143 Same Words From Different Identity

It was the first superior-grade spirit tool that Fang Jinyu refined in the past three years.
It was called “A Day’s Three Reflections Pearl.” Its effect was average.
It could record one’s experiences in a day.

The recording couldn’t be interrupted, and the recorded content couldn’t be erased within 72 hours.

It was so that people could take it out at any time to reflect on themselves!

That’s right, it was Fang Jinyu’s original intention to refine the spirit tool.

After all, the path of cultivation was long, and it was too easy for one to lose themselves over such a long time.

Long-term self-reliance would make people unconsciously start to ignore others.
And if one were to blindly focus on one’s cultivation, the root of depression would be buried deep in the bottom of one’s heart.
It would turn a person into a cold-blooded demon, or once it erupted, it would make a person pursue enjoyment or awaken some perverted hobby.

Therefore, an appropriate self-psychological correction was essential!

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t immediately hand the pearl to the inner sect’s Law Enforcement Yard.
It was because there was no such thing as impartial law enforcement in the immortal sects of the upper realm.

Of course, if it was an ordinary disciple with no background who committed the crime, he would naturally be dealt with impartially.

But what if the other party was from a great cultivation family?

Then… Beyond the law, there was nothing more than connections!

However, since the other party was interested in the small benefits that the family members of the outer disciples of the Shenhua Sect had in the immortal city, it could be seen that the other party’s status was low.
At most, he had an elder who was a legacy disciple.

He couldn’t go any higher.

It was because if he was the descendant of a Nascent Soul stage elder, the benefits he received in the sect were far from what the benefits in the immortal city could compare to.

Some precious items couldn’t be bought in the immortal city.

For example, the method of forming a first-grade core was something that ordinary disciples would have to compete to obtain.
However, if one had a Nascent Soul stage elder as their “backer,” they could obtain it directly.
However, nobody could buy it in the immortal city, even if they wanted to!

Under the monopoly of cultivation resources, everything was so unfair!

Forget about the world being unfair.
It had nothing to do with the world at all.

The world was fair, and anyone would die.

The world was also kind because it allowed food to go bad.

After Fang Jinyu thought for a moment, he remembered the few words and descriptions about Shenhua Sect, as well as some of Murong Yun’s plot in Shenhua Sect, so he immediately walked towards the Array Formation Palace.

The Shenhua Sect had 108 halls that corresponded to the hundred types of cultivation, but the most popular ones were undoubtedly the halls that corresponded to alchemy, spirit tool refinement, talismans, and array formations.

In addition, there were 365 courtyards of various sizes.

However, that’s not the point for now.
Fang Jinyu didn’t go to the Array Formation Palace to join it.
It was because someone like him, who had entered halfway through, couldn’t join the halls of cultivation.
He could enter the “Hall of Rites” purely because it was too special.
That hall only valued one’s appearance and temperament, and nothing else!

Fang Jinyu’s trip this time was only to prove that he had talent in array formations.

Be it the upper realm or the Nine Desolates, the standard for determining alchemists, talisman masters, weaponsmiths, and array masters was three.

Alchemists were required to be able to refine elixirs from the same realm, and the success rate was above 30%.

A talisman master had to create talismans in the same realm.
However, it didn’t require a success rate.
Instead, one had to be able to create three different talismans.
Fang Jinyu could make “Han Feiyu” a publicly recognized talisman master in the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City with just two types of talismans because the power of those two talismans was too shocking.

As for weaponsmiths and array masters, their standards were similar to those of talisman masters.

The former consisted of three different spirit tools or talisman tools.
The latter consisted of three different formations that could trap or confuse cultivators of the same realm.

Fang Jinyu arrived at the Array Formation Palace.
His outstanding looks attracted the attention of many people from the Shenhua Sect along the way.
There were both men and women.

What was different from that immortal city was that many of these gazes were sizing him up without any restraint.

It was because they saw Fang Jinyu’s unique identity plaque.

They knew Fang Jinyu was a disciple of the Hall of Rites!

Although those “delicate flowers” in the Hall of Rites were all taken, what harm was there in them taking a look?

However, Fang Jinyu turned a blind eye to it.
After he explained his intentions to the disciples of the Array Formation Palace, he was immediately led in by a Foundation Establishment stage female cultivator with a smile.

Along the way, Fang Jinyu heard a few female disciples of the Shenhua Sect, who were also from the Array Formation Palace, grumbling.

“Damn it! Senior Sister Fang is doing this again!”

“There’s nothing we can do about it.
She’s lucky because she has the surname Fang.
Moreover, even if Senior Sister Fang doesn’t make a move, don’t tell me you guys think you have a chance, do you?”

“Maybe if Senior Sister Fang takes him, we’ll have a chance to sneak a taste!”

“That’s right!”

Fang Jinyu, who had a strong divine sense, heard all these words clearly.
The corners of his mouth twitched.
These people must have snuck in from the Goddess Sect, right?

Afterward, Fang Jinyu glanced at the “person who came from the same family” beside him.

When the Foundation Establishment stage female cultivator, who also had the surname, Fang, saw Fang Jinyu looking at her, she immediately said, “Junior Brother Yin Wuyi, you look very unfamiliar.
Did you just join the sect recently?”

“That’s right.”

The Foundation Establishment stage female cultivator said, “My surname is Fang, you can call me Qinyi.”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Was there such an introduction?

Thus, Fang Jinyu decisively addressed her as “Senior Sister Qinyi.”

Soon, they arrived at the place where the formation was set up.

Fang Jinyu didn’t hesitate and immediately began to set up an array.

However, under the premise of not using any inner energy, Fang Jinyu spent a full four hours setting up three killing arrays.

However, they were all array formations that could kill cultivators who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage!

The scene also caused Senior Sister Qinyi, whose eyes had been gazing at Fang Jinyu the entire way, to instantly turn pale.

The cultivators, who had been watching Fang Jinyu set up the array earlier, retracted their gazes one by one.
Many of them were feeling guilty.

“Not bad.
You’ve only used spirit stones to activate the array formation.
The only pity is that you took too long to set up the array.
Otherwise, how could there be so much time outside for you to set up the array? However, you barely pass!”

The person in charge of the test was a Core Formation stage cultivator.
After he confirmed it, he made some changes to Fang Jinyu’s identity plaque.

At the same time, the name “Yin Wuyi” was added to the list of array masters of the Shenhua Sect.

It could be said to be a way for the Shenhua Sect to promote their array masters.
As long as one entered the list, there would be no shortage of people coming to ask for help in setting up the array in the future.

However, with the three killing formations Fang Jinyu had today, there was a high chance that he wouldn’t have any business in the short term.

It was because most cultivators would find array masters to set up spirit-gathering formations.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu left.

Fang Jinyu didn’t return to the Hall of Rites but went straight to the Law Enforcement Yard.

It was because it was the right timing.

Usually, people would value the words of an array master more than the words of an ordinary cultivator.

Fang Jinyu had made a trip to the Array Formation Palace just to increase his authority.

After Fang Jinyu showed his identity plaque with the mark of an array master, a Core Formation stage cultivator from the Law Enforcement Yard personally came to meet him.

Fang Jinyu took out the “A Day’s Three Reflections Pearl” and told him what had happened.

The Core Formation stage cultivator immediately went to verify it.

A moment later, the Core Formation stage cultivator said, “I already know about this matter.
Martial Nephew Yin, you should go back first.
You will know the outcome of this matter in three days at the latest.”

“Thank you, martial uncle!” Although the cultivator in front of Fang Jinyu was only ranked 1 in the Core Formation stage, he didn’t feel unhappy when he called him “Martial Uncle.”

After all, Fang Jinyu had never been a person who thought highly of himself.

In other words, he was shameless.

Fang Jinyu didn’t take the “A Day’s Three Reflections Pearl.” He stood up and left without asking.

Fang Jinyu wanted to further reveal his wealth as an array master to the public.

In other words, it was to make the other party pay more!

The deacon of the Law Enforcement Yard, who was ranked 1 in the Core Formation stage, saw everything.
He couldn’t help but shake his head slightly when he saw it because he knew that one of his senior brothers was going to pay a huge price this time.

As a member of the Law Enforcement Yard, how could he not know about the tricks in the outer sect’s immortal city?

He could even say that he knew everything.

However, those who did those things were all their people.
As for the families of those outer sect disciples… They were just some outsiders.
Therefore, the Law Enforcement Yard had always turned a blind eye to it.

After all, the Law Enforcement Yard was created by the higher-ups of the Shenhua Sect to facilitate the management and control of those ordinary disciples!

Wouldn’t it be putting the cart before the horse to deal with those disciples with backgrounds?

If an ordinary disciple of the sect with no background came to the Law Enforcement Yard to talk about the matter, after the other party finished speaking, as long as he left the Law Enforcement Yard, he would soon be arrested for a suitable crime!

However, if the person who reported the matter was an array master who had been registered on the Shenhua Sect’s array master list, then everything would be difficult!

At the very least, he couldn’t be dealt with as he dealt with ordinary immortal sect disciples.

Afterward, the deacon who ranked 1 in the Core Formation stage took out a paper crane and said a few words before throwing it away.

In an instant, the paper crane disappeared, but a white crane had already spread its wings and soared into the sky.

It was an even more advanced method of transmitting messages than the Messenger Talisman.

Not only was it safe, but it was also faster!

The next day.

The Shenhua Sect’s Hall of Rites, Fang Jinyu’s courtyard.

“Junior Brother Yin Wuyi, those few Qi Condensation stage cultivators who committed crimes in the immortal city have been eliminated.
As for Liu Zhanyuan, who came to look for you yesterday, he was promoted from a servant disciple.
He’s still in the probationary period.
However, Liu Zhanyuan’s performance is so unbearable that he doesn’t meet the standards of an inner disciple of our Shenhua Sect.
We’ve already expelled him from the sect.”

“Oh, right! Junior brother, this is your superior-grade spirit tool.
And these elixirs, spirit stones, and this formation master’s notes are rewards for your meritorious service that day.”

He was a Foundation Establishment stage disciple from the Law Enforcement Yard.
He smiled and said to Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu nodded, indicating that he understood.

“Senior Brother, thank you for coming to inform me.” As he said this, Fang Jinyu took out the elixir from the reward and handed it to the disciple.
“Senior Brother, you’ve worked hard.”

The Foundation Establishment stage disciple wanted to refuse, but when he saw that it was an elixir, he immediately swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

He wasn’t lacking in spirit stones.


However, which cultivator would find elixirs too little?

“Thank you, Junior Brother Yin Wuyi!” The disciple immediately changed his words.

Fang Jinyu watched as the fellow left, but he was surprised.
After all, it wasn’t the Tianling Sect, and no Grandmaster worked hard to enforce the sect rules.

“Forget it, I’ll collect some interest this time.
A book of notes from a formation master.
It can be considered a capital investment.”

Those who could be called array masters were generally in the Core Formation stage.

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