136 They’re All Fake Ones

Fang Jinyu glanced at her.

A certain little girl felt a little guilty, so she turned around and ran away.

However, a moment later, she appeared in the carriage again.
She was curiously operating the control device at the front.
Due to her unfamiliarity, the carriage was sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes rising, and sometimes falling.

The carriage was equivalent to a mechanical product in Fang Jinyu’s memorya helicopter.

It could carry people and fly.

Moreover, it was covered with camouflage formations and restrictive enchantments, which could hide from most divine senses and the perception of Liches and Spirit Beasts.
It was a commonly used means of transportation in the upper realm.

At this moment, because of Qing Fu’s drunken driving, the other little girl was happily lying in front of a glass-like object, looking at the unpredictable scene outside.

From time to time, she would let out a cry of surprise.

Soon, as the three minutes of excitement passed, the little girl began to squat in the corner with red eyes.

With Fang Jinyu’s divine sense, he naturally discovered it at the first moment.

Hence, Fang Jinyu reached out and pulled the little girl over.
After gently letting her land, he asked with concern, “What’s wrong? Do you miss your parents?”

After all, she was Fang Jinyu’s friend’s daughter and had to be taken good care of.

“No, Father and Mother said that I don’t have a spiritual root and can’t stay in the Immortal City.
It’s also dangerous to stay there.
So when I miss them, I can use the Jade conch to talk to them.” The little girl shook her head slightly, then raised her small hand to show Fang Jinyu the Jade conch in her hand.

It was a very low-grade talisman, but its workmanship was extremely exquisite.
In terms of value, it wasn’t lower than a spirit tool.

Even people without magical power could rely on the Jade conch’s automatic “charging” to activate it and then contact another Jade conch holder thousands of miles away.

This kind of special talisman was originally developed for the descendants of immortal cultivators without spiritual roots.

“Then why are you crying?”

“Because I accidentally bumped into something.” The little girl grabbed her fringe and Fang Jinyu noticed that there was a small swelling there.

Hence, Fang Jinyu coughed lightly and said, “Fly steadily, Qing Fu.”

After all, Fang Jinyu still have to gain benefits from Qing Fu.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu couldn’t scold her.

“Oh” Qing Fu responded.
Then, as if she had thought of something, she suddenly appeared in front of Fang Jinyu and brought the little girl to her position.
She then said, “Come, I’ll teach you how to play this! This is fun!”

Then, the carriage flew even more chaotically, sometimes even retreating a distance.

Fang Jinyu’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t stop her.

It was because Core Formation stage cultivators were extremely good at balancing themselves.
Hence, it didn’t affect him at all.

However, three days later, Fang Jinyu still walked out of the carriage because it had been ruined by the two little girls.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but gasp in amazement as he looked at the black smoke coming out of the carriage.

If Fang Jinyu remembered correctly, Yin Wujiu had once said that it wasn’t only a spirit tool, but its defense was also considered outstanding among spirit tools!

Was it broken just like that?

For a moment, Fang Jinyu didn’t know what to complain about.

Thus, Fang Jinyu carried the two little girls in each hand as if they were two bags of sweet potatoes and walked along the mountain road ahead.

There was an immortal city ahead.

However, since it wasn’t a big scaled immortal city, it wasn’t mentioned in the Jade book of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.
As a result, if Fang Jinyu wanted to know anything, he had to ask other people.

At the same time, to avoid any conflicts, Fang Jinyu deliberately disguised himself as a middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

There were many Core Formation stage cultivators in the upper realm, and at least 200 in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City alone!

Although most of them were “fake Core Formation stage cultivators” and had problems with their cultivation, there were about 200 of them! How many people were there in an immortal city?

Even the smallest immortal city had tens of thousands of cultivators.

There were as many as 200,000 cultivators in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City.

Since Fang Jinyu was now bringing Yin Wujiu’s daughter along, to be on the safe side, it was better for him to keep a low profile as much as possible.

In the Nine Desolations, Core Formation stage cultivators were great cultivators.
Basically, no one dared make a move no matter where they went.

As long as the Core Formation stage cultivator didn’t seek death, it would be very difficult for one’s life to be in danger.

Back then, after Fang Jinyu broke through the Core Formation stage, his status in the eyes of the aristocratic families of the Tianling Sect immediately changed.
Although there were some people still gossiping about him in private, in public, no one dared be disrespectful to him.

However, in the upper realm, the Core Formation stage cultivator was a big fat sheep in the eyes of some cultivators!

Even if it was a penniless Core Formation stage cultivator, the core in his body could be sold for a large sum of spirit stones! According to what Fang Jinyu knew, a core that had not been used by anyone for a deposit before was worth at least three superior-grade spirit tools.

Fang Jinyu’s strength was powerful.
With his immortal seed, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was one of the strongest Core Formation stage cultivators.
However, he was only an early-stage Core Formation cultivator!

A cultivator who ranked 2 in the Core Formation stage was nothing in the upper realm.

After all, although Immortal Ascension stage immortal Almighties were rare in the upper realm, there were quite a few Incarnation stage Lord Cultivators.
Basically, any single realm would have at least a handful of Incarnation stage Lord Cultivators.

There were already so many Incarnation stage Lord Cultivators, let alone the Nascent Soul stage cultivators!

There were still many people in the upper realm who could kill Fang Jinyu, so he had to be careful.

As for the fact that “Ah Lan” didn’t have any cultivation base, it wasn’t a problem for Fang Jinyu.
He was a professional when it came to faking cultivation! He didn’t even need an alchemy furnace.
He just casually used a few kinds of spirit herbs on him and made a few elixirs.
After giving one to “Ah Lan,” the little girl immediately emitted the cultivation of a middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivator.

In fact, Fang Jinyu had wanted to make her an early-stage Qi Condensation cultivator.
However, he only had high-grade spirit herbs on him.
Refining an elixir to make her a middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivator was already at the lowest level.

If the spirit herb’s grade was too low, it wouldn’t be able to be refined into a high-grade elixir.

And vice versa.

There was an upper limit and a lower limit.

Therefore, the little girl, who didn’t even know what cultivation base was and had no spiritual roots, followed Fang Jinyu into the Qilin Immortal City under the shocked gazes of the passersby.

The small immortal city was called Qilin.
It was said that a Qilin once passed by and left a footprint.

As Fang Jinyu had already deeply experienced Qing Fu’s unreliability, he held Yin Wujiu’s daughter in his arms just in case.

After all, to let Qing Fu take care of the little girl

These two fellows could even destroy a spirit tool.
Who knew what other things they would do?!

Fang Jinyu wanted to find out which direction the Shenhua Sect was in, so after looking around, he walked towards the inn with the most people in the immortal city.

The inns in the immortal city were roughly the same as the inns in the mortal world.
The only difference was that the better the rooms in the inns, the higher the concentration of spiritual energy inside.

It could be considered that they had invested enough capital.

Fang Jinyu tried to listen for a while and realized that a young cultivator liked to talk nonsense.
Moreover, from what he said, he seemed to have been to many immortal cities.

Regardless of whether it was true or false, the other party knew a lot.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu took the initiative to go up, cupped his fists, and asked, “Little brother, excuse me.
Do you know which direction to go to Shenhua Sect?”

The young cultivator was only a Qi Condensation stage cultivator.
When he saw that Fang Jinyu was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, he was about to reply.
However, at this moment, a burst of light laughter came from a guest room upstairs.
“Are you here for the registration of your juniors? Then, come back with me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a beautiful lady walked out of the guest room and walked in front of Fang Jinyu.
She sized up the little girl in Fang Jinyu’s arms without blinking.

The moment “Ah Lan” realized she was being observed by such a stunning woman, she hid her face in Fang Jinyu’s chest out of embarrassment.

“Great! She has a clear and spiritual aura.
She hasn’t even taken an elixir before.
Moreover, she cultivates a spell without any special characteristics.
It’s just nice to switch to the spells of the Shenhua Sect.”

The more the beautiful woman looked at “Ah Lan,” the more satisfied she became.

After that, she looked at Fang Jinyu.
Her eyes flickered slightly, and she said regretfully, “Your aura is still quite clear, but it’s a pity that you’re not young anymore.
Moreover, the spells you cultivate have already been determined, so you can’t switch to cultivating the Shenhua Sect’s spells.”

“Senior, may I know how I should address you?” Fang Jinyu suppressed the urge to twitch his eyes and cupped his fists.

The beautiful lady smiled and said, “I’m the outer sect’s seventh elder of the Shenhua Sect.
I’ve decided to take your junior into the sect, so you can be considered half a member of the Shenhua Sect.
You can just call me the Seventh Elder.”

“Yin Wuyi greets the Seventh Elder.” When Fang Jinyu heard it, his eyes flashed slightly, but his expression didn’t change.
He just made up a name and used it as his new avatar.

Fang Jinyu had deliberately chosen the surname “Yin” because the little girl’s biological father had the surname, “Yin,” so that the little girl wouldn’t get the surname wrong in the future.

After all, she was still young.

The beautiful woman nodded slightly in response to Fang Jinyu.
Then, she asked Fang Jinyu to wait for another three days before returning to the guest room.

Immediately, Fang Jinyu asked for a guest room at the inn.

The guest rooms in the inn were divided into four grades: heaven, earth, mystic, and yellow.
To not stand out, Fang Jinyu naturally chose a “mystic” grade.
After all, it was a little strange for a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator to stay in a “yellow” grade guest room.

When Fang Jinyu arrived at the guest room, Qing Fu, who had mysteriously disappeared, appeared again.


It could be said that Qing Fu had mastered the gathering and dispersing techniques of the Nascent Soul stage.

“Why did you agree to her request?” Although Qing Fu had disappeared earlier, she had heard everything that Fang Jinyu had said to the woman.

“Because she is also a fake.” Fang Jinyu shook his head slightly.
Previously, when the other party came out, he was a little puzzled.
Why was a Golden Core realm cultivator from the Shenhua Sect so warm-hearted?

It was only when she introduced herself that Fang Jinyu came to a realization!

It was because this woman had been mentioned in the extraordinary book.
She had come from another realm and killed the original seventh elder of the Shenhua Sect before impersonating him.

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