any case.

When the new year comes, there must be a new atmosphere!

Never let nasty people and things affect the New Year.

He picked up his child and went home.
Just as he reached the entrance of the community, a familiar courier boy immediately called out to him, “Mr.
Lu Ying, there’s a package for you.”

Lu Ying had a question mark on his face and thought, “I don’t think I’ve bought anything recently.”

When the two of them returned to the rental apartment, Lu Ying used scissors to cut open the huge cardboard box.

The glistening cherries were so dazzling.

Round, smooth, pretty cherries, so lovely!

Red cherries: ……

“Oh my goodness! Dad, are you rich?”

Lu Ying: “……”

Six domestic animals, namely: pig, cow, sheep, horse, chicken and dog Catty ~ 600 grams

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