146 It’s Risky to Cheat by Using My Looks

Once the matter was over, Fang Jinyu’s life became peaceful.
Perhaps the troublemaker knew that Fang Jinyu was not to be trifled with, or perhaps the sect rules of the Shenhua Sect were still somewhat useful.

However, the only thing that Fang Jinyu regretted was that he couldn’t refine elixirs openly.

Fortunately, Fang Jinyu’s talent reached an unprecedented level after obtaining the lightning-attribute Tianling spiritual root.
Coupled with the special nature of the lightning spell, he didn’t need as much spiritual energy as other immortal cultivators.

After comprehending the essence of his current realm, Fang Jinyu only needed to communicate with the power of lightning in the depths of heaven to increase his cultivation!

It was just that… Fang Jinyu’s appearance that day caused many female Qi Condensation stage disciples to come looking for “Martial Uncle Yin Wuyi.” Although he could refuse to see most of them, he couldn’t reject two of them.

Firstly, it was a round-faced little girl whose great-grandfather was a Nascent Soul stage elder.

Secondly, it was the elegant young lady whose grandfather was Qi Erhe.

Fortunately, the sacrifice of Fang Jinyu’s charms wasn’t in vain.
The knowledge of these two people far exceeded their age and cultivation base.

“Martial Uncle Wuyi, you’re asking the right person.
My grandfather is the lord cultivator’s in-name disciple.
He once said that there are only low-tier and high-tier cultivation techniques.
However, above cultivation techniques, there are still the heavenly-merit immortal scriptures!”

Qi Shuxian had an elegant temperament, and she looked like a fairy in a painting.
She continued, “And what is the heavenly-merit immortal scripture?”

“The so-called ‘heavenly merits’ are the heavenly books.
They are formed by heaven and earth and are obscure and difficult to understand.
However, each heavenly book steals the creation of heaven and earth and points straight to the Immortal Ascension stage.
As for ‘immortal scripture,’ it is a cultivation technique created by a sage after comprehending heavenly merits.
It is more suitable for future generations to comprehend.”

After Fang Jinyu heard it, he couldn’t help but fall silent.

It was because the secret technique created by a little girl who deserved a beating was even more obscure and difficult to understand than the lightning technique.

Fang Jinyu felt everything was fine when he first cultivated it.
However, the more he cultivated it, the more he felt that the secret technique was unfathomable.

The first stage of fusing a weapon and refining it into his body was no longer limited to that.

As for the second stage of life prying and finding luck, Fang Jinyu didn’t even know how to describe it.
He only felt that he could cultivate the first stage while he was ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage, but if he wanted to achieve anything in the second stage, he had to at least break through rank 9 in the Core Formation stage.

After all, it was impossible for Fang Jinyu while his gains from the system were so powerful, yet he was stuck at the beginner level of the secret technique and couldn’t achieve anything!

Qi Shuxian continued and said, “The sects of the five ‘immortals’ and 12 lands all have Immortal scriptures.”

“Then what about the heavenly books?”

“The heavenly book once appeared in ancient times, but no one could obtain it after that.
However, my grandfather once said that if there is a person with great luck, perhaps he can use his luck to make the heavenly book once appear.”

“Martial niece, thank you for your guidance.”

Fang Jinyu thanked Qi Shuxian.

It seemed that if Fang Jinyu wanted to obtain the advanced cultivation method of the lightning technique, he could only think of a way to accumulate a huge amount of luck.

“Martial Uncle Wuyi, you’re too polite.
If there is anything you want to know in the future, you can directly look for me.”

Qi Shuxian said as she placed her hand on Fang Jinyu’s body.

Fang Jinyu dodged her hand without batting an eyelid.
Afterward, he thought for a moment and took out a talisman, and said, “This talisman is called the Kui cattle transformation talisman.
Martial niece, please accept it.”

It was a talisman that Fang Jinyu had created based on his abilities.
It was even more powerful than the five-elemental capturing tool and the mystic-core tool, and it lasted longer.

Moreover, as long as its great divine power wasn’t consumed, it could be used repeatedly.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle Wuyi!”

Although Qi Shuxian looked a little disappointed, she was also very happy.

Evidently, it wasn’t because she understood the talisman’s power, but rather just because Fang Jinyu had given it to her.

Fang Jinyu sent Qi Shuxian off with a slight headache.
At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a little relieved.

It was because the other one didn’t come today.

It was clearly a place that only inner disciples could come to.
However, these two relied on their ancestors’ backgrounds to directly enter.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu’s powerful divine sense suddenly sensed that someone was looking at him.

Fang Jinyu immediately looked over.

He discovered that it was a young girl with a graceful figure.
She had a pure and beautiful appearance, like the girl next door.
Although she was wearing a black robe, which made people feel inexplicably gloomy, she gave off a weak feeling that made people want to protect her.

Hence, Fang Jinyu took two steps back.

Although she was more beautiful than Qi Shuxian, it was impossible for Fang Jinyu, a Core Formation stage cultivator, to have such thoughts.

So, the only possibility was that she was Murong Yun!

Only the terrifying luck of the female lead could affect Fang Jinyu silently.

It was something that Grandmaster Meng had repeatedly reminded Fang Jinyu to hide as far away as possible if he discovered someone who was suspected to have had a stroke of strong luck.
It was because such a person often had a terrifying power that even Nascent Soul stage cultivators couldn’t do anything about it!

Thinking of this, Fang Jinyu didn’t hesitate and turned to leave.

However, when Fang Jinyu wanted to leave, the girl took the initiative to say, “Junior Brother Yin, you’re indeed a rare handsome man in this world, just as the rumors say.”

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t stop, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Only a fool would respond!

Although Fang Jinyu once wanted to get in touch with Murong Yun, he expected to have indirect contact.
He didn’t want to have such direct contact with her!

“Junior Brother Yin is really interesting.
Why did I only think of Xia Yi before I was reborn? Xia Yi isn’t the only handsome man in this world, though.”

The black-robed girl wasn’t angry.
She just found it interesting.

After all, one could change their impressions after seeing a good-looking person.

The black-robed young lady was Murong Yun.

Murong Yun had been in closed-door cultivation all this time.
Today, she had broken through to the late-stage Foundation Establishment and only ended her closed-door cultivation.

Murong Yun had a very good aptitude and had a water-attribute Tianling spiritual root.
After her “rebirth,” she had been cultivating hard.
Not only did she break through the Foundation Establishment stage, but she also only used three years to break through to rank 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

In the cultivation world, strength was the foundation!

Murong Yun had a deep understanding of it after her “reborn.” If she had cultivated hard before her “rebirth,” how could she have been killed?

“Although the idea that all the male cultivators in the Goddess Sect are human cultivation vessels is ridiculous, it’s not completely without merit.
After all, no matter what happens to the Godness Sect, there will always have an Incarnation stage lord cultivator in charge.”

She had been thinking about it ever since her “rebirth.”

It was because there was a secret realm of the Goddess Sect in her “reborn memories!” That mystic realm was very unique because even the Goddess Sect itself thought it was a rumor, but it was true!

“In her previous life, although Shi Wushuang gave up after obtaining it, she also had a chance to reach the Incarnation stage because of the opportunity.”

“But this time, Shi Wushuang, your opportunity belongs to me!”

Murong Yun made up her mind and immediately took action.

Fang Jinyu naturally didn’t know where Murong Yun was going because, at the beginning of the book, it was Murong Yun who had snatched Shi Wushuang’s opportunity to obtain the “immortal seed.” As for what had happened before, he didn’t know at all.

“Murong Yun also likes to wear black robes?”

Fang Jinyu frowned slightly.
At this moment, his expression suddenly changed slightly, and he subconsciously looked up.

After cultivating the fortune-telling technique for so many years, Fang Jinyu had already mastered the fortune-telling technique that he had obtained from Du Maner’s opportunity.

However, it wasn’t that Fang Jinyu couldn’t reach perfection, but that the fortune-telling technique was incomplete.

Under the premise that the secret technique was incomplete, Fang Jinyu could still cultivate it to phenomenal success.
It could only be said that the gains given by the system were awesome!

It was also because of this that Fang Jinyu’s perception of his luck had already reached an extremely sensitive level.

Previously, Fang Jinyu’s luck was as thick as a chopstick.

It wasn’t weak, but it wasn’t very strong either.
It could only be said that it was slightly stronger than most people.

However, at this moment, Fang Jinyu looked over and realized that his luck was rapidly growing.
Moreover, he was vaguely “connected” to someone.

“What’s with my luck?”

How could luck grow for no reason?

Fang Jinyu didn’t have any fortuitous encounters recently.
Although joining the Shenhua Sect would bring him some luck, it was just a little.
It was negligible, but now, his luck had increased by more than ten times!

Fang Jinyu was like a passerby in a movie who had suddenly become an important supporting role.

The situation made Fang Jinyu bewildered.

Thus, Fang Jinyu tried to find out why his luck had increased for no reason.

Naturally, Fang Jinyu failed to find it.

Moreover, what was strange was that after Fang Jinyu’s luck had strengthened to a certain extent, it only remained unchanged for seven or eight days before it suddenly soared again.

Fang Jinyu once again experienced the feeling of having an ocean of luck.

However, Fang Jinyu couldn’t use it as a medium to communicate with heaven and earth like last time.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t even use it to activate his fortune-telling technique.

It was because this kind of luck was “superficial and powerless,” just like Junior Sister Sun of the Tianling Sect.
It was filled with a sense of emptiness.

“It’s like I gained this luck because the other person I’m related to gains it.
The source of luck is another person, and I’m just a bystander.”

Although he didn’t find the reason for the increase in luck, Fang Jinyu had some guesses.

One day, when the luck that was full of “emptiness” no longer grew, Fang Jinyu also met someone.

Her petite body was wrapped in a black robe.
Her white palms were on the table, and her clear eyes were staring straight at Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu took the initiative to ask, “Senior sister, may I know why you are looking for me?”

“Junior brother, can you master this spell?”

Murong Yun didn’t say much, and she only took out a jade piece.

Fang Jinyu took it and scanned it with his divine sense.
He realized that it was only a short but somewhat strange spell.

“Senior sister, what kind of spell is this?”

Murong Yun said bluntly, “This is a spell used to break an array.
It requires two people to use it at the same time.
I’ve mastered it, but I can’t find a suitable partner.”

“Then why did you find me?” Fang Jinyu looked at her.

Through the introduction just now, Fang Jinyu already knew that she was Murong Yun.

Fang Jinyu had expected it, but at the same time, he was a little surprised too.

“Naturally, it’s because you’re good-looking.” Murong Yun couldn’t help but purse her lips into a smile.
At a close distance, she found that the “Yin Wuyi” in front of her wasn’t inferior to Xia Yi she had seen before her “rebirth” in the aspect of appearance.

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