-All available warriors head to the front!-

I was just waking up from my long sleep after a day of training, following the orders of my superiors I grabbed one of the available weapons and ran straight to the exit.

When I got to the exit I never imagined finding my hometown on fire, lightning and hail fell from the sky, and the fire in the crops and homes was unimaginable, this seemed more like a vision than reality.

-Everyone moves fast, the Gods are attacking us!- said a general

I was only an apprentice but I was educated enough to know that it was a God being with great power that ruled the lands, but my continent is one without Gods.


I went back to see where the sound came from, a muscular man with many scratches of almost 2 meters crushed the general without hesitation.

-HAHAHAHA! They fall like flies, this is all this town can give- I turned to see the 2-meter-tall man with a smile

I noticed what weapon he had taken and it was a spear, luckily for me, it is among the weapons I dominate, I did not have time to blink as the Man ran quickly making a fist with both hands that goes directly towards me, with all his strength in my legs push me straight back.

The man broke the floor and the stones that came towards me, I blocked them with a simple turn of my spear, I took a position as in training, I breathed and felt the power that came from the depths of my body, a bloody aura dyed my hair and my eyes. , I concentrated all that energy and when I was going to move to fight against the man in front of me, lightning struck me, and my eyes and hair returned to their natural state.

I moved my head with the little strength I had and looked at all the corpses around me, while I felt the edge of a weapon go through my body.

I sighed and lamented for my weakness. Why do gods from other continents attack us? Im bleeding to death and I could even see my blood mixing with that of my companions.

I closed my eyes for the last time and with the last strength I had I opened them again so slowly that it seemed like an eternity, but this time I was no longer on the battlefield. With how tired I was I could barely see a person with blond hair Long move my body while lips saying something to their companions.




-My lady Erika has to look for a husband before this winter arrives- said a thin one-eyed man

-I know Sigurd, but sadly in our kingdom there is no man who is up to my standards- Erika said in an all that showed disappointment -What should I do?- sigh

-Maybe the seer can help with her magic, she could know which man would be the perfect one for you, don you think hes a good option? – Sigurd said, Hahaha this kingdom will be mine I will threaten that witch so that she says my name and this kingdom will be mine .

e right, Sigurd, I didn think of that option, call the seer immediately, ” Erika said in a serious tone.

-Immediately my queen- said the man leaving the longhouse.

When Sigurd was just about to leave, Erika stopped him -I think that for such an urgent matter it would be better for me to go personally- this surprised Sigurd since he didn think that she was going to visit the seer herself.

”My queen, with all due respect, it would be better if I took the taiga to you, ” Sigurd said nervously.

-No, I already decided, stay here and call the warriors, I want them to guard the entrance- Erika said seriously as she went towards the seer, left the communal house under the stairs and continued on her way with her loyal warriors.

At this time of year the animals become more aggressive, and the seers house is a little further from the city, so it was better to be accompanied.

She arrived at her destination and a snow-white woman entered, observed her calmly, and then lowered her head -my queen, it is an honor to have you here-

”Seer, I think you know why Im here, ” Erika said as she sat down on a chair in front of her.

e right and thats why I prepared this- the seer got up and went to another room, Erika followed her to the other room. where there was a circle of blood with pictograms written on it.

”Magic? ” Erika said with surprise, I didn expect him to be so desperate.

-The man I saw in the visions sharing the throne with you is not from these lands and his ships will never reach him, the only way is to call him here- said the seer

Erika frowned ”Don you think it will be wrong? ” a man who is not from these lands will govern them with me without knowing our customs or our language-

-I understand your concern, my queen, but he will understand us, we just have to teach him to speak, but let me make something clear, my queen, this man will not rule these lands, he will rule your heart- she said enigmatically.

Erika was surprised by his words since this man is supposed to rule these lands with him -I don understand your words but I think that for the good of my people it would be better to call this man as soon as possible-

the seer nodded she took a dagger from her tunic and took her hand she cut her pen and a stream of blood came out of her hand and the circle next to the pictograms began to glow and then darken and as if the light was absorbed by this darkness a young man maybe 19 years old appeared in front of them.

He is very attractive, he said when he saw her face, her brown hair that reached her shoulders, her clothes protruded a slit and the blood began to flow.

-Hes hurt- She moved quickly and moved the young mans head to see if he was conscious while she removed a piece of cloth to cover the wound -Seer attend to the wound quickly- Erika said nervous about losing her future husband

When they finished attending to him, they took him to the communal house where many people gathered for wanting to know who was in the queens chambers.

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