127 The Cannon Fodder Villain and the Host Are All Here

After understanding the immortal seed, Fang Jinyu had a more accurate estimate of his strength.
He also knew that a Core Formation stage cultivator with no immortal seed would be no different from the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators when fighting him.

Fang Jinyu could severely injure the other party with a single glance of his divine sense.

Speaking of which, Fang Jinyu accidentally comprehended it from Qing Fu! On the way back to the Tianling Sect from the Utopia Immortal City in the Nine Desolations, she had knocked on him on the superior-tier stargazing flying ship.
He couldn’t forget the stinging sensation of his divine sense for a long time.

Hence, one day, Fang Jinyu comprehended such a move.

Initially, Fang Jinyu wanted to strengthen his divine sense and get Qing Fu to knock him again to see whether he could comprehend a stronger divine sense-killing move.

After all, Qing Fu’s divine sense attack was really painful!

The moment Fang Jinyu was hit, he felt as if his bones were shattered and his soul was scattered.
If it weren’t for the fact that he was satisfied with the divine sense-attack move he had comprehended, he wouldn’t have thought of asking for a beating.

However, just as Fang Jinyu had improved his divine sense and broken through the Core Formation stage, he was no longer in the Nine Desolations…

“However, if there are immortal seeds, the situation will be difficult to deal with.
Since this is the upper realm, the various great divine powers, and secret techniques are even more profound.
If their ancestor or grandmaster is an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator and the other party summons a projection…”

Fang Jinyu’s heart skipped a beat.

An Immortal Ascension stage cultivator was a kind of existence in which even if they were dead, they could still summon their projection.

It was because the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators were recognized by the heavens and earth!

Their cultivation and techniques were even engraved in the world because of this.

They wouldn’t die or extinguish.
When the extraordinary book appeared for the fourth time, it even mentioned that the most terrifying aspect of the existence of the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators was the portion of their great divine powers and cultivation techniques that could evolve into a unique cultivation system.

It was abnormally powerful!

However, the flaws were also obvious.

Retracting his thoughts, Fang Jinyu looked at the two Core Formation stage cultivators from the Mountain River Realm, who had expressions that suggested he should also show his great divine powers.
However, he directly ignored them because these two were no longer useful.

Fang Jinyu stood up and bid farewell to Yin Wujiu.

“I’ll get Xiaoxiao to send you off.” Yin Wujiu also stood up and replied.
Afterward, he dragged the 300-pound chubby girl over.

Although Yin Xiaoxiao was Yin Wujiu’s father’s youngest daughter, he passed away not long after she was born.
He had raised her, so she could be considered half his daughter.

It was also because it was Yin Wujiu’s first time raising a daughter, he didn’t have much experience, so Yin Xiaoxiao became…

“Brother Han, I’ll send you out.” Although Yin Xiaoxiao was very dissatisfied with her big brother, she was still very interested in sending “Han Feiyu” out.

Fang Jinyu walked out and saw that the surroundings were still quiet.
He couldn’t help but ask Yin Xiaoxiao, “Miss Yin, why isn’t anyone else attending the hundred-day banquet of the commander’s daughter?”

Yin Xiaoxiao said, “Sigh, it’s because my little niece, Ah Lan, doesn’t have spiritual roots.
One with no spiritual roots is considered mortal.
Soon, she will be sent away from the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.”

The immortal cities of the upper world were very different from the immortal cities of the Nine Desolations.

In the Nine Desolations’ immortal city, immortal cultivators and mortals lived together.
However, the upper realm was different.
Only cultivators were allowed to exist in the immortal city.

Yin Xiaoxiao continued, “However, it’s not that they didn’t send gifts.
They sent someone to give my big brother some useless gold and silver.
Brother Han, you’re the only one who has especially refined a suitable elixir!”

After Fang Jinyu learned of the relationship between them, he finally understood the situation.
He thought that the two Core Formation stage cultivators from the Mountain River Realm were here because they had just arrived at the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.
If they could gain a foothold in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City, they would act like the others and only send some mortal goods over.

Fang Jinyu stopped Yin Xiaoxiao and said, “Miss Yin, you don’t have to send me off.
I want to go to the Spiritual Treasure Pavillion over there.”

“Brother Han, where are you going? Hehe, luckily you told me.
Take this! The Spiritual Treasure Pavillion doesn’t sell anything good.
They’re all leftovers from the inner shops.
You can take this to the inner shop of the Spiritual Treasure Pavillion.” Yin Xiaoxiao touched the “storage ring” in her hand, and a purple-gold token appeared in her hand.

Yin Xiaoxiao handed it to Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu took it and thanked Yin Xiaoxiao.

It was indeed a useful item for Fang Jinyu.
However, he still planned to go to the “outer shop” of the Spiritual Treasure Pavillion to take a look.

“Brother Han, take care!”

Yin Xiaoxiao watched as Fang Jinyu walked away before she returned.
Afterward, she realized that the other two Core Formation stage cultivators from the Mountain River Realm and her brother were not around, so she went to look for her sister-in-law.

Others thought that the young woman was just Yin Xiaoxiao’s big brother’s concubine, but in fact, she was her big brother’s wife.

The beautiful woman married Yin Wujiu because he had once saved her.

The two of them got along quite well.

Yin Xiaoxiao asked, “Sister-in-law, where’s my brother?”

“Those two Core Formation stage cultivators from the Mountain River Realm wanted a substitute general guard position, so your big brother brought them to apply.
By the way, he just asked someone from the Heavenly Elixir Pavilion to take a look at this bottle of Wisdom-awakening Elixirs.
Guess what?”

“Don’t tell me those people want to buy it?”

“Yes! Moreover, it was a bottle worth 30,000 spirit stones! It was because not only it had a mild medicinal effect, but it was also rich in spiritual energy.
Most importantly, it would nourish the body in an extremely gentle manner.
But your big brother didn’t sell it.”

As Xiaoxiao Yin’s sister-in-law spoke, she spread out the baby’s small hand in her arms.
At this moment, she was holding a Wisdom-awakening Elixir.

Perhaps it was because the Wisdom-awakening Elixir made the baby feel comfortable, her eyes were wide open at this moment, and she was smiling.

“Brother Han is thoughtful! In that case, how about letting him be Ah Lan’s foster father?” Yin Xiaoxiao immediately had the idea of “strengthening their bonds.”

Don’t ask why it was “strengthening their bonds.” It was because it was all Yin Xiaoxiao’s imagination.

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking.” The beautiful woman nodded with a smile in her eyes.

Yin Xiaoxiao asked, “Have you decided on a name for my little niece? We can’t keep calling her Ah Lan, right?”

“Brother Wujiu said that since this child doesn’t have spiritual roots, she might be targeted by the Yin family’s enemies if she takes his surname.
Hence, he will let her take my surname.
Her name will be Shi Wushuang!” The beautiful woman with the surname Shi looked gently at the baby girl in her arms.
As a mother, she naturally hoped that her child could live a peaceful life.

At the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion.

“The price of spiritual items that can suppress luck is indeed high.”

Fang Jinyu looked at the price of the item that could suppress one’s luck in front of him.
It was also a superior-grade spirit tool, but its price was 170,000 spirit stones.

The staff of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion thought that Fang Jinyu wanted to buy it after looking at it for so long, so he quickly said, “Lord General Guard Han, this is a replica of the heavenly spirit magical diagram.
It’s the best among the superior-grade spirit tools to suppress one’s luck.
It’s dozens of times stronger than the middle-grade spirit tools that you’ve been given!”

Fang Jinyu’s eyes couldn’t help but flash slightly.
Did the general guards only have middle-grade spirit tools to suppress luck?

Fang Jinyu tried to ask the staff of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion, “How does this compare to the item used by the commander to suppress luck?”

“Although they’re both superior-grade spirit tools that are used to suppress luck, there’s no doubt that this replica of the heavenly spirit magical diagram is even better! After all, the items used by the commanders and guards to suppress their luck were all replicas of the magic treasure.
The replica of the fortune-concealing mountain tiger magic treasure only has one magic domain! The difficulty of forging replicas depends on the different strengths of the magic treasures!”

To complete the transaction, the staff of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion explained with all his heart.

Fang Jinyu didn’t ask how many magic domains the heavenly spirit magical diagram had.
Since the other party was so confident, it was obvious that the heavenly spirit magical diagram was quite famous and contained more magic domains.

Thus, Fang Jinyu took out the token that Yin Xiaoxiao had given him.

The staff of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion suddenly revealed a resentful expression.
That expression seemed to be saying, “Sir, are you kidding me?”

Fang Jinyu said, “It is because there is only one high-grade spiritual item that can suppress luck.
I want to see something better.” He was giving himself an appropriate reason.

The staff of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion was enlightened.

Although a high-grade spiritual item that can suppress luck was not bad, it was only not bad.
If there was a choice, there was no doubt that a superior-grade spiritual item to suppress luck would be better!

At this moment, a discordant snort was heard.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but look over.
He saw an arrogant young man in luxurious clothes staring at him coldly.

“Where did this lunatic come from?”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think.

At this moment, the young man in luxurious clothes spoke, “Do you still dare complain that the replica of the heavenly spirit magical diagram of my Zhudao Sect is not good?”

Fang Jinyu finally understood who he was.

He was a disciple of the Zhudao Sect!

Hence, Fang Jinyu’s eyes flashed slightly.

The young man’s face immediately turned pale, and he took a step back with an unstable breath.

Fang Jinyu asked, “Your status in the Zhudao Sect should be ordinary, right?”

Although the trouble came out of nowhere, since it had come, Fang Jinyu would just treat it as a waste.

The young man in luxurious clothes in front of Fang Jinyu was a Core Formation stage cultivator.
Although he only revealed his Foundation Establishment stage cultivation base, Fang Jinyu’s divine sense had sensed he was a Core Formation stage cultivator.

“What do you mean?” The luxuriously dressed young man couldn’t help but speak angrily.

Fang Jinyu knew that he had guessed correctly.
It seemed that immortal seeds weren’t something ordinary disciples could possess in an upper world’s immortal sect.

I’m just complimenting you.”

Fang Jinyu was rather perfunctory.
At most, he would just attract their parents after he beat up the young ones.
However, the Nascent Soul stage cultivators of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City were only in name.
Could such a small matter attract the older generation of Nascent Soul stage cultivators?

If the other party had some background, why would he not have an immortal seed?

Other than that, why would he hide his cultivation base if he didn’t have any tricks up his sleeves? One had to know that the Core Formation stage cultivators and Foundation Establishment stage cultivators would have different treatment in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City!

Of course, the Core Formation stage cultivators that sneaked in from the lower realm were excluded.

Fang Jinyu’s words undoubtedly made the young man in luxurious clothes furious.
However, when he thought about how he had to prepare a surprise for his “Junior Sister Murong” this time, he suppressed his anger.

It was because he didn’t even know how he had lost just now.
Hence, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty when facing Fang Jinyu.

However, he had only taken two steps when he saw a familiar, pretty figure.

It was a young girl with a slender figure who braided her pitch-black hair.
Her bright eyes were enquiringly scanning the area.

The young man couldn’t help but exclaim in joy, “Junior Sister Murong!”

Fang Jinyu was stunned when he heard the young man’s voice.
It was because the “cannon fodder villain” had the surname Murong!

It couldn’t possibly be a coincidence, could it?

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