120 I Was Swindled Just Now, and You Want to Swindle Me Again? (Part 2)

Although Fang Jinyu wasn’t sure about the value of the thing… To be able to make a Core Formation stage cultivator reveal such a greedy expression, how could the so-called high-grade sin core be bad?

Even if it was useless, it had a special meaning!

Fang Jinyu turned to leave, but someone refused to let him.

Naturally, it was the old man with the surname Lin.
At this moment, he seemed to be furious, but he was afraid that others would know that Fang Jinyu, who was standing in front of him, might have many high-grade sin cores on him, so he quickly said, “I bid 110 spirit stones for one! That’s the most I can offer! Besides, you and I both know your background.
Other than me, no one else will accept this thing!”

“Fellow Daoist, although I’m not smart, I’m not stupid!” Fang Jinyu didn’t turn hostile on account of being unfamiliar with the place.
He only said it calmly.

The old man’s expression immediately changed several times because the person in front of him was completely different from the Core Formation stage cultivators he had seen in the lower realm in the past!

He was too confident!

However, he had to eat these high-grade sin cores!

Because that was a huge amount of military merit!

Currently, his son has sort of the military merit to be able to become the Seventh Commander of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City! At the same time, his Lin family would also become one of the major families in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.

Therefore, while killing intent rose in the old man’s heart, he forced a smile.
He then said, “Since Fellow Daoist has put it this way, please come inside and discuss.”

Fang Jinyu asked expressionlessly, “Fellow Daoist, your smile is a little fake.
Forget it.
Besides, you didn’t even greet me.
Is there no corresponding etiquette here, or do you not want to waste your time on a dead person?”

“Sigh, look at me!” There was a trace of anger in the old man’s eyes, but the smile on his face grew wider.
He cupped his fists and said, “I am Lin Zhongwu.
Fellow Daoist, may I know how I should address you?”

“My name is Han Feiyu!” Fang Jinyu cupped his fists and bowed.

“So it’s Brother Han.
Please come in.”

“Forget it, I still have some trivial matters to deal with first.
Brother Lin, why don’t you find a place so we can discuss it in detail? After all, that’s not a small number of spirit stones.” Fang Jinyu had deliberately added the last sentence to try to obtain information about the spirit stones in this world.
He wanted to know what was going on with the spirit stones in this world.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Why do I feel that the spirit stones in this world seemed to be valuable?”

However, spirit stones were completely useless to Core Formation stage cultivators.
They could only increase the recovery speed of some inner energy after they were consumed.

It was what puzzled Fang Jinyu the most.

Lin Zhongwu said with a smile, “Alright.
Brother Han, your words make sense.
In that case, I’ll hold a banquet at the Moon Pavilion in two hours.” He would go to the Moon Pavilion for his daughter-in-law’s dowry, but very few people knew this.
Moreover, his daughter-in-law was also there.
With two Core Formation stage cultivators working together, wouldn’t it be easy for them to kill a Core Formation stage cultivator from the lower realm?

“Great! I’ll attend the banquet in two hours!” Fang Jinyu deliberately put on a relaxed expression, then turned around and left.

At this moment, Lin Zhongwu glared at the guard.
The guard understood and hurriedly chased after Fang Jinyu.
He then asked, “Senior Han, I am a local of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.
I’m clear about every corner of this place.
Is there any place that you want to go or someone that you are looking for?”

“Then do you know a Core Formation stage cultivator named Fang Jinyu?” Fang Jinyu nodded and asked the question naturally.

“Of course! Senior Han, please follow me!” The guard hurriedly nodded, but in reality, he had no idea who was Fang Jinyu, the Core Formation stage cultivator.
He was only helping to stall for time and keep an eye on the Core Formation stage cultivator of the lower realm.

He was afraid of the Core Formation stage cultivator of the upper realm.
However, the Core Formation stage cultivator of the lower realm… Was it worth mentioning?

“Please lead the way.” Fang Jinyu was being polite, but he was already shaking his head in his heart.
He wasn’t a bloodthirsty person and didn’t have the habit of taking people’s lives at will.
However, he had already given him a chance.
It was just that he refused to accept it.

Then, Fang Jinyu saw that the guard was leading him further and further away.
When he saw that his surroundings were barren, his goal had been achieved.
Thus, lightning flashed slightly in his palm.

“Senior Han, someone used to live here.
I don’t know why…” The guard naturally didn’t notice Fang Jinyu’s actions and was still putting on an act.
At the next moment, he stopped talking, and his body instantly turned into ashes.

“The devil’s energy?”

Fang Jinyu was slightly surprised.
What exactly was this place? However, after the guard turned into ashes, he left behind a dusty ring.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu reached out and picked it up.

“It’s a talisman?” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be a little stunned.
Although it had a fancy-refined, it was just a talisman.

How did a mid-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivator able to use a talisman?

Thus, Fang Jinyu used his divine sense to cover it.

With his powerful divine sense, Fang Jinyu only needed a moment to peer through the surface of the restrictive enchantment.
Afterward, he surprisingly saw a small space that looked like the “mystery realm!”

There were many things inside.

There were spirit stones, spirit tools, cultivation techniques, books, spirit herbs, and so on.

It could be said that it was very likely that the guard’s entire fortune was inside!

Afterward, Fang Jinyu also found a few jade pieces.
Most of them were the same as the jade piece he had taken before, but there were two jade pieces slightly black.

Fang Jinyu used his divine sense to cover it, and then his expression couldn’t help but change slightly.

Some of the information inside was the same as the jade slip he had taken before, but there was more information.

For example, it included information about the sin core in Fang Jinyu’s hand.

Around Demon-extinguishing Immortal City, the sin cores could be exchanged for military merits, and they were all first-class military merits!

“No wonder…”

Fang Jinyu’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise.
Afterward, he came to the city gate from before.

“Why are you back?” Some guards still remembered him.

Fang Jinyu didn’t say anything.
He only showed his Core Formation stage aura and threw the hundreds of high-grade sin cores he had prepared on the ground.

Soon, a skinny old man dressed in armor and military attire appeared.
The old man looked somewhat sinister, but his body was surrounded by an extremely terrifying rank 9 Core Formation stage aura.
He first suppressed Fang Jinyu’s cultivation aura, then laughed hoarsely, “Fellow Daoist, welcome to the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City! May I know your name? I am the Sixth Commander of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City, Yin Wujiu!”

Fang Jinyu cupped his fists and said, “I’m Han Feiyu! Greetings to the Sixth Commander!”

Afterward, Yin Wujiu directly led Fang Jinyu into the job and even asked his 300-pound sister to introduce the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City to Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu’s looks weren’t considered top-notch, but he had obtained gains in his appearance more than ten times from the system, especially during the few days when he returned gifts to his fellow Tianling Sect’s Core Formation stage disciples.
He had obtained gains in his appearance every day, so Fang Jinyu’s current appearance could already be considered handsome.

Because of this, Yin Wujiu’s sister, who weighed 300 pounds, had always been around Fang Jinyu.

In the end, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Yin, don’t you need to do your homework?” It was because Yin Wujiu’s younger sister was born when Yin Wujiu’s father was 497 years old and took in another concubine.
Hence, she was only in her prime.

Afterward, Yin Wujiu’s father was dead.
After all, he was already old, yet he still did things that would exhaust his lifespan.
Even a cultivator who ranked 1 in the Core Formation stage couldn’t withstand it, especially since the concubine was a bawdy cultivator.

It naturally exhausted the old man’s lifespan!

Yin Xiaoxiao chuckled and said, “I don’t have to! My big brother said that I should manage businesses instead of studying! After he dies, I will try to inherit a portion of his family business!”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think, “The way you two siblings get along after hundreds of years are unique…”

Meanwhile, Yin Xiaoxiao seemed to have thought of something.
She patted her head and said in a low voice, “Oh, right! Brother Han, since you’re already a city guard, you should take care of the matters of the street where the Goddess Sect is.
It’s because the street is under your jurisdiction.”

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