There’s a Great Core Formation Stage Cultivator Out of Her Mind

Fang Jinyu’s started to be famous.

He had achieved a success rate of 60% in the refinement of an elixir for cultivators in the Qi Condensation stage, as his elixir formation rate was rising day by day.
Even the sect leader summoned Fang Jinyu to give him a round of encouragement and praise.

The sect leader did it not because he was treating Fang Jinyu differently but because… It was the primary job of a sect leader.

After all, a Holy Alchemist’s success rate was 70%!

Fang Jinyu had only revealed a 60% success rate, and it was only the success rate of refining the Qi Condensation stage elixirs.
However, the success rate indicated Fang Jinyu could also have such a high success rate when he refined Foundation Establishment stage elixirs in the future.

If he continued to refine elixirs for a long time, he might even become a Holy Alchemist!

Then, Fang Jinyu successfully obtained the formula for making Foundation Establishment stage elixirs and was allowed to exchange them for spirit herbs.

Unlike the Qi Condensation stage elixir formulas and spirit herbs, the Foundation Establishment stage elixir formulas and spirit herbs could only be rented or exchanged after one had obtained the qualification.

The Qi Condensation stage, after all, was still a part of the mortal world.
However, the Foundation Establishment stage was the beginning of transcendence.

Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were the core strength of each sect.

Even if a sect had a Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster, as long as there were too few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators, the decline of the sect would be close.

Today, Fang Jinyu began to refine Foundation Establishment stage elixirs.

It was also the day that Fang Jinyu blew up his alchemy furnace once again.

He was using a spiritual alchemy furnace.
Although it was only a low-tier spiritual alchemy furnace, it had an extraordinary power.
Hence, it directly destroyed three alchemy rooms.

It was because the three alchemy rooms were next to each other.

Fang Jinyu, however, managed to flee the alchemy room just as the furnace blew up.
After all, he practiced the supreme wind-thunder scripture, one of the Nine Desolations’ top 100 techniques.

His escape technique was at the fastest speed a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator could reach!

However, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in the other two alchemy rooms were unlucky and ran out with their faces covered in dirt.
It was their first time trying to refine Foundation Establishment stage elixirs, and it was hard for them to avoid blowing up the alchemy furnace.
If not for the fact that they were all from the same sect and were not sure about their strength in refining elixirs, the two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators would definitely have attacked Fang Jinyu!

However, Fang Jinyu also paid a huge sum in spirit stones.

The penalty had emptied more than half of his savings!

“Only 20000 spirit stones are left.”

Fang Jinyu sighed in his heart, feeling as if he had returned to his original state.

Fortunately, Fang Jinyu didn’t blow up his alchemy furnace again.
After all, he was a man who cheated.

Fang Jinyu started to sell 10% of the elixirs to the public when he reached a success rate of 30% in refining the Foundation Establishment stage elixirs.
He wanted to let the others know he could refine Foundation Establishment stage elixirs.

Moreover, it was because Fang Jinyu was short on money, and he had no choice but to exchange for some spirit stones.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t refining the Spirit Summoning Elixir.
He had only refined the Mini Entry-Level Elixir, which was suitable for the cultivators who ranked 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
Even though he had just refined the Mini Entry-Level Elixir, it was still valuable, and one elixir would cost 300 spirit stones.

It costs 15 times the price of an elixir for cultivators at the Qi Condensation stage.

By selling 70 mini entry-level elixirs, Fang Jinyu had earned 21000 spirit stones!

It made Fang Jinyu sigh, “It’s so easy to earn spirit stones at the Foundation Establishment stage!”

“How many spirit stones are needed to exchange for a spirit pearl that only trades between Core Formation stage cultivators?” Fang Jinyu could not help but think of the three magic treasures hidden in the Lingdu Secret Realm.
Other than feeding them with the inner energy of a Core Formation stage cultivator, the spiritual energy of the spirit pearl could barely refine them.

Cultivators used spirit stones as currency in the Qi Condensation stage, the Foundation Establishment stage, sects, the imperial court, and the mortal world.
Spirit stones were usually mined from the mountains near the spirit vein, so they often had irregular shapes.

As for spirit pearls, they were products that gathered the essence of heaven and earth.
The common spiritual pearls were fire-spirit pearls, water-spirit pearls, earth-spirit pearls, wood-spirit pearls, and metal-spirit pearls, which were also the spiritual pearls of the five elements.

The spiritual energy in the spirit pearls was purer than the inner energy of some Core Formation stage cultivators.
Hence, the spirit pearls were often monopolized by the Core Formation stage cultivators.

Of course, a few spirit pearls were collected by some Foundation Establishment stage cultivators and even Qi Condensation stage cultivators.

Fang Jinyu had read in a book that a sporadic lightning-spirit pearl was collected by a cultivator who ranked 1 in the Qi Condensation stage.
However, the cultivator wasn’t in the Nine Desolations but on another cultivation continent.

From what Fang Jinyu knew, another cultivation continent would suddenly appear near the Nine Desolations in another ten years and then crash into the Nine Desolations.

The various natural disasters brought about by the crash instantly destroyed two sects!

Only the great Core Formation stage cultivators escaped after being severely injured.

However, these were still too far away from him, so Fang Jinyu could only suppress his thoughts and prepare to start his closed-door cultivation.
Even though the Mini Entry-Level Elixir was inferior to the Spirit Summoning Elixir, it was still enough to improve Fang Jinyu’s cultivation base to rank 2 in the Foundation Establishment stage!

“There’s still a month before the opening of the Lingdu Secret Realm.
I should be able to break through before it.” As a person who was good at taking advantage, Fang Jinyu was confident in his abilities.

However, he still had one more thing to do before he started his closed-door cultivation.

He strolled to the outside of the alchemy room.
Fang Jinyu could sense the little girl’s location without using his spiritual will since it was a feeling that originated from his fortune-telling technique.

When Fang Jinyu went over, he saw the little girl surrounded by a few Qi Condensation stage disciples.

The little girl was delighted.

However, when the Qi Condensation stage disciples saw Fang Jinyu, they quickly bowed and left.

“I didn’t expect you to be so popular.” Fang Jinyu could not help but say.

However, his words earned him the little girl’s eye roll.

“Are you stupid? You, Fang Jinyu, now have the potential to become a Holy Alchemist.
Why do you think they will like me? It’s clearly because of you.
They’re just trying to curry favor with you indirectly.” This little girl looked at him as if he was an idiot.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t angry since he was used to it.
He believed it was because his considerate greetings from the other day had been deeply rooted in the little girl’s heart.
It caused her to talk sarcastically to him after they had gotten to know each other.

Besides, it was because a temporary aura surged out of the little girl’s body when she was angry.

Although the aura immediately disappeared, Fang Jinyu had coincidentally experienced it three times!

When fighting the scammers of the dark market, Fang Jinyu purposefully used the storm-borrowing technique of the storm-raging technique.
Fang Jinyu experienced the aura when the fight attracted the three Core Formation stage cultivators!

Therefore, if he was right, the little girl was a Core Formation stage cultivator who had an accident…

While Fang Jinyu was lamenting the unpredictability of the fortune-telling technique, he couldn’t help but feel a little excited.
Even if there was an accident, the little girl was still a Core Formation stage cultivator!

Hence, wouldn’t he be able to ride her coattails if she recovered?

Of course, if he had broken through the Core Formation stage by then and the little girl had just recovered, he would pretend that he never said such a thing…

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