Hated by the Gods


”Come on, its all you got! ” Erika yelled as she aimed her ax at me.

-Heh I can continue- I said taking the ax harder than I had.

In one movement Erika approached me and hit me with the back of the ax on the neck and then knocked me down.

-I don understand how I ended up on the ground- I told him as I got up -Not to mention that I don use the ax, I feel like Im unarmed-

-If I had known that you used the spear I would have one in good condition but the ones we have are specifically for hunting or already have an owner- Erika stretched and went to the large communal house -Come lets eat and you will accompany me in the hearings and give a tour of the town

-Yes, Ill catch up with you later-

Erika got up early to train, Im not sure but I needed her body heat so she hadn left the room as I was already awake. I asked her if I could train with her which she agreed.

I would have liked to show off in front of her with my spear skills but the spare spears are for the hunters who are going out to fight in the siege of the bear clan as well as for hunting.

I find the ax skills that Erika has curious and incredible. Also, according to what she told me, this is not only for fighting, it is used as a tool for everything, to clear, cut, cut down trees, among other things, the ax means more here than where I come from since there is a small difference but if you separate the axes for felling than the battle axes.

Erika and I ate quickly since there were already several things waiting, it was almost 3 hours of trials and preparations for the siege, we already had everything done tomorrow we will leave at dawn we will arrive at the maximum point of the sun and we will attack at night to prevent casualties.

Erika looked tired, I tried to help her with difficult decisions, and I tried to help her with verdicts, when she told me that it doesn work that way, she taught me and I learned a little more about her customs.

Erika, are you okay? Ive seen you very exhausted. Do you want to rest? – He looks at her while I took her and brought her closer to me.

-Ahhh, is it so obvious? – He looked at me with an expression that released all his exhaustion -I don want anything to happen to you- he touched my cheek and then gave me a warm kiss.

-I always heard rumors but I think you
e right- I looked at her with a slight blush

-What rumors?-

-When someone has a strong bond with you by nature you will approach her and feel something that is not described by anything-

-How cute-


I sound the door.

-My work is not finished, go ahead then Ill sleep with you-

She took the blankets and gave them to me and then left and came back after a while, we slept just like yesterday, she curled up on my neck.




I got out of bed and patted Ions head, I love it when you say my name I think the rumors you say are not rumors but facts you give me peace and tranquility, in this cold weather you give me the warmest shelter.

I left the room and sat on my throne I saw the door again, as it opened and I saw an ax sticking out of it next to the torch. I hid my presence until he entered and moved.

-How you have disappointed me Sigurd- I said seriously and with gloomy eyes

-E…Erika, how did you know Id be here?- I kept the ax hidden in his back

-You hide your weapon which threatens me and my husband- I watched as I lay down on my arm.

-The guards are not here- he began to walk towards me -You are unprotected in a few words you are at my mercy- he pointed his ax at me.

-I think you
e wrong about something, you forget that Im not only a queen, but Im also a warrior and the best strategist in these lands- I looked as I touched my seat with a single finger.

”You are nobody and you never will be! ” Sigurd yelled with a tremor in his voice.

-Shhhhh- I got up from the throne and started to approach him -All your subordinates are like ice statues-

-Your witch using magic. The forbidden art of the gods!- Sigurd roared, she is a monster, those dark eyes, I feel that I am in front of Hela herself.

With a breath the cold became more intense, freezing the ground up to Sigurds shoes and freezing him up to his waist -I told you to keep quiet- His head froze when I touched it with my fingers, the gods will understand that the only punishment that you deserved to be frozen because at the end of it all you are not worthy to be cut down by my ax.

-You longed for something that was simply never within your reach, you do not have what it takes to be a king, although I do not know if Ion will be a king, he is already conquering something more valuable than this kingdom-

I went back to Ions side to be able to sleep, Ice is the best magical element that the kings of the north can learn, as a queen of the north I learned it and improved it, it is very exhausting to use it but I exploited it so much that in things like freezing someone it becomes something simple.

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