104 The Reappearance of the Extraordinary Book

“Aren’t there only deviated Liches?”

Fang Jinyu was perplexed.
He flicked his sleeve lightly and still didn’t use any inner energy.
However, the lightning of the heavens and earth was drawn over and turned into electric snakes that landed on the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

In an instant, there were no more screams.
The few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators turned into a pile of fine powder just like the young man.

“The thing from the inner city of the City of Liches has escaped?”

“But isn’t that thing only contaminate the Liches?”

Fang Jinyu’s mind raced through the strange information he had seen before, and his brows furrowed even more.

Even though deviated Liches had extremely short lifespans and could only live for 60 years after breaking through the Core Formation stage, their cultivation speed was extremely fast and they had almost no bottlenecks.
Their combat abilities were also extremely strong and could be compared to sword cultivators of the same level!

The only thing that could suppress the deviated Liches was the lightning technique.

When they were attacked by heaven’s lightning, their remaining magical powers would be less than 10%.

It was one of the reasons why Fang Jinyu was so insistent on having a lightning-attribute Tianling spiritual root.
The second reason was that he had read in the magical book that cultivators with a lightning-attribute Tianling spiritual root would only suffer 30% of the damage of the lightning tribulation during the Nascent Soul stage tribulation!

With a thought, Fang Jinyu returned the way he had come.

Fang Jinyu was going to explain the situation to the Core Formation stage cultivators here, then gather all the immortal sects here to solve the problem together.

However, as soon as Fang Jinyu entered the immortal city, he changed his mind.

If Fang Jinyu had released his divine sense earlier, it would have caused some misunderstanding if the Core Formation stage cultivators here had detected it.
Furthermore, he had come to retrieve a magic treasure, so he had been particularly low-key.

However, at this moment, when Fang Jinyu released his divine sense…

Fang Jinyu immediately saw that half of the cultivators in the city already had Lich’s energy.

What shocked Fang Jinyu the most was that the Core Formation stage cultivators in the immortal city didn’t react at all even after he had provocatively released his divine sense.

It was as if they were dead!

The situation made Fang Jinyu have a bad feelings.

Without hesitation, Fang Jinyu immediately went to the place where the stargazing flying ship was.
Seeing that the stargazing flying ship was about to land, he immediately approached it.

The stargazing flying ship stopped for Fang Jinyu as well, as the latter had shown the Tianling Sect Leader’s token.

After Fang Jinyu boarded the stargazing flying ship, he said, “There’s no need to fall behind, continue forward.”


The cultivator in charge of steering the stargazing flying ship immediately agreed respectfully.
Since it was a superior-tier stargazing flying ship, even if they went down, it would be a waste of time.

A “ticket” cost 50000 spirit stones.
The bigger immortal cities were fine, but the smaller immortal cities wouldn’t even have a single passenger for three to five years.

It was why the cultivators in charge of controlling it had agreed so readily.

The speed of the superior-tier stargazing flying ship was extremely fast.
After a few transfers, Fang Jinyu returned to the Tianling Sect.

As Fang Jinyu ascended Mount Guiwang, the sound of a bell rang throughout the Tianling Sect.
However, it wasn’t the Heaven-Earth Bell but a superior-grade bell-type spirit tool.

The Heaven-Earth Bell had been lost in the devil’s realm ever since Sect Leader Yan had died there.

Now, the Yan family was in charge of finding it.

In the Sect Leader’s Hall, apart from those who were in their closed-door cultivation trying to break through to the Nascent Soul stage, all the other Core Formation stage cultivators were summoned to the hall.

Fang Jinyu was sharing his findings with his fellow Core Formation stage disciples.

“Senior brothers and sisters, this is all I’ve found.”

“The things in the inner city of the City of Liches…” The group of Core Formation stage cultivators tensed up.
They were naturally clear about it since they had cultivated it to such a level.

Initially, no matter how powerful the deviated Lich was, they wouldn’t care about it.
In fact, they even gloated a little.

After all, the things in the inner city of the City of Liches only polluted the Liches.

But now, those things had begun to infect the human race, which made them unable to stand by and watch.

A female cultivator who ranked 9 in the Core Formation stage immediately said, “This matter concerns the entire Nine Desolations sects.
No matter what, we have to ask that sect to send people over.
Also, the Grandmasters of the City of Liches are on good terms with our Grandmaster.
We have to ask them for help this time.
After all, they’re the professionals when it comes to dealing with deviated Liches.”

“Junior Sister Li Wan is right!”

The other Core Formation stage cultivators all nodded.

The Tianling Sect was located in the southernmost part of the Nine Desolations, and the place where the deviated Liches were found was in the north of the Nine Desolations.

The Tianling Sect really couldn’t manage that area.

Fang Jinyu didn’t say a word.
He was only lamenting in his heart that the accuracy of the book was getting lower and lower.
Humans enemies of demons? With the ambiguous relationship between the Tianling Sect and the City of Liches, they could ally any day!

“Then that’s how we do it.
However, the messenger to the City of Liches must be a cultivator who ranks 9 in the Core Formation stage to show our sincerity.
In addition, the matter of contacting the immortal sects in the North this time also needs a cultivator who ranks 9 in the Core Formation stage to do it, or else they’ll have to shirk responsibility again.” The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster who had been silent the entire time, finally spoke up, deciding on the final method to carry out the matter.

“Let my son handle this matter! This kid came to me a few days ago and said that he regretted it…” At this moment, a middle-aged man who ranked 9 in the Core Formation stage sighed and stepped forward to bow to the Grandmaster.

The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster said casually, “Since Ling Xiaojiu knows his mistake, then let him do it.
If he succeeds, he can return to the Tianling Sect and regain control of Mount Lingjian.
However, he needs to train ten sword cultivators for the heavenly spirit sect.”

“Thank you for your grace, Grandmaster!”

The middle-aged man was extremely excited and said, “The Ling family is willing to offer ten superior-grade spirit tools to the sect!”

He was returning the favor.

The Ling family had spent a fortune contributing ten superior-grade spirit tools.
It was very likely that the Ling family wouldn’t have a single Core Formation stage cultivator in the next 500 years.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes flickered when he heard the conversation.
He thought, “Ling Xiaojiu actually wants to come back? I don’t know if it’s my illusion, but why does the Grandmaster seem to have expected Ling Xiaojiu’s actions?”

“And… I’m afraid that Su Yier’s luck is really in trouble.”

With this thought in mind, Fang Jinyu walked out of the Sect Leader’s Hall as he watched his fellow Core Formation stage disciples leave.
As for the Grandmaster, he had already turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

Fang Jinyu returned to Mount Xiaohe and prepared to refine a batch of elixirs to improve his cultivation base.

The refinement of the elixirs was very smooth.

However, when Fang Jinyu put away the “Core-Tempering Elixir,” he noticed that a book had been placed beside him.

There were no words on the cover, but when he opened it, he saw four words on the first page—Du Maner’s biography.

Even though the name was different, Fang Jinyu was familiar with it.

It was because the last time Fang Jinyu had read Su Yier’s biography.

“As I expected…”

“What did Su Yier do to make her luck abandon her? However, why isn’t it that weak, Junior Sister Sun?”

“Oh! This weak woman doesn’t like men…”

Fang Jinyu recalled the last time he had extracted the person’s “preferences,” so he flipped open “Du Maner’s biography..”

After a few more glances, Fang Jinyu’s brows furrowed.

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