I got up and I was alone surrounded by the forest, there was no sign of my acquaintances, I got up and the thunder began to fall, the trees caught fire for no reason, the screams of agony sounded from the flames.

– Is this the punishment I will have? – I sighed without concern when I saw what was happening before my eyes, the gods of other lands are simply cowards, they attack my people without reason and massacred them without mercy.

I took a deep breath, I looked at myself again and what I saw surprised me, my hands were shaking, my breathing stopped being calm and accelerated. What floods my soul to be in this state? My eyes began to water.

And from the depths of my soul I said -Mama… Father… brother… sister… I was so weak- I said but my lips stuttered that I doubted that what I was saying was really understood.

I opened my eyes and I am covered in animal skin blankets alone in a large room, I moved and a scar on my abdomen was still visible it could be opened easily, I touched the wound to check if it was scarred enough to move.

Without thinking twice I moved quickly I only had leather pants, which had hair even with silent steps I left the place, ignoring everyone who was inside the great hall. I headed for the exit.




Sigurd looked at me and with a commanding tone spoke ”Bow down ”

He was interrupted by Erikas hand who watched him with a serious look while the man in front of him went out to see the light of day -Let him just wake up- and with a frightening look he saw Sigurd again -Your new king just woke up I don want to hear that tone towards him again-




Seeing the forest full of snow made me relax, each snowflake was so peaceful, so much so that I forgot the nightmare I had before waking up. A white-haired young woman approached me, I was already a little far from the big house where I was sleeping, she bowed before me surprised by the action I heard her words.

-My lord, Im glad you woke up, I know you must have many questions, let me answer them please-

I looked at her calmly, my mind in a plea that everything that happened was just nonsense in my mind.

-Are we in the southlands?- On my continent in the southlands it snowed at this time of year.

The seer shook her head -we are in the northern lands of the Norwegian gods-

-Gods…- an enormous anger arose in my being, my gaze was no longer peaceful, it was a threatening gaze -Why am I here? – I said seriously and with a deep voice.




Sigurd heard the conversation but he did not understand the foreign language, what surprised him the most was that the seer spoke in his native language but the man answered him in another language that he did not understand.

Erika looked at them perplexed, she approached the man but then she no longer felt the peaceful aura that the man emanated so she stayed in place to prevent a conflict, after all it was the man that the seer said was perfect for her she could not get rid of from him just because of a misunderstanding.

The minutes passed, although he did not understand the man turned his back on him, he understood perfectly the words of the seer.

-My lord you were called here by your destined soul our queen shares a strong bond with you-

The man looked at her again and after seeing her skinny face, hair and slim but shapely body, he is **ing attractive! His black eyes focused on her making her more nervous.

”Seer, whats going on, ” he said with a slightly nervous tone.




He approached her and his gaze made him understand that everything the seer said was true, she was not able to understand me and the girl who calls herself Seer is only able to understand it because of her divine relationship magic.

Despite the joy of being able to be alive and searching for the answers he really needed, it didn compare to the sadness of knowing that his entire home was gone. When he was close enough to the girl he made a gesture to take her hand she just looked at me and brought her hand closer to mine maybe shes not close but if this girl is a soul destined to be by my side I will accept her not I know but even though what Im going to do is a bit crude I have no other choice

I took her hand and put it on my chest close to my heart I put my hand on hers although her soft chest received me and gave me a shiver for not wanting to offend her.

-Come closer to my love, Im already close and no wall separates us- a strong pain in a part of my chest began to come out as if it were burning me she released me abruptly and walked away putting a hand on her chest frowning frown but pain.

The warriors took the hilts of their swords, but a signal from the girl in front of my eyes stopped them. She tilted her body a little and took a deep breath, since her pain is not only in her chest but in her throat as well. .

-What… what have you done to me!?-

-Aaa…, I hope you understand me now- I said sighing from the pain in my chest since it was as if a burning spear pierced me -In the same way I don understand the weddings of souls-

-I understand you, how is this possible?- I saw her again with a friendly smile -Wait… Wedding?- she got nervous because of the young mans words -I didn expect, what is this sensation in my chest?- said the woman who according to the seer told me that her name is Erika

”Right now a mark should appear on your chest which makes our souls be united right now its not so strong because we don love each other, but its enough to burst the language gap ” I said with a voice shaken by the burning the cold was already hurting my hands so the pain was not only because of the mark on my chest but because of the cold.

She looked at me with an expression of disbelief since magic was not very common, few people can use it like the seer, but in my homelands it was as normal as breathing but it was not a force that will dominate our lives.

-Lets go in, the cold is affecting you- said the woman approaching and taking off her cape to cover herself with a slight blush in her eyes -Seer come with us-

When we entered the big house she raised her voice -Everyone get out I have to talk to my husband alone!- she said seriously but a little nervous with the last words Damn I get so nervous just by saying that Im going to talk to my husband!

Everyone got out except for Sigurd and the seer.

-My queen as your adviser-

-Go away Sigurd, were my words not clear? I want to talk alone with my husband- she said seriously, Sigurd has been acting very strangely and that made her furious.

-Yes… yes my queen- Sigurd said trembling, but it wasn a tremor of fear, it was a tremor of anger since he had never been treated like that. Plus it all started when this guy arrived.

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