137 Stealing Fate

Although the woman who pretended to be the seventh elder of the Shenhua Sect had used an extremely profound secret technique to take over the other party’s fate, it was still difficult for her to explain to others because she had been out for too long this time.

Originally, it was fine, but since she was a fake

She couldn’t help but feel a little guilty!

Therefore, just in case, this was done.

Actually, the scene that Fang Jinyu saw was mentioned in the extraordinary book, but Murong Yun was supposed to experience it.
In the end, when Murong Yun was already a disciple of the Shenhua Sect, she changed her appearance and left Shenhua Sect to obtain a precious spirit tool.
Therefore, it became the woman’s only flaw.

It was superfluous.

Fang Jinyu didn’t know if the current main character, Murong Yun, was also in the Qilin Immortal City, but since he met the imposter woman, he couldn’t help but have some other thoughts.

It wasn’t that the woman tempted Fang Jinyu, but rather that there was something about her that could give spiritual roots to those who had none.

However, it was still a convenient thing to do.

It was because Fang Jinyu only cared about the secret technique that could occupy the fate of others!

It was because Fang Jinyu’s senior brother, “Grandmaster Meng,” had mentioned to him that the reason he could kill other Nascent Soul stage cultivators was that he could end all the fates of other Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

However, it wasn’t easy for Grandmaster Meng to do it.
He had to pay a huge price.

Not to mention occupying other people’s fate!

It was much harder to occupy someone’s fate than to sever it.

Therefore, how could Fang Jinyu miss out on a person who was proficient in the secret technique of occupying other people’s fates?

At this moment, Qing Fu was curious after hearing what Fang Jinyu said.

She couldn’t tell what was wrong with that woman.

Hence, Qing Fu looked at Fang Jinyu with her big eyes and asked sincerely, “Mother, are you a spirit dog?”

Just like how Fang Jinyu had sincerely asked her if she was blind back then.

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

If it weren’t that Fang Jinyu wasn’t sure whether he could beat her, he would have attacked her at any moment.

Qing Fu couldn’t help but take two steps back when Fang Jinyu stared at her with an unfriendly gaze.
Afterward, she put on an innocent expression and muttered, “Didn’t you say that you’re a hermaphrodite?”

Fang Jinyu thought about it and chose to ignore her.

If he couldn’t afford to offend her, couldn’t he hide?

However, when Fang Jinyu turned around, he saw another little girl looking at him with bright eyes.

Fang Jinyu asked, “Ah Lan, what’s wrong?”

“Uncle Feiyu, would it be better that I call you Aunt Feiyu?” The little girl also asked with a serious expression on her small face.
Her big eyes looked as if she were serious.


Fang Jinyu glared at her.

However, not only was the little girl familiar with Fang Jinyu, but she was also not afraid of him at all.

After all, everyone loved beauty.

No matter how young they were, they all liked good-looking things.

In the past three years, Fang Jinyu has made a few useless gains in his appearance.
Now, Fang Jinyu’s appearance wasn’t inferior to Chen Donglai, Ling Xiaojiu, Qin Haoyue, and others.
In fact, he was even slightly more handsome.

Therefore, in the eyes of the opposite sex, whether Fang Jinyu was standing, sitting, angry, or smiling, it was especially pleasing to the eye.

If not for Fang Jinyu’s identity as the Seventh Commander of the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City, some female Core Formation stage cultivators might not be able to resist the temptation of Fang Jinyu.

After all, what those “fake Core Formation stage cultivators” could pursue was nothing more than wealth and enjoyment.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t argue with Yin Wujiu’s daughter at this moment.
After all, he was a person who valued relationships.
He had to respect Yin Wujiu.
Moreover, she was a genuine little girl, not a thousand-year-old antique who only looked like a little girl!

Therefore, Fang Jinyu glanced at “Ah Lan” who was looking at him with interest, and said, “In the future, if others are around, you can call me Uncle Wuyi.”

“Alright, I understand, Uncle Wuyi!” Although she was easy to be led astray, Shi Wushuang was still very obedient at this age.

Hearing that the genuine little girl had changed her words so quickly and that Fang Jinyu still didn’t know that she was Shi Wushuang, he couldn’t help but find the little girl more pleasing to the eye.

After all, there was a troublesome thousand-year-old antique who only looked like a little girl as a reference group.

“Alright, Mother Wuyi!” Qing Fu waved her little hand and called out, indicating that she would be obedient just like “Ah Lan.”

However, Fang Jinyu only wanted to beat her up.


Therefore, Fang Jinyu, who responded expressionlessly, silently swore in his heart that one day he would definitely beat this little girl up!

Now… Forget it now.

After all, Fang Jinyu still recognized the unique ability of the Nascent Soul stage cultivators to switch between physical and virtual, gather and disperse freely!

Otherwise, Fang Jinyu wouldn’t be so cowardly Cough, follow his heart!

In these three days, Fang Jinyu had been trying to find “Murong Yun.” After all, the extraordinary book had mentioned it, but unfortunately, until he set off three days later, and even after arriving at the outer sect of Shenhua Sect, he still didn’t find anyone who looked like “Murong Yun.”

It seemed that Murong Yun wouldn’t come into contact with this plot.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu’s journey ended here.

It was because Fang Jinyu wasn’t allowed to enter the outer sect of the Shenhua Sect.
However, he could live in the immortal city outside the Shenhua Sect and was also given a small shop.
It was the exclusive privilege of the family members of the disciples of the Shenhua Sect.

“Ah Lan” had already been brought into the outer sect of Shenhua Sect by the fake seventh elder.

With the seventh elder’s “approval,” the bone age of “Ah Lan” that could be seen at a glance, and Fang Jinyu’s superb cultivation forgery skills, in less than half a day, the outer sect disciples of Shenhua Sect knew that there was an additional “Senior Sister Lan” in their sect.

“Ah Lan” was only three years old, but she was already a middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivator.
Moreover, she was brought back by the seventh elder.
These aspects made it difficult for the other outer sect disciples not to care.

However, all of this had nothing to do with Fang Jinyu.
He was currently facing a “small” problem.

It was after Fang Jinyu had obtained a shop in the immortal city.
He had just found the location of his shop when he saw that the door of the shop was wide open and there were already several people inside.

Seeing the scene, how could Fang Jinyu not know that it was an evil guest?!

Although Fang Jinyu had just arrived, he could guess what the problem was.

It was nothing more than that Fang Jinyu had something that was enough to move people’s hearts.

Obviously, it was this immortal city shop.

The family members of the outer sect disciples of the Shenhua Sect could get a shop in the immortal city.
It was a rule set in the early days of the Shenhua Sect.
However, after so many years of development, even if the immortal city was expanded several times, the shops in the city demand was always higher than supply.

Therefore, the Shenhua Sect made another rule.
If the family members of the outer sect disciples who had already obtained the shop didn’t join the Shenhua Sect within three generations, then the shop would be taken back.

The new rule also made it difficult to obtain immortal city shops.

This place was backed by the Shenhua Sect, one of the five great immortal sects of the “Cave Lake Realm.” It could be said that no matter how bad one was at business, one wouldn’t lose money here.

Naturally, how could there be only a few people coveting such a fragrant cake?

After all, the Shenhua Sect only stipulated that the family members of outer sect disciples could obtain a shop.
It didn’t mention that the shop couldn’t be transferred after obtaining it!

Sure enough, as soon as Fang Jinyu entered, one of the arrogant people inside raised his hand and threw a piece of paper in front of him.

Afterward, the Qi Condensation stage cultivator glanced at Fang Jinyu with an extremely arrogant expression and ordered casually, “Pick it up and sign it! You should be satisfied with the transfer fee of 100 spirit stones.
This way, you’re good, I’m good, and everyone is happy with it!”

Fang Jinyu nodded slightly, and then few of them ran out.

They didn’t want to go out, but after Fang Jinyu threw out a few talismans, they lost control of their bodies.

The commotion naturally attracted the passing cultivators.

Some of these cultivators were from the Shenhua Sect, some were the family members of the disciples of the Shenhua Sect, and some were here because the city was prosperous and it was at the mountain feet of the Shenhua Sect.
Hence, they were here to start their business.

After all, the more prosperous a grand immortal city was, the more “opportunities” ordinary people would have.

Seeing that the cultivators were all looking over, Fang Jinyu naturally wouldn’t miss such an good opportunity to advertise himself.
He pointed at the talisman on one of them and said, “This is the Punishment Talisman.
As the name suggests, these Punishment Talismans can only punish others.
However, although they are just toys, if you are interested, you can come and buy some.”

As Fang Jinyu said it, he walked back to the shop.
Soon, a signboard was hung high up.

The surrounding cultivators who were watching the commotion looked over and saw that the plaque was particularly interestingthe Mini Spirit Tools, Talismans, and Array Formations Shop.

“Our shop also manages formations.”

After saying it, Fang Jinyu no longer cared about the business of his shop.
After all, he wasn’t here to do business.

Fang Jinyu casually decorated the shop and took out the array formation he had used to practice before.
He set it up again and then threw out a few talismans that were also at the practice stage.


Just like that, a normal-looking shop was completely formed.

Fang Jinyu did it because in the extraordinary book, it was mentioned that Murong Yun had obtained an ancient prescription, but it was sealed by the ancient power of an array.
To crack the power, she practically ran to all the shops in the immortal city that were related to array formations.

However, Fang Jinyu’s main goal was something else.
He was just casually placing a piece.

What Fang Jinyu was thinking about the most now was how to obtain the secret technique that could occupy the fate of others, as well as the strange object that could allow people to have spiritual roots.
He especially wanted to know the former one.
Even if he didn’t use it, he had to know the principle behind it.

It was the only way to be better prepared!

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