-Sit down- with a gesture he offered me a chair, with a friendly smile -Also if you want you can eat we had a good hunt this morning so you can eat as much as you want-

”Thank you, Ill eat after speaking ” I said with a calm tone.

-I would like to be able to explain but I think the seer is the one for that job- he said pointing to the seer, the seer nodded and looked at me again.

-As I told you outside, we call you marrie with the queen, who has a strong bond with you- said the seer

-Thats it? Do you not know where I come from or how I can return? – I tried to keep the same calm tone, but internally I was upset since I wanted to know in depth what happened in my homeland.

-Im sorry but I wouldn know how to return you to where you were, besides I don know where you come from, I just know that your language is a very old one, I barely have enough vocabulary to talk to you- she said sadly

-Agggg- I complained -Lets forget about it then, my name is Ion and I come from a land without Gods- I introduce myself to maintain formalities.

-I am Erika Queen of the Black Wolf Clan- She said smiling but it was no longer a friendly smile -Ion-

”Tell me, I imagine you must have questions, ” I said quietly.

He shook his head and approached me -You don have to force yourself to tell me something you don want to talk about- he took my hands that without realizing it were trembling -Im by your side and well get to know each other little by little-

-Now eat and lie down in our room- she said the last thing with a little blush on her cheek, so thats how it feels to share something with your husband -You have to fully recover because we will leave on the boats in a few days- she told me.

– Where do you plan to go? – I asked, a little perplexed since with this cold I wouldn expect them to sail. Wouldn the sea freeze or open large blocks of ice? I really don know the few times I went to a cold place, I only saw ice lakes, I could never see the sea, besides, I never set sail on a boat, it was always long walks on foot or on horseback when I was still at home.

”We are going to loot a bear clan that is to the east, my informants told me that they have had great losses and I think it would be good for us, we have few resources saved, ” he said with a thoughtful look and with doubt in his words.

”Do you have doubts about going? ” I asked since I couldn ignore his expression.

It was a few minutes before she answered me, but in a breath from her I got her answer.

-You really must be my husband- she said in a sigh, seeing the slight blush on Ions face, which made her very happy -As a queen I have to think about the consequences of my actions if I fail in this boat it may harm us more already that we have to get food from the store to be able to go and the village will keep the hunters to a minimum-

-I see- Ion said a little relieved to know Erikas worries.

-Besides that if the hunters are at a minimum it means that the defenses also and I am worried since the round trip can take us a week or two- seeing me again would be -Sadly I have no other option so we will leave in a few days-

”Will you let me go? ” I asked.

-I know it may sound rude, but you have no experience in battle- she told me seriously as she got up from the table and gave a signal for me to start cleaning.

-How do you know that? – I have training but I have no experience in the battlefield.

”Your hands, ” she told me as she gestured for me to follow her into the room.

-My hands?! That doesn make sense ” I said surprised

-JSJSJS, you
e very cute- he told me as he arranged some extra blankets -When you hold a weapon for a long time they will hurt you but when you fight your hands tear apart becoming much stronger than when you train your hands are very soft they belong to someone who has trained but not fought-

-I see…-

We lay on the bed and silence filled the room, I was still surprised by how he knew that I had never fought against enemies, I always trained with my companions and my family, my lack of experience in combat was the reason why I lost my home .

Erika came closer to me and put her head on my chest as she gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead, she put her head snuggled on my chest as she hugged me.

”Youll come but youll be back as far back as possible, ” he said as he fell asleep on my chest, without realizing I was already asleep too.

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