As before, the road was very steep, they had to stop a couple of times since Ion was not used to walking like that and as if that were not enough, walking in snow and sinking the feet required an extra effort.

Erika began to explain more or less what they would do.

”Okay, Ill repeat it to you, with your fire magic well set fire to a couple of arrows that well take from the Drakkar since you
e good with the bow, youll throw them into their store as I remember, it should be near the blacksmiths shop, then it would be the great communal house, do you understand? ” Erika said as she headed towards a river which led to a cave.

”I understand ” Ion said.

Taking out the Drakkar and checking that everything was alright, a doubt came to Ion.

How are we going to move this? A Drakkar was crewed with over 20 people with oars and this one was no different from the rest.

”How do you think well move this? ” Ion said

”Well, with my magic of water, the wind and a lot of effort! ” Erika said with a smile, and great encouragement. She couldn wait to get there and see the desperation of the Tiger Tribe.

Ion tried not to take away her spirit and took two oars, Erika using her magic moved the boat, the only magic that Erika can use was Ice and Water being so similar she could use them, but her handling of water magic was not compared to the ice one

Even though in the first few minutes it didn seem to move, it slowly began to pick up speed, it wasn the same as with 20 people but it seemed as if there were 15 men rowing only with the effort of Ion and Erika.

The rivers were big enough to put more than 8 boats on the sides and they could still move comfortably, large trees full of snow surrounded them and the waters full of ice debris.

Unlike where the port of Erika was located, it could lead directly to the sea, and right now they were in rivers and these were full of ice debris, the fact that the river was so liquid meant that it was not long before winter concluded.

A few hours passed before they stopped sailing and pushed the boat a little on shore.

”We are not close enough yet, maybe in one or two hours walking we will arrive at the camp, then it would only be to wait for the lights to stop being seen ”

The sun was already setting so it would be easy to move through the forest without being detected.

Along the way, Ion looked for small branches to burn to be able to make a good source of heat, so that they would not have to look for nearby branches later, since there was the possibility that someone would see them in that search.

”Erika, could you tell me something? ”

”You really don like to be silent and more so when we need it ”

”hahaha, Im sorry I don like silence ” said ion with a childish laugh, before he didn have that attitude but now he feels confident and not only that but he feels safe and calm.

”Ah… Tell me, what do you want me to tell you? ” Eriak said with a weary expression.

”Tell me about your Gods ”

”Oh… well it may disappoint you but I don know much about the gods maybe I can tell you certain things ”

Erika told him everything she knew about the Norwegian gods, Thor and his great hammer, Loki and his lies, the Great Odin and his exploits, this was the one that focused the most since he knew a lot about him, he told how Odin gave a eye for knowledge and how he hanged himself from a tree and then came back to life.

”So who would say that snake would fight against that god of thunder in ragnarok ” said ion fascinated by all the stories.

”Yes, but of the gods I admire more the Valkyries, powerful wars out of the ordinary, you with a little training I think he even confused you with a Valkyrie hahaha ”

”hahahaha how interesting truly a world with Gods sounds like a lot of fun ”

”Hopefully it would be like that, in other lands farther away other Gods rule and we are in a kind of war with those people, many lives have been lost, after all for us they are pagans and for us they are pagans ”He said Erika with melancholy and contempt for them.

Ion did not understand that where he comes from there are no Gods, so he does not know about the rivalry of the believers in these.

Arriving at the village of Tigre, both began to observe something from a point to verify where each place was and as Erika told him, the store was near the blacksmith shop and the communal house was in the deepest part of the town.

The night was already at its maximum point where everyone was asleep, even the main guards there were only a few left but those would be at the main entrance.

They began to prepare the fire since it has to be a light flame so that it is not noticeable.

Ion took one of the arrows and set it on fire to then draw the bow, a few seconds passed but Ion didn shoot, instead he extinguished the arrow with the snow.

”What happens because you don shoot? ” Erika said a little surprised and annoyed, since she couldn wait to see how the wolf tribe would react.

”A blizzard is coming, and that would ruin my accuracy with the bow. I have to see exactly where the wind is going, I can see that right now it is going east but it may be that when we are already in the blizzard the wind will go west ”

It took half an hour for the blizzard to arrive, to his disappointment the wind did not change now it was stronger and it was snowing in a much stronger way.

Well have to use more arrows if we want to set something on fire thought Erika and as if Ion read her mind when she started shooting arrows she shot 5 arrows per building which generated a flame strong enough

”Our job should be done, ” Ion said as he blew out the dim flame.

Erika nodded and they began to head towards the Drakkar, the blizzard began to disappear and the flames grew stronger.

And like a melody the screams began to sound, as they felt desperation to lose their leader in the fire, they still really lost the heir to the Tiger clan and all the reserves of winter.

Torches started to leave the shelter to look for those responsible but, Ion and Erika were already far enough away to follow them as they started running after the blizzard ended.

Some time after they reached the Drakkar and landed down the river, they began to talk about their fate.

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