The Terrifying Power of the “Lucky Star”

Although Fang Jinyu had been busy studying alchemy, he had mastered the breath-hiding technique for a long time.
After all, it was a necessary skill for cultivators.

However, Fang Jinyu had no intention of hiding himself.

It depended on time for him to pretend to be weak.

In this place, one could avoid unnecessary trouble by revealing their cultivation base.
Of course, the main reason was that the girl beside him was too beautiful.
Although her appearance had changed from a young girl to a young woman, she appeared even more attractive.
Her appearance made every man looking at her feel like a cat was scratching at his heart.

Not all cultivators were dedicated to cultivation.
Most of the Qi Condensation stage cultivators and the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were no different from mortals.
Moreover, because they had extraordinary power, their desires in all aspects were ten times stronger than mortals!

Not only would Qi Condensation stage cultivators and the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators desire beautiful women and wealth, but they would also want more!

Fang Jinyu turned to the Qi Condensation stage cultivator and said, “I’ll take them all.
Give me the price!”

“Yes, Senior.
It’s a total of 30 spirit stones.”

The stall owner didn’t dare to say anything more.
After calculating the price, he wrapped up the item and handed it to Du Maner.

From the stall owner’s perspective, the beautiful woman with a lower cultivation base than him was probably the maidservant of the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator in front of him.

After all, it was very common among cultivators.
Some cultivators would exchange beauty for protection and cultivation resources.

Fang Jinyu took out 30 spiritual stones and turned to leave.

After walking for a while, Du Maner couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Martial Uncle, is there something good that hasn’t been discovered yet inside?”

Du Maner was curious because she found nothing special when she carefully looked at the stall’s items.

“Well, I won’t say it out loud.
You can look for it later.
If you find it, I’ll give you half.” Fang Jinyu’s words looked natural, and he didn’t seem embarrassed.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle!”

Du Maner couldn’t help but be happy.
Although she didn’t think she could find it, she wanted to use the opportunity to gain some experience.

As the saying goes, experience is the mother of all wisdom.

Du Maner had become more cautious after encountering the scam of the dark market.
She believed that experience would help a lot in increasing her wariness!

Du Maner thought, “If I am experienced and knowledgeable, I’ll naturally not be easily deceived.”

“Just like that day, I didn’t realize something was wrong with the dark market, but Martial Uncle immediately noticed it and followed me…”

However, it was just something Fang Jinyu had made up for his actions that day.

If Du Maner had carefully considered Fang Jinyu’s words, she would have found flaws.
However, she believed that Fang Jinyu had a kind and honest character!

Although honest people were honest, nobody said that honest people must be stupid.
It was just that a gentleman could be deceived reasonably.

Coincidentally, Fang Jinyu could break through to the Foundation Establishment stage by fully understanding his cultivation technique and accumulating his inner energy.
In the eyes of many, he was an honest and quick-witted man.

The two of them found a quiet place and opened the package.
Fang Jinyu first tried to rummage through it.

He found one, but it wasn’t.

He found another one, but it was still different.

They were just like what they looked like on the surface.

Afterward, it was Du Maner’s turn.
She picked up a roll of dirty bamboo slips, opened it, and wiped it a few times.
Nobody knew how she did it, but she triggered the hidden restriction on the bamboo slips.
Hence, it revealed its actual appearance.

It was a vintage jade slip!

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

However, it met his expectations!

Since the arrow disappeared when it was in touch with the stall, Fang Jinyu had no idea which stall was the “opportunity.”

Although the new female lead had no idea about it, she would definitely be able to find it!

It was just a cliche trick.

Meanwhile, Du Maner handed over the jade slip.

She didn’t dare keep it for herself.

Fang Jinyu was shocked after looking at it.
It was a fortune-telling technique!

The fortune-telling technique wasn’t the ability to read other people’s fortunes.
Instead, it was a one-of-a-kind technique that used one’s luck to predict good or bad luck and hide the others’ fortune!

In short, it was exclusive to campers.

Once one cultivated the fortune-telling technique, if their luck sensed danger, it would immediately reflect the problem to them to allow them to avoid it.
On the other hand, if their luck sensed any benefits, they would immediately have a telepathic connection.
It was like the saying, “The treasure is fated with me.”

However, using the fortune-telling technique to hide the others’ fortune… It was extremely evil.

As long as the cultivator used it, even if he stood in front of the other party, the other party would not be able to sense it.
He could even kill the other party and leave them to die unknowingly.

Of course, the prerequisite was one’s luck had to be strong enough.

“The fortune-telling technique is illusory.
I’ve already memorized it, so you can destroy it after remembering it! If you can learn it, then learn it.
If you can’t, then don’t force yourself.”

After finishing his words, Fang Jinyu returned the jade slip to Du Maner with an indifferent look.

Although he pretended to be indifferent, his words were true.

After memorizing it, Fang Jinyu tried to comprehend the fortune-telling technique, but he couldn’t understand it.
The strange thing was that he clearly felt he had completely understood it.

It was indeed worthy of being the most mysterious secret technique in the cultivation world.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle.”

Du Maner was stunned and thought, “I know how extraordinary the contents on the jade slip are, but I didn’t expect Martial Uncle Fang to give it to me.”

“He shared it with me just like we had agreed on before!”

“Furthermore, the way this Martial Uncle Fang looked at me didn’t even have the slightest hint of lust.”

Meanwhile, Du Maner couldn’t help but agree with Fang Jinyu’s honest character.
Moreover, she was also moved by Fang Jinyu’s “integrity”.

She had no idea that Fang Jinyu was planning to take advantage of her.

After all, Du Maner had the chance to consume the Mortal-Transmutation Elixir when she was only at rank 1 in the Qi Condensation stage.

Moreover, when Du Maner was at rank 2 in the Qi Condensation stage, she discovered an extremely rare secret technique like fortune-telling! It was an ability that usually Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters had!

Fang Jinyu couldn’t imagine what would happen when Du Maner reached rank 3, rank 4, and even the Foundation Establishment stage…

At that time, the benefits Du Maner could bring would be unimaginable!

Moreover, Du Maner would greatly increase her chances of surviving with the camper’s exclusive fortune-telling technique.
Fang Jinyu didn’t hope the “lucky star” he had accidentally created would disappear for no reason.
He was expecting that the two “lucky stars” would fight in the future!

After all, the battle between the two would benefit him, the cheater.

Fang Jinyu’s plan was clear.

After all, nothing was more profitable than investing in a “lucky star.”

After that, Du Maner went back to visit her parents, while Fang Jinyu found a place to continue his study of the fortune-telling technique.
Fang Jinyu thought, “It didn’t matter if I couldn’t understand it.
I just wanted to gain points in ‘fortune-telling’!”

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