Heaven, Earth, Me Rise of the Death Empress

Chapter 1. Desperate Life and a Fragile Life.

A full silver moon shone in a clear night sky, powdering the word with a gentle brilliance. Like a guiding light, it shone her soft glow on the world, protecting all living beings from the fearful darkness that devoured the world at night.

However, some wished that tonight, the Moon hid. That way, they wouldn have to witness the scene before them. They would have let the fearful darkness protect their sight, allowing them to ignore the ongoing nightmare before them.

In a luxurious estate, the normally polished and immaculate gate was blasted open. The two thick and tall metal doors were thrown on the ground, more than ten meters away from the entry, and bent like something punched them and broke them with brute strength.

After entering through the gate, a rock path adorned by bushes with different flowers on its sides led to a big and spacious building. Still, this path was now cracked as if a being with enormous weight had walked on it. The previously mentioned flowers were wilted and corrupted by a black-green miasma.

Dead guards with rotting bodies were littered on the sides. Their wounds were brutal; some of them had missing parts of the body, others were cleaved in half, and some had their head missing. However, all of them had that dreadful black-green aura eroding their bodies. It was clear that whoever broke the gates had overwhelmed the guards.

After this massacre, the previous vibrant and beautiful path had transformed. Now, it resembled a road that led the ones walking on it directly to the Underworld.

At the end of the broken path, the main doors to the biggest building had been toppled down in a similar way to the entrance gate.

Going further along the path of death, one reached the insides of this luxurious villa. The once immaculate and polished white marble walls were now filled with cracks, cuts, holes, and blood. More corpses lay around; some were female, some were male, some young, some old.

However, even if they were different, their ending had come the same way and on the same day.

Deeper into the mansion, approaching the backyard, sounds could be heard. They were a metallic cacophony created by the continuous clash of weapons.

”How!? How have you become so strong!? ” A man lamented in an anguished voice. His tone was an amalgamation of negative feelings: grief, anguish, anger, regret, melancholy, and the most prominent one, despair.

”HAHAHA! Do you regret it!? Now it is too late! Im going to kill every single one of you! Everything you have stained with your filthy existence will perish today! Then, I will add you to my army! Be glad to become my first Undead! HAHAHAHA! ” The voice that answered the man came from a woman. You could hear her insanity in her voice. Moreover, her beautiful face was distorted in a wild smile, and her eyes were gaining a brilliant red glow as if they were being stained by the purest of bloods, looking more ominous by the second.

Behind the man, many women and children were looking at his fight. All of them had nervous faces as they looked at their pillar of confidence being overwhelmed by the woman. Worse, even if they wanted to help him, they were too weak to do anything against the powerful cultivator that had come to disrupt their peaceful life.

One child, the first daughter of the man, shouted. ”You can do it, dad! Beat that bad woman! ”

The man and woman fighting heard her. The man shouted, ”Don worry, little princess! Dad will win this fight! ”

The crazed womans smile became even wider, becoming almost face-splitting, and her eyes glowed enough to leave a red trail as she fought with him.

The man had a bad feeling, like something terrible was about to happen, but by the time he reacted, it was too late.

The woman kicked his stomach, sending him flying backward hundreds of meters and smashing through some of the mansion walls. He reacted extremely fast and shot back toward the woman quickly.

However, when he saw the direction the woman was running to, his heart sank with despair. ”NOO!! ”

The woman crazily laughed as she arrived before that child. Her speed was so high that only the man was able to react, but the kick that sent him flying made it impossible for him to reach in time.

Still, there was another person that reacted with pure instinct.

The mother of that child miraculously arrived before her daughter and put herself between the crazed woman and the childs way. ”Please, stop this madness-! ”

However, before she could call the crazed womans name or end her pleas, under the despairing shout of the man and the screams from all the other women and children, the crazed womans sword shone with a black-greenish light, piercing both mother and daughter, mercilessly and without any hesitation.

The little child only had time to look down on the sword lodged in her chest that impaled her across her mother before the ominous black-green energy made her body decay instantly and killed her painlessly, transforming her into dust.

The mother was much stronger than the child, so she didn die instantly.

She was currently looking incredulously at the woman who had stabbed her and her child, the woman who previously was so close to all of them and had laughed, loved, cried, and supported them like a second pillar besides their husband.

As life left her body, a sobbing whisper escaped her mouth, looking with extreme anguish at the madness-filled eyes of the woman. ”Why did it have to end like this…? ”

Still, before she could say the womans name, her life escaped her body, and she became a corpse, joining her daughter in the afterlife.

More than fifty years ago, a maid was walking through a meadow, carrying something between her arms.

The breeze was soft, the sky clear, and the grass danced softly beside her. However, wherever the maid walked, she stained the grass below her feet with blood droplets.

An infant not older than a day lay softly between her arms, snuggled in a cloth to keep it safe.

The maids steps weren firm as she was staggering. She was extremely weary as she felt her life leaving her body.

The maid knew that her wounds were too deep to survive more than an hour, but her steps didn stop for a moment, trying to find a light at the end of this dark

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