147 Three-Headed and Six-Armed

For a moment, Fang Jinyu only felt that the jade slip in his hand was troublesome.


It was impossible.

But reject?

How did Fang Jinyu dare reject someone with heaven-defying luck? Although it wasn’t equivalent to death, it also meant that he would be in big trouble.

When looking at Fang Jin Yu’s helpless appearance, Murong Yun narrowed her eyes and smiled lightly, “Junior brother, am I that scary? Why are you so hesitant?”

Fang Jinyu nodded.

What is the difference between a protagonist and a jinx?

Even Fang Jinyu’s “Senior Brother Meng” had been acting cowardly in front of Su Yier back then.
If Su Yier’s luck hadn’t been at its end, Grandmaster Meng wouldn’t have intervened and even allowed the Heaven-Earth Bell to remain in her hands.

When Murong Yun saw Fang Jinyu’s response, she was naturally stunned, because she didn’t expect that he would actually nod, so she rolled her eyes at him and said, “Actually, I came to find you because I heard from them that you’re very knowledgeable in forming killing arrays.
Although you’re a middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, you can set up a killing array that can kill a cultivator who ranks 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage without using any inner energy and only using spirit stones.”

“Then let me try.”

Fang Jinyu could only nod his head and agree.
After all, Murong Yun had already said so much.

Moreover, it was also in line with Fang Jinyu’s original plan, to get in touch with Murong Yun and see whether she was like what was described in the extraordinary book.

Fang Jinyu wouldn’t believe in rumors, he would only believe something after he saw it with his eyes.

Murong Yun stood up and said, “Alright then.
Junior brother, I won’t disturb you.
No one will disturb you for a while.
Those outer disciples should come less often to the inner sect.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister Murong.” Fang Jinyu stood up and thanked her.

It was exactly what Fang Jinyu wanted.

Although Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer’s knowledge had indeed helped Fang Jinyu resolve many of his questions, he no longer needed them.

It was time to burn the bridge after crossing it.

Yin Xueer was a round-faced little girl with a great-grandfather who was a Nascent Soul stage elder.
It could only be said that these people from great families benefited from the excellent cultivation environment and were naturally far superior to ordinary cultivators.

The moment Murong Yun left, Fang Jinyu destroyed the jade slip in his hand.

After that, nothing happened.

“It seems that it is just an ordinary jade slip that records spells.”

Only then did Fang Jinyu feel at ease and begin to comprehend the spell.
There were only seven sentences in the spell, but each sentence was contradictory.
Just like the first sentence, which claimed to be the sharpest spear in the world, and could pierce every shield in the world.
However, the following sentence mentioned that no spear could pierce through the strongest shield in the world!

If it were anyone else, the more they comprehended, the angrier they would be, but Fang Jinyu was still calm.

Fang Jinyu had spent the entire day comprehending without any results.

Afterward, a text box appeared.

“It really is a method to break the formation.
Moreover, it is related to the killing formation.

Fang Jinyu frowned slightly.
As the comprehension in his mind spread out, he didn’t know why, but he felt a sense of familiarity.

Suddenly, Fang Jinyu’s heart moved.

“The sorcery cultivation technique”

After some comparison, Fang Jinyu confirmed that the array that Murong Yun wanted to break was indeed related to that dark land! It was because these seven sentences had some similarities with the sorcery cultivation technique he comprehended back then.

“There isn’t any problem with the spell, but I’ll cultivate it in a few days.”

Fang Jinyu decided to study the spell for a few more days.
With the sorcery cultivation technique, although there was no direct connection between the two, he had been to the dark land and was quite familiar with it.
Therefore, it wasn’t difficult for him to master the seven spells.
It only took a moment.

However, it was precisely because Fang Jinyu had been to the dark land that he had lingering fears.

Fang Jinyu was afraid that there would be hidden dangers in these seven sentences.

To Murong Yun, the hidden dangers might be a huge opportunity.
However, to Fang Jinyu, it might be a miserable life!

Fang Jinyu had never forgotten that sentence from the past, ” You can avoid death, but you can’t escape punishment.
I’ll sentence you to half of your sentence.”

After all, Fang Jinyu had forgotten how to seek revenge Oh, it was breaking the karma.

The next day, Fang Jinyu was still comprehending the seven-sentence spell.
However, he only improved his comprehension a little.
At the same time, it added a new killing move to the sorcery cultivation technique that he had created.
However, it wasn’t of much use because its power was too low.
It wasn’t as lethal as Fang Jinyu’s casual attack.

However, if it was in a dark land, the power of the killer move might be multiplied.

After another day of comprehension, even the gains from the system couldn’t bring any new changes.
It was obvious that the seven-sentence spell had reached its limit.

Thus, Fang Jinyu spent the time it took to brew a cup of tea to cultivate the seven-sentence spell.
In less than an hour, he had already mastered it.

At this point, Fang Jinyu stopped cultivating.

If it was only used to break the array, the phenomenal success seven-sentence spell was more than enough.

Fang Jinyu didn’t go to find Murong Yun.
On the other hand, Murong Yun really did what she said before.
In the next half a month, no one came to find Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu was naturally at ease.
He communicated with the power of lightning in the depths of the heavens to increase his magical power.

After half a month of bitter cultivation, Fang Jinyu’s magical power had improved a lot.

Although it wasn’t enough to break through to rank 4 in the Core Formation stage, he would definitely be able to break through it after one or two years of hard work!

“After I formed a first-grade core, its quality increased by half a grade.
My cultivation efficiency has already caught up to half of what it was when I cultivated with the help of elixirs” Fang Jinyu’s eyes flashed.

It was undoubtedly good news for Fang Jinyu.
It was because the higher one’s cultivation base, the harder it was to obtain the corresponding spirit herbs.

Spirit herbs would undergo a qualitative change after five hundred years.

In another five hundred years, the quality of a thousand-year-old spirit herb would be even more unimaginable.

Therefore, it was difficult for one to obtain enough thousand-year-old spiritual herbs.

It was said that there were also 3,000-year-old spirit herbs that could cultivate like spirit beasts.
In the end, they could even break through the Nascent Soul stage.
It was rumored that when the spirit herb broke through the Nascent Soul stage, its fragrance filled almost half of the Cave Lake Realm.
Some Qi Condensation stage cultivators who were close to it had their cultivation base increased by one level with just a whiff of the fragrance!

On this day, Fang Jinyu realized that someone had arrived.

“Senior Sister Murong.”

Fang Jinyu let the puppets allow her to enter and went out to welcome him.

After all, Fang Jinyu looked like he was only a middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, while Murong Yun was a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.
On the path of cultivation, the one who reached the top came first!

Murong Yun asked with a smile, “Junior brother, how is your cultivation?”

Fang Jinyu nodded and said, “I’ve made some progress.”

Murong Yun couldn’t help but praise, “Junior brother, you’re indeed talented in the killing array formation.” It was because of the part that she cultivated, if it wasn’t for the guidance of a remnant soul’s divine sense, she definitely wouldn’t have been able to cultivate it.
Unfortunately, after the remnant soul found out that her enemy had disappeared, it laughed and died.

Fang Jinyu replied casually, “Senior Murong, you flatter me.”

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll give you the formation map that we agreed on earlier.” Murong Yun took out a drawing and handed it to Fang Jin Yu.

Fang Jinyu didn’t look at it.
He pretended to put it in his “storage ring,” but in reality, he put it in his “mystery realm.”

Fang Jinyu didn’t care about the formation map.
He just wanted to end the matter quickly.

“Junior brother, please follow me!”

“Senior Sister Murong didn’t bring it?”

“Junior brother, this place is like a sieve.
How can I be at ease with it?” Murong Yun glanced at Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu’s brows raised slightly.
He knew that the Hall of Rites wasn’t very guarded and that he had already set up an array in private.
However, he felt that there was no need to explain it to Murong Yun, so he nodded.

Fang Jinyu followed Murong Yun to the place where she lived.
Afterward, he was surprised to find that, with just a glance, he saw no less than three defensive arrays and twelve warning-restrictive enchantments.
Among them, other than four spirit tools that turned into a killing array, there was a damaged magic treasure that acted as the array core.

“How careful is this woman?”

Looking at the arrays that were twice as many as his own, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little amazed.
At the same time, he retracted his messy thoughts and became even more cautious.

One had to know that it was the Shenhua Sect!

Fang Jinyu could understand her actions if they were in the wilderness.
After all, if he had been there, he might have set up more defensive arrays.
However, he didn’t understand if there was a need to do so in the Shenhua Sect.

However, Murong Yun was indeed worthy of being treated as the main character.
Seeing that she used a damaged magic treasure as the array core, it was obvious that she had at least one intact magic treasure!

“Junior brother, did you see anything?”

Fang Jinyu hid the most important part and deliberately avoided the important part.

“Junior Brother’s attainments in array formations are indeed profound.
I believe that only those Core Formation stage martial uncles could be better than you.”Murong Yun slightly narrowed her eyes and then laughed lightly.

“Indeed.” Fang Jinyu wasn’t humble in this matter.
Instead, he admitted it directly.

It was because Fang Jinyu had already decided to make a name for himself as an array master!

“Junior brother, you’re really interesting.” Murong Yun couldn’t help but look at Fang Jinyu.
When she said this, her heart was relieved.

Soon, Fang Jinyu saw the thing that Murong Yun wanted him to help solve.

It was a stone statue.

It was three-headed and six-armed.
The three heads were, respectively, a beautiful woman, a heaven’s daughter, and a fairy.
They presented a fierce and angry appearance, a merciful appearance, and an ethereal appearance.

Fang Jinyu was stunned when he saw the stone statue.

It was because he had a similar one, but it was the ghost-faced Buddha.
He had obtained it from Du Maner.

“Could it be the Goddess Sect again?”

Fang Jinyu was bewildered, but he didn’t reveal anything.
He immediately began to join forces with Murong Yun to break the array.

However, when they joined hands, a problem appeared.
It was because Murong Yun had only cultivated her spell to the beginner level and hadn’t even reached minor success!

“Senior Sister Murong, you’ve only cultivated it to the beginner level?” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be a little stunned.

“Junior brother, is this what you meant by minor success?” Murong Yun was stunned.
She thought that Fang Jinyu had only cultivated the seven-sentence spell to minor success, or perhaps the beginner level.

Murong Yun didn’t expect that Fang Jinyu would reach phenomenal success!

Fang Jinyu thought for a moment and said, “I should be able to crack it if I control it.”

“Oh! Oh!” Murong Yun responded twice but was somewhat embarrassed.

Since Fang Jinyu could obtain gains from the system, other than Qing Fu’s “I eat a lot, but I’m super strong,” the rest They were all easy peasy!

Soon, Fang Jinyu joined forces with Murong Yun to break the sealing array on the stone statue.
Murong Yun immediately obtained what she wanted.
It was a ball of ethereal energy that surged out from the stone statue.
After a change, it entered Murong Yun’s body.

As for Fang Jinyu At this moment, he had also obtained something.

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