142 I Just Like to Be Serious

Along the way, Cheng Yao told Fang Jinyu everything that involved the Shenhua Sect and was known by the disciples of the sect.

Seeing Fang Jinyu’s surprise, Cheng Yao smiled and explained, “Junior brother, the Hall of Rites is different.
Regardless of gender, looks and temperament are the most important things.
Talent and other aspects are not important.”

Cheng Yao’s words were tactful, but Fang Jinyu understood.

As for the other inner disciples, the Shenhua Sect was counting on them to pledge loyalty to the sect.
However, the disciples of the Hall of Rites only needed to show their faces.

However, such a mission would only appear once every few years, which meant that the mission reward would only appear once every few years.
Therefore, if they didn’t have a well-off family to support them, the disciples of the Shenhua Sect’s Hall of Rites were undoubtedly a group of poor people.

It was also the reason why they only needed to pay 20 spirit stones every year.

Meanwhile, Cheng Yao looked at Fang Jinyu affectionately and said gently, “Junior brother, do you know any skills? If you don’t, I have a way to send you to the Talisman Palace or the Elixir Palace.
If you have some talent and can become a talisman master or alchemist, then you won’t have to worry about spirit stones in the future.”

When Fang Jinyu heard it, he felt that something was wrong.
After thinking for a moment, he asked, “Senior Sister Cheng, I wonder what the price is?”

“Junior Brother, you’re being too polite.
What price? I just want you to come and accompany me during the night.”

Her words were very straightforward.

Fang Jinyu, who was in disbelief, was speechless.

Fang Jinyu wondered, “Is the gain in my appearance this time really that ridiculous? I can even make women crave my body now?!”

“This time, it’s a gentle female cultivator who coveted me?! She isn’t like those loose women from the Goddess Sect who treated all the male cultivators in the world as human cultivation vessels!”

Seeing that Fang Jinyu didn’t say anything, Cheng Yao immediately knew what he was thinking.
However, she didn’t fly into a rage out of humiliation.
She just smiled gently and said, “It’s not an urgent matter.
Junior Brother, just think about it.
You have to know that sometimes, once you figure out some things and take that step, you might see a different vast world.”

“Senior Sister Cheng, I know how to make talismans, but what I’m best at is formations.” Since he had created a new avatar, “Yin Wuyi,” Fang Jinyu decided to switch to array formations other than making talismans.

Although Fang Jinyu’s array formation was indeed not as proficient as his talisman-making, it was only a matter of time before he spent a few nights obtaining gains.

After all, whether it was alchemy, spirit tool refinement, or talisman formation, they weren’t like Qing Fu’s secret technique, which involved “prying at fate.” As a result, the gains in Qing Fu’s secret technique were a little difficult to deal with.
Usually, it would take months of hard work to make some minimal progress.

When Cheng Yao heard it, she didn’t bring up the matter anymore because she didn’t have any connections to the Array Formation Palace of the Shenhua Sect.

Therefore, she could only look at Fang Jinyu regretfully.

It was as if the delicious food that was about to reach her mouth had run away.

It was because the Hall of Rites didn’t often accept disciples, and after accepting them, they were often taken.
A “fresh flower” like Fang Jinyu, who had no companion and had just entered the sect, would usually not be seen for more than a hundred years.

They soon arrived at the Hall of Rites.

Fang Jinyu had just followed Cheng Yao to the door when he saw two female cultivators walking out together.

The two female cultivators were both beautiful, and one was as gentle as water while the other was like a fiery rose.
The two of them glanced at Fang Jinyu and ignored him, but they treated Cheng Yao differently.

The two female cultivators said to Cheng Yao with fawning expressions, “Senior Sister Cheng, did you bring a new disciple here? Then you must have done a lot of work!”

“This is Junior Brother Yin Wuyi, whom Elder Yin coincidentally met when he returned.” Cheng Yao nodded slightly in response.
However, she wasn’t as enthusiastic about the two women as she was about Fang Jinyu.

However, the two female cultivators didn’t mind Cheng Yao’s attitude at all.
They just followed Cheng Yao’s instructions and greeted Fang Jinyu.

Seeing it, Fang Jinyu returned the greeting.

“Junior Brother, you can just go in.
Your residence is recorded on the identity plaque.
You just have to find it.” Cheng Yao said it to Fang Jinyu before turning to leave.

She didn’t fight with him and maintained a nice attitude after being rejected by Fang Jinyu, but it was clear that she was not as enthusiastic as she had been.

As for the other two female cultivators, they immediately left after seeing Cheng Yao leave.

As disciples of the Hall of Rites, they looked down on their male disciples.
Of course, the female disciples also received the same treatment.
Unless the other party’s “backer” was stronger than their “backer!”

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t care about it.
In fact, it was what Fang Jinyu wanted because the identity of a disciple of the Hall of Rites seemed tailor-made for his secret technique.

Fang Jinyu had obtained Qing Fu’s secret technique, “I’m good at hiding.” He could only hide his true cultivation base by not fighting with others.

All the disciples of the Shenhua Sect had to participate in internal competitions starting from when they were Qi Condensation stage cultivators.
It was especially true for the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.
The competitions between the various halls and courtyards were the most frequent.
No disciple could avoid fighting with others.

It was because the Shenhua Sect’s rewards for the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were exceptionally generous.

Superior-grade spirit tools, high-tier spells, top-tier secret techniques, powerful great divine powers, and even “Foundation-Tempering Elixirs” that could assist in breaking through the Core Formation stage, as well as the method to form a first-grade core, could all be obtained through competitions!

Therefore, it also led to the popularity of martial arts in the Shenhua Sect.
All the Foundation Establishment stage disciples had extraordinary combat strength.

However, the Hall of Rites was an exception!

As long as one was a disciple of the Hall of Rites, they could be exempted from all competitions.
If they were challenged, they could directly refuse.

After all, the disciples of the Hall of Rites relied on their good-looking appearances to survive.

It didn’t matter if their cultivation bases were high.
If the disciples of the Hall of Rites had high cultivation bases and had broken through the Core Formation stage, it would be difficult for the Shenhua Sect to deal with them.

It was because the positions were limited.

Otherwise, the Hall of Rites wouldn’t lack a master.

There were only two late-stage Foundation Establishment stewards.
One was in charge of dressing, and the other was in charge of assigning tasks.
After all, they were all in the Foundation Establishment stage.
They only needed to watch a few more times to learn some of the moves and performance techniques.

Even if they prepared at the last minute, there would be no mistakes.

Fang Jinyu entered the “Hall of Rites.” Although it was called a hall, it was a large building complex.
Along the way, Fang Jinyu quickly found the courtyard that should belong to him.

Fang Jinyu took out his plaque and inserted his inner energy.
Immediately, the courtyard door opened, and the puppets inside the door also started to move.

These were puppets that were responsible for serving people.
There were a total of eight of them.
However, the Shenhua Sect only paid for the monthly spirit stone expenses of two of them.
The remaining six required the courtyard owner to pay for them himself.

Fang Jinyu thought about it and deliberately activated all the puppets.

As an array master, Fang Jinyu didn’t dare say that he was wealthy, but he definitely couldn’t appear too shabby.

Sometimes, deliberately hiding one’s wealth would only cause trouble.

Although the main purpose of the eight puppets was to serve people, since they were created by the Shenhua Sect’s Puppet Palace, they naturally couldn’t only serve people.
They could also be used to fight people.
If the owner of the puppets was proficient in array formations, they could even use them to set up a few simple array formations.

Coincidentally, Fang Jinyu knew a few array formations.

Thus, Fang Jinyu had these puppets set up a rather decent array formationthe Water-Fire Array.

Its name was ordinary, but its power was quite great.

Therefore, on the first day after Fang Jinyu activated all the puppets, the eight puppets worked together to set up an array and used endless water and fire spells to beat up a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator who had intruded without permission.

However, he didn’t die.

Other than the fact that the person had brought a superior-grade spirit tool, Fang Jinyu had also discovered it in time! At that time, he stood at the side and waited for a moment.
When he saw that the puppet had beaten the other party up, he immediately walked out and dispersed the array formation.

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator claimed to be surnamed Liu, and he had come here to “apologize.”

“What happened at your shop was because my subordinates were insensible.
I have already punished them.” Although he was here to apologize, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the surname Liu didn’t feel very apologetic.
Fang Jinyu even felt a little like the other party was just going through the process.
Since he had been beaten up by a few puppets, his current expression didn’t look good.

Fang Jinyu could not help but ask, “How did you punish them?”

“This isn’t something you can ask.
Since you have become an inner disciple of the sect, from now on, our grudges are even.
Don’t talk nonsense in the future.
It’s better to avoid trouble.
I think you, a rogue cultivator, should be clear about this.” When the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the surname Liu heard Fang Jinyu’s question, he raised his eyebrows, and then his eyes showed that he was warning Fang Jinyu.

It was obvious that the guy was just a person on the surface.
The real mastermind behind the matter was still hidden in the darkness.

Fang Jinyu chuckled and asked, “But what if I insist on saying it?”

“Then you’re courting death!” The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the surname Liu stopped pretending and threatened with an ugly expression.

Fang Jinyu pretended to be surprised and asked, “How dare you kill an inner disciple of the Shenhua Sect?”

“Do you think that we can’t do anything to you just because you’re an inner disciple?” The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the surname Liu didn’t express anything explicitly and only continued to threaten.

“Helplessness and killing are two different things!” Fang Jinyu shook his head.


The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the surname Liu said angrily, “Don’t be so shameless!”

Fang Jinyu smiled, “I just like to be serious!”

“Then I’ll tell you the truth.
You’re not the first to say that, but… Why don’t you take a guess? Why hasn’t news of this spread to the outside world? If you dare, then I’ll tell you the truth.
You’re dead! Moreover, your little niece in the outer sect is going to be dead too! Our forces are far more terrifying than you can imagine! This is all I can say.
Good luck.”

Fang Jinyu also stood up.

A pearl appeared in his hand.
It wasn’t the Tianling Sect’s Discipline Pearl, but it had the same effect as it.

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