131 Two Suspected Hermaphrodite Are Going to Reunite

“There’s actually a core that’s even worse than a grade 9 core?”

“They’re called the hundred-year Core Formation stage cultivators?”

While Fang Jinyu marveled at the secret technique of the upper realm, he couldn’t help but feel absurd.
It was because the person who created such a secret technique was most likely doing so for the sake of his descendants.

Taking someone else’s core and giving it to his useless descendant.

Of course, Fang Jinyu’s guess was not entirely correct.

However, Fang Jinyu finally understood why the Core Formation stage cultivators in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City were weaker than each other!

Moreover, a magic treasure with only one magic domain, the general spirit flag, could become a city-guarding magic treasure!

It was because the weak Core Formation stage cultivators couldn’t even unleash much of the power of a magic treasure like the general spirit flag.

“No wonder these Core Formation stage cultivators like to use superior-grade spirit tools.”

Previously, if they hadn’t gone to fight the Sin Beasts and faced a life-and-death crisis, those Core Formation stage cultivators might not have used their superior-grade spirit tools but instead chose to use high-grade spirit tools.

After all, using superior-grade spirit tools would consume a lot of inner energy.

Then, Fang Jinyu closed the jade book and opened another jade book.

Fang Jinyu still needed to learn more about the upper realm.
Previously, it wasn’t convenient for him to ask around.
However, since he was now the Seventh Commander of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City, it would be much more convenient to obtain information.

It was because, when Fang Jinyu had just obtained the identity of the Seventh Commander of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City, the Heavenly Elixir Pavilion immediately returned him a sum of spirit stones.
They said that they would do the same as the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion to give him a 10% discount on his last purchase.

Apart from that, they also gave Fang Jinyu three sets of prescriptions suitable for Core Formation stage cultivators.

What was recorded in this jade book was a map of the regions that Fang Jinyu had been looking forward to for a long time.

“Is the upper realm that big?”

A moment later, Fang Jinyu, who had closed the jade scroll, couldn’t help but be a little shocked.

It was because the area described in the jade book was already vast, but it still only recorded a small portion of the upper realm! The place Fang Jinyu was currently in was just a remote village.

However, Fang Jinyu had expected this.

After all, the Core Formation stage cultivators here were all pretending to be strong.
The situation was already a little unbearable.

Even Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel insulted when calling those people Core Formation stage cultivators…

According to the jade book, there were five major immortal sects in this region! One of them was naturally the Shenhua Sect that was mentioned when the book appeared the forth time, where the “cannon fodder villain” was in.

Other than that, there was another name that surprised Fang Jinyu.

The Fishery Sect.

It was located on the Utopia Seven Immortals Island in the Hundred-thousand Victories Sea.

The immortal sect was comparable to the main character’s sect!

“I thought it was some fishermen who built the immortal sect.
It turns out that it has such a powerful background.
The secret technique of the Fishery Sect is incredible.
Fishing in the Universe…”

Fang Jinyu was shocked.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel strange.

Since the Fishery Sect was so powerful, Fang Jinyu wondered how he joined the immortal sect.

It wasn’t easy to join a top-notch immortal sect that was on par with the Shenhua Sect! One had to know that Fang Jinyu wasn’t even qualified to join the Zhudao Sect.

Of course, it was also because Fang Jinyu was deliberately hiding his strength.

After some thought, Fang Jinyu returned the jade book first.
Then, after setting up a restrictive enchantment around it, he began to communicate with the Nine Desolations again.
He was prepared to pass on the method to become a hundred-year Core Formation stage cultivator.

“Hey, Mother! We meet again!” However, the person in the mirror wasn’t Xin Qianqian but a little girl.
Moreover, the moment she spoke, Fang Jinyu’s eyes twitched.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu ignored her and asked her, “Where’s Qianqian?”

“She started her closed-door cultivation because she wants to break through the late-stage Foundation Establishment.” Qing Fu was lying in front of the mirror, her small hands supporting her chin.
On top of her head, there was a thunder-attribute frog.

There was a lightning mark on the Thunder Frog’s forehead.
When it saw Fang Jinyu, it was as if it had seen a long-lost relative.
It kept croaking.

It finally saw the boss, who paid it on time again!

Fang Jinyu didn’t pay attention to the King-tier thunder-attribute frog.
He told Qing Fu about the method and told her to pass it on to “Senior Brother Meng.”

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the jade book, the idea of depositing the core was clearly stated.
With “Senior Brother Meng’s” cultivation, it wasn’t difficult to comprehend it according to this idea.

After all, this kind of core depositing secret technique wasn’t considered a brilliant secret technique.

In the Nine Desolations.

The Mount Xiaohe of the Tianling Sect.

Meanwhile, Mount Xiaohe had set up a restrictive enchantment.
It was because the most outstanding Holy Alchemist of the Tianling Sect was currently in his closed-door cultivation.
He was trying to create a new prescription that would benefit the cultivators of the Nine Desolations.

Of course, this was just an external statement.

In Mount Xiaohe, other than a puppet with a little intelligence, a silly puppet, and thunder-attribute frogs that ran all over the mountain, there was only a little girl who seemed to be idling around all day long, but her strength was no weaker than the Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

At this moment, Qing Fu suddenly tilted her head as she looked at the mirror, which had darkened again.
Then, a thoughtful look appeared on her delicate face.

“Do you think I can take the initiative to contact him?” Qing Fu grabbed the thunder-attribute frog on top of her head and stared at it with wide eyes.


Foundation Establishment stage spirit beasts could understand people’s words, but they couldn’t speak human language.

Suddenly, Qing Fu reached behind her and grabbed another mirror.
She had grabbed it from Chen Donglai’s body when the sect captured him.

It was because the mirror had wanted to run away, and it had done so in an unusually quiet manner! If Qing Fu hadn’t sensed some strange fluctuations in space and a part of the time disorder, the mirror would have escaped from the cultivator who ranked 9 in the Nascent Soul stage!

After thinking for a while, Qing Fu placed her small hand on the mirror.

The mirror had a very strong restrictive enchantment and even contained an extremely powerful magical power, but it had long been absorbed by her.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have recovered to the strength of an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

At this moment, as the little girl poured her inner energy into the mirror, a blurry figure appeared on the mirror again.
The person on the other side was still surprised.
“What happened? After the chaos last time, the Palace Master gave the order to abandon that plan.
Why is the nihilism mirror opened again at this hour?”

As the blurry figure spoke, she noticed Qing Fu and was shocked.
She said, “How is that possible? God… This… This is impossible! Impossible! It should be blurry, how can it take human form?”

It seemed that the other party was in extreme shock, which made her somewhat incoherent.

Soon, the blurry figure on the other side of the mirror reacted.
She said in a coaxing tone, “Do you want to come over?”

“Are you talking to me?” Qing Fu blinked her big eyes and pointed at herself with her little finger.

“Yes, I am! I’m talking to you!”

The blurry figure on the other side didn’t dare speak too loudly.

“But how do I get here?” Qing Fu couldn’t help but use her fingers to dig into the mirror.
Although she felt that the mirror was related to time and space, she couldn’t get into it!

Otherwise, she would have gone to look for Fang Jinyu long ago!

“It’s okay, I have a way!” The blurry figure on the other side of the mirror was so excited that her voice was trembling slightly.

Thousands of purple and red flowers bloomed.

This was the Goddess Sect.

It was also the head sect of the Goddess Sect—the holy land in the hearts of all the disciples of the Goddess Sect!

As for those that were split into various immortal cities, they were all “branches.” Therefore, to avoid suspicion, they weren’t named after immortal sects, sects, palaces, and so on.
However, it named after “gardens.”

For example, the garden in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.

The cultivation of the disciples of the Goddess Sect didn’t require a lot of resources, but they had a high standard for the ruthless cultivation method.
For this reason, they always liked to cultivate in places with many people.

After all, how could they be in a relationship without anyone?

At this moment, a cultivator in the Incarnation stage gave the order to open up the abandoned path of immortality in the holy land of the disciples of the Goddess Sect.

“Master, that immortal path can only be used one last time.
Should we wait until the sect leader returns?” However, when the Incarnation stage cultivator’s disciple learned of it, she immediately rushed over to stop her.

It was an immortal path.
It was just that, for some reason, it had been abandoned by the ancient immortals.

But even so, that immortal path could be said to be one of the top treasures of the upper realm.

The Goddess Sect used the immortal path to accurately locate the lower realm and send their disciples down to complete some arrangements before finally harvesting the immortal seeds!

They could aslo bring people up to the upper realm.
However, they never did that because it was meaningless.

One to two hundred years ago, when they had located a lower realm called the Nine Desolations, they encountered three Nascent Soul stage cultivators.
Even though the three Nascent Soul realm cultivators had repeatedly expressed their loyalty to them, they had still been killed by them.

In fact, because they had used the essence of the three Nascent Soul stage cultivators to refine a treasure, the lower realm immortal sects where the three Nascent Soul stage cultivators came from might think that they were still alive!

“It will be too late when the sect leader returns.
I will explain to her later.
Hurry!” The Incarnation stage cultivator frowned and shook her head slightly before urging her.

When her disciple saw it, she didn’t dare say anything else and quickly went to prepare.

Soon, the immortal path that was like a galaxy shuttled through the void and led straight to the lower realm.

The Incarnation stage cultivator’s disciple couldn’t help but sigh as she looked at the immortal path.
The immortal path was supposed to be long, but hundreds of years ago, the forbidden woman who betrayed the Goddess Sect suddenly returned to the sect and snatched half of the path away!

If it weren’t for the forbidden woman’s purpose of only wanting the immortal path, perhaps one or two Incarnation stage cultivators of the Goddess Sect would have died because of this.

It was said that the forbidden woman was already infinitely close to breaking through the Immortal Ascension stage.

Meanwhile, seeing that the immortal path was already connected to the lower realm, the Incarnation stage cultivator from the Goddess Sect hurriedly said to the mirror, “Did you sense the path? You can just come up!”

“Why do I feel a little familiar with this path? I think I’ve seen it before…”


A little girl with a thunder-attribute frog on her head looked at the end of the path.
When she realized that she could only see a vast galaxy, she seemed to have thought of something and stepped on it.

Therefore, on this day, the thunder-attribute frogs on Mount Xiaohe discovered that their king, who had “sold his subordinates for glory,” “bullied the weak and feared the strong,” “was as timid as a mouse,” “worse than pigs and dogs,” “why didn’t he go to hell,” and “had a bad accent,” had disappeared!

Moreover, the terrifying “demon” also disappeared!



The thunder-attribute frogs on Mount Xiaohe all let out happy cries.
However, due to the long-term deviation of their accent, the thunder-attribute frogs’ accent wasn’t accurate anymore.

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