124 In Broad Daylight

The nameless mirror became dark again.
Fang Jinyu’s face was slightly pale because he had exhausted too much inner energy, but one could feel he was energetic and even a little excited through his eyes.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu recovered his inner energy.

Two hours later, Fang Jinyu, who had recovered his inner energy, took out the General Guard Token.
After activating his inner energy, he muttered a few words.

In an instant, in the front courtyard of the General Guard’s Residence, the few Qi Condensation stage maidservants heard Fang Jinyu’s voice and knew that he was going to start his closed-door cultivation.
Therefore, they couldn’t help but relax.

After all, since this new general guard had just taken up his post.
They weren’t sure about his personality.

This made them nervous.

A young man with a higher cultivation base, who was a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Qi Condensation stage, said, “Since the Lord General Guard is going to start his closed-door cultivation, let’s discuss the matter of shifts.
We’ll rest for half a month first, then we’ll come back and take your place.
How about that?”

“Brother Liu, we’ll do as you say.” The maidservants exchanged glances and nodded.

They were only ranked 1 or 2 in the Qi Condensation stage.
It was only because of their good looks that they were chosen to be able to work in the General Guard’s Residence.
The young man had the highest cultivation base, so nobody dared object.

After the youth with the surname Liu left the General Guard’s Residence, he parted ways with the other maidservants.
He then sped up and headed straight for a garden.

The garden had a noble aura, and extravagance could be seen everywhere.
Even the guards guarding the door were Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

Seeing the young man with the surname Liu come over, although the few Foundation Establishment stage guards’ eyes were filled with disdain, they still let him go because they recognized this cultivator, who ranked 7 in the Qi Condensation stage.

He was the new lover that the girl in the garden behind them had recently found.

The interior of the garden was filled with pavilions, waterside pavilions, mountains, and ponds.
It was extremely magnificent and gorgeous.
Along the way, there were many beauties, some looked pure, some looked charming, some were like the daughters of a humble family, and some were other people’s wives.
However, the young man ignored them and only cared about walking towards a courtyard with a hundred flowers blooming.

Before he even entered the courtyard, a melodious sound of a zither that was like a trickle of water came over.

However, as if sensing the arrival of the young man, the zither music suddenly stopped.
Then, a sweet voice that was as gentle as the girl next door sounded, “Brother Jun, you’re here?”

The young man couldn’t help but smile and say, “Fairy Ji.”

Afterward, the door to the courtyard opened, and a young girl that looked as pure as a lotus walked out.
She had a smile in her eyes, but she said in a soft voice, “Just call me Lianer.
Brother Jun, haven’t I told you many times?”

“I know, but I…” The young man couldn’t help but look a little down.
It was because the girl was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator and he was merely a Qi Condensation stage cultivator.
He even worked as a servant in the General Guard’s Residence for cultivation resources.

The general guards of the General Guard’s Residence weren’t ordinary people.
After all, the general guards of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City were all great figures in the Core Formation stage!

“If you still care about the differences in cultivation base and status, don’t come looking for me!” The girl’s expression suddenly turned cold, as if she were a little angry.

When the young man saw the young girl’s reaction, he panicked and hurriedly shouted, “Lianer, I was wrong.
I promise to change!”

“That’s right!”

The girl’s anger immediately turned into joy.
She briskly came in front of the young man and pulled him in.

“Brother Jun, why are you here? Is the General Guard’s Residence so free today?”

“That’s exactly why I’m here.
After General Sun died in the Demon-extinguishing Sea, a new general named Han Feiyu came.
I heard that he had a conflict with the Goddess Sect.
Lianer, I heard that General Han ascended from the lower realm, and the Core Formation stage cultivators from there are all very murderous…”

The girl said with a smile, “Brother Jun, it turns out that you’re just worried about me.
Don’t worry.
How can my cultivation base compare to a Core Formation stage senior?”

Then, the two of them spoke a little more.
The young girl wanted to stay, but the young man insisted on leaving.

Thus, the young girl sent the young man out of the garden.

“Lianer, you can go back! Otherwise, you’ll be scolded by that disciplinary martial uncle again.”

“Alright, Brother Jun, remember to come and visit me!” The young girl reluctantly went back.

The young man looked at the girl’s graceful back and couldn’t help but swear in his heart, “I, Liu Jun! I must break through the Foundation Establishment stage and then marry Lianer publicly!”

The girl returned to the garden and immediately met a slightly plump middle-aged man.
She smiled and bowed while saying, “Disciplinary Martial Uncle.”

“You sent your lover out again? Are you so afraid of being caught by me?” The man smiled and grabbed the girl’s slender waist.
Feeling the softness of his palm, his eyes couldn’t help but burn.

“Disciplinary Martial Uncle.
Be careful, I might tell my master about it!” The young girl rebuked him, but she didn’t refuse his actions.

“Then why don’t you go ahead? Hehe!” The man didn’t care at all.

After all, it was the Goddess Sect, and he was a Core Formation stage cultivator.

“Then, Martial Uncle, I want to get full marks for this year’s assessment!” The young girl whispered into the man’s ear.
The assessment was a way for the Goddess Sect to evaluate their disciples.
If the score was bad, there would be no punishment.
However, they would lose a very important elixir—”Love Severing Elixir.”

The man teased, “Then… Depends on your performance?”

When the young girl heard it, she smiled sweetly.
Then, she gently propped herself up with both hands and skillfully clamped her legs around the man’s waist.
She didn’t care that it was in broad daylight.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu had already taken out two superior-grade spirit tools.

One of them was a small flag.
It was the fire-attribute soul-dispersing flag.
If no magic treasures could be used to break the array by force, it would be impossible to break it unless four Core Formation stage cultivators joined forces!

The other superior-grade spirit tool contained some devil’s energy, but it was mainly used for defense.

It was something Fang Jinyu had obtained when he was still in the Nine Desolations.

Initially, Fang Jinyu wanted to refine the devil’s energy inside, but he didn’t expect to delay the refining process.
However, there was no need to refine it now because there were many devil’s techniques in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.

With these two superior-grade spirit tools, Fang Jinyu was still not at ease.
He took out the Green Phoenix Scissors and used them to suppress the array core to increase the power of the fire-attribute soul-dispersing array.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu began to comprehend the boundless dharma’s great divine power that his “Senior Brother Meng” had just taught him!

With “Senior Brother Meng’s” explanation, Fang Jinyu only needed a moment to reach the beginner level of this great divine power.
However, it wasn’t enough.
Fortunately, a familiar text box appeared.

[Today is a day of understanding the boundless dharma’s great divine power and having just barely reached the beginner level.]

[Refined the key point of the boundless dharma’s +1]

Thus, Fang Jinyu’s great divine power was directly in the phenomenal success stage.

Fang Jinyu heaved a sigh of relief and quickly chanted an incantation.

Immediately, the inner energy in Fang Jinyu’s body began to drain rapidly.

In the next second, an incomparably huge mountain peak that seemed to cover the sky suddenly appeared in the backyard of the General Guard’s Residence!

Seeing that the mountain peak was about to break the array formation and collapse the Guard General’s Residence, Fang Jinyu hurriedly used his boundless dharma’s great divine power.

After the power of a few great divine powers was released, the mountain that was even larger than the General Guard’s Residence rapidly shrank.
In the end, it only became as tall as two people, like a fake mountain!

Fang Jinyu muttered, “Luckily, I used the nameless mirror to communicate with the Nine Desolations and know that two years have passed.
Otherwise, after a while, the half-magic treasure that I obtained with great difficulty and even infused with two authentic spirit bloodlines would become an ownerless item and leave.
At that time, even if I can suppress it immediately, others will find out that I have a magic treasure…”

In the Nine Desolations, magic treasures were extremely precious.
Now, in the upper realm, where the upper limit of cultivation was higher but it was more barren, a magic treasure would even alarm an Incarnation stage cultivator!

The mountain peak was naturally the half-magic treasure that Fang Jinyu was trying to refine into a lightning-attribute magic treasure.

Perhaps it was because Fang Jinyu had used blood refinement at that time.
While prolonging the refinement time, it also allowed Fang Jinyu’s inner energy to be connected to it.

Because of this, the being who sentenced Fang Jinyu to a life of exile saw him as a part of himself and exiled him.

Since then, Fang Jinyu had never summoned it out of his body.

After all, the half-magic treasure was too huge, and Fang Jinyu couldn’t control it freely.
Once it was left outside for a long time, the aura of the magic treasure would even form a phenomenon!

However, the extended refining time wasn’t too long.
It could only last for five to six years at most.

It was because Fang Jinyu originally planned that he didn’t need to refine it for five to six years.
He only needed to refine it for another two to three years before his relationship with the magic treasure would become closely connected.

At that time, even if Fang Jinyu hadn’t refined it, the magic treasure wouldn’t leave him.

Moreover, its power could also be used to strengthen his lightning technique!

“Senior brother has a lot of good things.” Fang Jinyu took out three more Lightning Spirit Pearls, formed a seal with his five fingers, and quickly cast a spell.

As the power of lightning in the Lightning Spirit Pearls was completely absorbed, half of the magic treasure shrank again.
At the same time, its rough side also became smooth.

It was the speed at which this magic treasure was being nurtured.

It was also what Grandmaster Meng had taught Fang Jinyu through the nameless mirror in his previous communication with him.
It didn’t require cultivation, as long as he had enough inner energy.

Apart from that, Grandmaster Meng also taught Fang Jinyu some other secret techniques and great divine powers, such as concealment, eruption, life borrowing, possession, and many other aspects.
However, Fang Jinyu didn’t know how to do it yet because he was just memorizing it.

There was a reason Grandmaster Meng took on a disciple in place of his master and spent so much time teaching Fang Jinyu.

It could be said that “Senior Brother Meng’s” goal was the same as Fang Jinyu’s.

It was because Grandmaster Meng only hoped that Fang Jinyu could break through the Incarnation stage and teach the disciples how to become Incarnation stage cultivators.
Grandmaster Meng had passed on so much information to him because he was afraid that Fang Jinyu would die midway through.

After a few days, the half-magic treasure had shrunk to the size of a palm.

Fang Jinyu was delighted.
He had finally succeeded.
Next, he only needed to keep feeding the half-magic treasure with spiritual items of the lightning attribute.
The half-magic treasure would be completely formed, and it would be no different from being nurtured by the heavens and earth!

“I shall bestow upon you the name lightning-attribute mountain!” Fang Jinyu gave the half-magic treasure a simple and easy-to-remember name.

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