111 Is It Too Late to Put Her Back on the Team?

The Tianling Sect had an honest sect leader, and many busybodies had even given Fang Jinyu the title of “the most honest man in the Nine Desolations.” However, it still made many immortal sects envious.

There were quite a lot of Holy Alchemists.
After all, immortal cultivators all had long lifespans.

The Nine Desolations had some more covert and peculiar lifespan extension techniques in addition to breaking through the conventional lifespan extension method.
And after living for a long time, there would always be a few who could gain enlightenment.

However, there were only a few Core Formation stage Holy Alchemists!

Including those who used special methods to prolong their lives and lived like zombies, there were only about 20 people.
More than half of them were Holy Alchemists who had survived using special methods.

If there were a list of Core Formation stage Holy Alchemists, Fang Jinyu would be at the top!

In addition to the “Mini-Core Elixir,” which could be said to have turned the tide and helped the cultivators in the Nine Desolations to escape the shackles of the lack of the Foundation Establishment Elixirs, Fang Jinyu was also the youngest of the many Holy Alchemists.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t even forty years old.

Alchemists undoubtedly “earned a lot.” Regardless of whether they succeeded or not, they wouldn’t lose money.
However, the Nine Desolations wasn’t a place for immortal cultivators to focus on “earning money.”

The cultivators in the Nine Desolations preferred to value one’s cultivation base.

Since Fang Jinyu had become a Core Formation stage cultivator before the age of forty, many people believed that the Tianling Sect would have another Nascent Soul stage cultivator after 200 to 300 years!

Meanwhile, the matter of the prescription of the “Mini-Core Elixir” from the Tianling Sect had come to an end.

However, some of the great cultivation families that originally monopolized the Foundation Establishment Elixir industry without Six-solar Trees fell apart.
It was because the difficulty of making a “Mini-Core Elixir” was only one-fifth that of making a Foundation Establishment Elixir.
It meant that even alchemy tools could rely on luck to “try” out a furnace of Mini-Core Elixirs.

Moreover, the withered Six-solar Leaves could also be used to refine the elixir.
It was just that it would produce fewer elixirs per batch.
Hence, the “Mini-Core Elixir” was only sold for 3000 spirit stones when it first circulated in the market.

It wasn’t like there weren’t any aristocratic cultivation families who wanted to join forces with the immortal sects to monopolize the sale of the Mini-Core Elixirs, just like how they monopolized the Foundation Establishment Elixirs.

After all, the original price of 30000 for a Foundation Establishment Elixir was a result of the monopoly.

Foundation Establishment Fruit trees weren’t rare.


The Tianling Sect directly sold every Mini-Core Elixir for 2500 spirit stones to the public.
If cultivators bought a large number of Mini-Core Elixirs, they could even get a 30% discount.

It was said that the price was set by Sect Leader Fang.

When the other great cultivation families saw the situation, they could only earn a piece of land.

After all, most of the cultivators couldn’t go to the Tianling Sect to buy the Mini-Core Elixirs.

Thus, this year, the number of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in the Nine Desolations began to increase by leaps and bounds!

Many cultivators who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, major and minor sects, and even rogue cultivators had suffered the pain of not having a Foundation Establishment Elixir.
However, it was also because of this that the prices of spirit tools, elixirs, talismans, great divine powers, spells, and secret techniques that Foundation Establishment stage cultivators needed to skyrocket.

Initially, a Spirit Summoning Elixir only cost 800 spirit stones.
Right now, its price had skyrocketed to 1000 spirit stones per elixir!

As for the other elixirs that were not of much help to the early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators, each of them also increased by 50 spirit stones.

In the Tianling Sect, the Sect Leader’s Hall.

“Senior brothers, are the items for the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators selling well?”

Upon hearing it, the Core Formation stage cultivators of the noble cultivation families smiled and cupped their fists.
They said, “Sect Leader, you’re wise.
No wonder you wanted us to sell the Mini-Core Elixir at such a cheap price.”

Afterward, the Core Formation stage cultivators stood up and left.

Fang Jinyu looked at the things they had left behind.
These people naturally didn’t come here just to listen to him, but because they had made a bet.

The Mini-Core Elixirs couldn’t be sold at a high price and could even be sold cheaply.
At the same time, they could stock up and purchase items that Foundation Establishment stage cultivators needed at low prices.
If they could still gain high profits, then Fang Jinyu would win the bet.

As for the prizes, the Ling family had wagered the heaven mirror.
The Yan family had taken out three-thousand-year-old spirit herbs, and the Qin family had wagered an ancient prescription…

Right now, these items are placed in front of Fang Jinyu.

“Although they are all good items, it’s a pity that the other cultivation continent is about to crash into us.
I don’t have much time left.
When that happens, the cultivators of the two lands will fight each other for spirit herbs and magic treasures.
As the only Core Formation stage sect leader of one of the five great immortal sects in the Nine Desolations, I won’t be able to avoid the battle.”

Fang Jinyu thought about the book that had mentioned three times the treasures that would appear in the cultivation continent.
Even he couldn’t help but be tempted.

The connate five elements formation flag magic treasure could be split into five pieces or used together.

Obtaining one of them would allow one to be revered in the Core Formation stage.

If one obtained all the five element flags, he could battle a Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster!

The yellow mystical cauldron contained a connate treasure aura and could transform superior-grade spirit tools into magic treasures!

At the 49 49 Spirit-Scattering Cliff, a Nascent Soul stage cultivator would feel their soul being scattered and lost if they were suppressed.
Moreover, their magic treasures would all be scattered on the cliff.

If a Core Formation stage cultivator was sucked inside, he lose all of his cultivation bases!

The magic treasure was a calabash with a pair of wings.
It had eyes and looked like a living thing.
With a ray of golden light hung upside down, it could freeze a Core Formation stage cultivator and destroy a great Core Formation stage cultivator’s physique and soul.

“The magic treasure simply shouldn’t belong to the lower realm…”

As a person with two and a half magic treasures, Fang Jinyu had the right to speak in this regard.
If the magic treasure that appeared at the cultivation continent were the same as the one described in the book, then any one of them would be a hundred times more powerful than the ones in Fang Jinyu’s hands!

However, the battle was unavoidable.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu could only wait at the Tianling Sect for the appearance of the cultivation continent.

A few months later, Fang Jinyu suddenly realized that his luck was increasing by several times.
It made him realize that the prescription for the Mini-Core Elixir had already spread throughout the City of Liches, the devil’s realm, and even some desolate forbidden lands with special living beings.

It not only took the place of the Foundation Establishment Elixir, but the Nine Desolation cultivators also accepted it.

Looking at his pillar of luck, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be overjoyed.
He thought, “My efforts have not been in vain.
The only thing I feel pity for is that my current luck isn’t enough to become a medium to communicate with heaven and earth.”

However, with such majestic luck, Fang Jinyu’s courage multiplied.

Fang Jinyu thought, “I finally don’t have to worry about dying from unknown attacks!”

Afterward, Fang Jinyu began to wait.

A day passed, but nothing happened.
It was normal.

How could the collision between two continents be finished in a day?

It was normal for there to be no news after a month.

After all, it was reasonable for the continent to travel a little longer.

A year had passed…

Two years had passed…

One day, the Grandmaster of Mount Guiwang summoned Fang Jinyu.
After he went over, the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster asked him to hand over the secret token.

“I don’t know why, but the great change in the world that I had a premonition about a dozen years ago suddenly disappeared.”

Seeing Fang Jinyu’s confusion, the Grandmaster offered a brief explanation.

The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster was also extremely confused by the situation.
He had sensed it many years ago!

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

In fact, Fang Jinyu had expected this.
After all, it had been 12 years since he first arrived.

So, did the cultivation continent get lost halfway?

Fang Jinyu was puzzled, but it wasn’t the first time that the extraordinary book had stood him up.
Although he was regretful, he was also slightly relieved.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu set Du Maner free, who had been a tool for refining elixirs for a while.

To avoid the plot in the book happening, Fang Jinyu used an excuse and said that he could help Du Maner cultivate her alchemy skills and earn spirit stones to place her in the alchemy team led by the great cultivation families.

Since Du Maner didn’t even leave the Tianling Sect, Fang Jinyu was curious about how Chen Donglai would send the problematic inheritance of the upper realm back.

It was called solving the problem at its root!

As for Du Maner, she was naturally grateful to the Tianling Sect for it.
It was because the Tianling Sect had paid for all the losses during her alchemy.

“Senior brother, thank you so much! I can now refine elixirs on my own!”

Du Maner thanked Fang Jinyu.
She had gained a lot from cultivating her alchemy skills.

Fang Jinyu was just about to say something when the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster suddenly summoned him.

Fang Jinyu hurried over to Mount Guiwang.

“The great change of the heaven and earth that I have sensed is coming…” As the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster spoke, he passed the secret token to Fang Jinyu again.
He then said, “You may do as we’ve discussed.”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Although Fang Jinyu wasn’t sure, he felt that it had something to do with Du Maner.

So, was it too late to put Du Maner back on the team?

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