Ion didn wake up early, first Erika woke up who was worried that maybe she was bleeding but when she checked her wounds they were moderately healed.

Erika skinned the wolves and used their meat to cook a decent meal, not quite a juicy meal but it would be enough to feed her and replenish her energy.

Ion woke up from the smell of cooking meat and noticed that he smelled.

”Did I wake you up? Well, it doesn matter, you wake up just in time to eat ” Erika said, happy to see Ion awake since she was going to wake him up at that precise moment.

”I didn know that the meat of the wolf can be eaten ” said Ion as he yawned and approached the fire that Erika had made with a flint.

”Everything you can eat that is common is something else ” Erika said as she put the meats in the snow to cool down a bit.

”I see ” The meat was a bit tough and its taste was a bit bitter but it had its special touch that made it a pleasure to eat it, most likely because Erika cooked it especially for Ion.

”Will you tell me about what happened yesterday? ” asked Erika with a slightly bitter smile since she really disliked having little information, it should be said that these days they have told each other everything about both and that she should not tell him about that power that made him red-haired and that he could use magic he did not like anything .

Ion heaved a deep sigh as he already expected that reaction and didn want her to be upset.

”Just don care as I said yesterday this is normal where I come from ” Ion said with a tired expression.

”Ill tell you after I finish eating ” Ion said as he sent a mouthful of wolf meat to his mouth, he didn really like wolf meat simply explaining yesterdays events was something he didn understand since it was his second time who used that power.

When they stopped eating they began to go to Erikas kingdom, Ion didn comment anything about the night which irritated Erika a bit since he told her that he would tell her after eating but he hadn .

”Hmf Hmf ” fake a sneeze attracting Ions attention.

”Whats up? ” he realized it was fake but he didn know

”If you make me say it I swear Ill beat you until you throw up your breakfast ” Erika said with a vein on her forehead and a cold and evil smile.

”The power I use is called Motive, it really is a power that I don have much knowledge of since it is different for everyone, right now I can say that I was able to use that power because of my desire to protect you but it may be for another reason that I don know, the capabilities of this is kept secret by part of the central territory in my homeland ” said Ion since he knew what Erika wanted sadly his answer may be vague since very few people know about the true power of this ability.

”Im sorry if my answer doesn meet your expectations, the magic thing is fine if I don have justification ”

”hmmm, okay, Im not mad, but don hide something from me that may be relevant, and we had already moved on from that topic of conversation a few days ago.

Erika and Ion The first few days they had decided that they would talk about certain topics to get to know each other such as power, abilities, family, among other things, besides, abilities and power was a topic that had already been concluded.

”Well lets continue, it would be supposed that when the sun is about to touch the earth we should arrive ” Erika said smiling, already with a true smile.

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