Heaven, Earth, Me Rise of the Death Empress

Chapter 5. Heavenly Tribulation Strikes.

Seven years later, a little red-eyed child was playing hide with her big sister. The little child was looking around the house for places to hide.

As she ran inside the house, she came across the basement door. Her cute, round red eyes blinked, and then a mischievous smile spread on her bun-like face.

”Big sister won find me if I hide here~. ” Her voice was milky and sweet as she giggled.

The little child opened the wooden door and stepped into the dark basement. She didn fear the dark and slowly made her way down after closing the door.

She knew that there was a small window to let natural light in, so she found it and opened it.

Light poured in as the small child squinted her ruby-like eyes. The child wondered. ”Where do I hide? ”

She searched around and saw a chest.

It wasn too big, but if she was careful, she should be able to hide inside it. Her body was small enough to enter there.

The child giggled again, ”Big sister won be able to find me, and I will be able to eat her dessert~. ”

She opened the chest and looked inside. ”Hm? There are books here! Mom always says that books are really precious and that I will become very smart if I read many. I will carry them to my room and read them. Reading three books will make me super smart, and I will surprise mom, dad, and big sister! ”

She took the three books one by one and placed them outside. She also placed the blue cloth stained with red spots outside and freed the whole chest. Then, she jumped inside and half-closed the lid. The small girl frowned, ”I can close it… Im too big. ”

Tatyana stepped out of the chest and looked around, finding another place to hide. Sadly, she had underestimated her big sister, and one minute later, someone entered the basement. ”Little Tatyana~, Im coming for you~. ”

The small childs gem-like red eyes opened in surprise, and she placed a hand on her mouth. How did big sister find me!?

The small girl didn know that her shoes were somewhat dirty and had left her traces on the house! The big sister just had to trace the steps while holding her laughter.

Without any suspense, the big sister found the little sister.

”I found you! Be prepared for the tickle monster attack! ”

”Noo!! ”

What followed was the big sister tickling her little sister while raining kisses on her.

The basement was filled with happiness and laughter, not knowing that those three books would be the cause of a calamity in the near future…

Since that day, another eight years went by.

”Big sister, why haven you found a husband yet? You are already twenty-five years old! ” Said a young girl with white and smooth skin.

”Little brat! Are you calling your big sister old!? It isn my problem that no man dares take me in. ” Answered a lightly tanned woman at the perfect point of her youth.

The young one lightly bumped the older one and snorted, ”I think if big sister were to act more like a lady, all the men in town would flock to you. Big sister is beautiful, after all. ”

The older woman rolled her eyes, ”Flock to me? How could that be possible? Because of my absolutely charming little sister, all the women in town are having a hard time finding a good man! Well, it is obvious. My little sister is the most beautiful girl in the town, the flower that every man wants to pluck. ”

The two bantering women were extremely popular in the small Redforest Town.

The eldest one had a fierce disposition. Her skin was lightly tanned because of the hours working in the fields to help her father. Her body was somewhat muscular, but without exaggerated muscles, her arms were toned but not big, and her abdomen was beautifully defined. Her legs were long, and her thighs muscular, without a single ounce of fat.

She had good body proportions inherited from her mother, with a pair of breasts that barely fit a hand and wide hips.

When all her qualities combined, it gave her a powerful yet attractive look. This led to her being even more attractive to women than she was to men. Her unrestrained and unafraid personality, which the townspeople considered manly, was also a big reason for this.

However, since they were in an isolated town, they didn even know about same-sex marriage.

During her younger years, the woman had gained a title. They called her igress because all the men that had tried courting her had ended up in the womans clinic, inherited from her mother.

Thats right. She was a healer. The main problem was that she was creating her own patients!

The townspeople didn know whether to be glad or not that she was the current doctor. Some men thought that, at least, they would receive treatment after getting beaten down by her!

What made young men the most frustrated with this woman was that they knew that this big sister was extremely close with her little sister. This led to them being unable to court her successfully until now!

The older sister always stayed beside her whenever she could and took care of the people that pestered her.

Some thought that she loved this little sister too much, but no one found it too strange, so they didn bother with it.

The younger sister was the complete opposite of the eldest one.

She had grown up in a house filled with love, and her personality was sweet and cheerful. Innocence poured through her red eyes, and she was extremely kind to the elders. There wasn a single person that didn like her.

Her complexion was fair, and her skin smooth and tender. Even after helping her family with fieldwork, only her hands gained some callouses, but they were still beautiful with long and slim fingers.

Her exotic red almond eyes captured the hearts of the people that looked at her, and her body was that of a budding beauty. Even then, they could see that in the future, her figure would be close to perfect.

Her cheeks still had some baby fat, giving her a youthful and cute disposition.

Everyone in the town called her little flower because of how beautiful she was.

It was also common knowledge that the younger sister, Tatyana, liked her big sister, Loreia, the most. They thought it was normal because Loreia always guard her like some sort of guardian from the persistent suitors.

The way her red eyes looked at her big sister adoringly each time she beat one of the strongest men in the town spoke volumes of how much she liked her. This was another reason people young men didn like Loreia.

Loreia had even said something like, ”If you want to court my sister, at least you have to beat me! And if you manage to beat me, I won ever heal you in the future! ”


Thats what all people thought of her statement. They may be able to seek help from her mother now, but what about when she passes away? What if her grudge goes so deep that she doesn even heal their future generations?

They didn dare offend the tigress unless another healer stopped in their town!

Tatyana was very grateful for her big sisters efforts in protecting her, but she also thought that Loreia was getting old. All the women from her generation had already become married and most even had children!

Thats why the previous conversation was ongoing. Tatyana wanted her big sister to find someone to love and to live happily with since Tatyana thought that finding true love, like her father and mother, was the epitome of happiness.

A thought that will be ingrained in her soul for the rest of her life.

In their town, the average marrying age was 18~20 years old, but, as Tatyana said before, Loreia was already 25, the normal age when women had their first or even second child.

When this thought crossed Tatyanas mind again, so she decided to try one more time. ”Big sister, did you find a good man? ”

Loreia frowned for a second and then relaxed her brows. ”I didn . There isn anyone who can satisfy my requirements. ”

Tatyana chuckled, ”You are so exigent. What do you want in your husband? I will help you search the town or those that come here from time to time. ”

Loreia looked at Tatyanas beautiful and eager red eyes, making her heart thump. Her little sister was truly beautiful, and this was before she completely matured. Loreia couldn help but imagine how beautiful Tatyana would be two or three years from now.

Then, thinking about their current conversation, she stealthily sighed, hiding a bitter smile that threatened to appear on her thin but attractive lips.

Loreia chuckled and said while strongly caressing Tatyanas head. ”You don have to care about that. I will stay single until you find someone you like and settle down. That way, you will have someone taking care of you. ”

Young Tatyana missed Loreias hidden tone and snorted, ”Ive already said you are Twenty. Five. Years. Old! Do you intend to take care of me for life if I don find someone? ”

Loreia looked into Tatyanas angry eyes and then looked sideways. She muttered to herself, ”I wish I could… ”

Tatyana didn hear her and asked, ”What did you say? ”

Loreia froze for a second and then answered.

”I said that I wish I could! You are so clumsy that Im always worried. ” Said Loreia with a smirk, hiding her real feelings for her stepsister that threatened to spill at that moment.

Tatyana puffed her cheeks and lightly hit Loreias toned arm, ”Im not that clumsy! Im very smart and always complete everything Mom or you tell me to do! ”

Loreia sincerely laughed at her cuteness and played with her soft and tender cheeks, ”You are so cute, little Tatyana. How about giving big sister a smile~. ”

Tatyana looked at her big sisters happy face and smiled, making Loreias heart jump at Tatyanas beautiful face one more time. I shouldn ask her these things. It is bad for my little heart. She is too beautiful.

Loreia kissed her little sister on the forehead to soothe those feelings somewhat and said, her voice tender. ”Lets go home. Tomorrow is your 16th birthday, so we have to prepare for the celebration! ”

The budding beauty grabbed Loreias rough hand and nodded. ”Lets go then. However, didn I tell you that I didn need a celebration? ”

Loreia laughed, ”How could we not make the coming-of-age celebration? From tomorrow onward, the little beauty will become an adult! ”

Tatyana smiled and hugged Loreias arm as they walked. Thankfully the big sister had lightly tanned skin, or the redness of her cheeks would be too obvious.

As they walked home peacefully, Loreia suddenly asked, her voice trailing. ”Do you have someone you like, Tatyana? ”

Tatyana shook her head and harrumphed, ”All the men are worse than big sister. I can find someone to like! ”

Loreia hid her delighted expression, but a happy chuckle left her mouth. Loreia said in a teasing tone, ”So they are all worse than me? How about you marry big sister? Hm~? ”

Tatyana laughed and said, ”How could two girls marry, big sister? We can have children that way! ”

Loreias happy heart instantly sank, and she couldn help but retort. ”So what? Can two people be together if they love each other? ”

Tatyana looked confused at Loreias angry face. ”Why are you angry, big sister? But now that you say it… I can see anything wrong with what you said. ”

Loreia was instantly stunned. Huh? She isn against it?

A silly smile formed on her lips, Then, all I have to do is work harder~.

Tatyana blinked her ruby eyes twice cutely as she looked at Loreias silly face. Why is big sister smiling like that? Did she think of something happy?

She wasn very bright relationship-wise since she had always been receiving adoring looks from almost anyone, making her somewhat of an airhead.

Therefore, the almost sixteen-year-old Tatyana was clueless as to why her big sister would smile like that.

In that fashion, each with their thoughts, they arrived at their house shortly after.

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