152 I Have a Flexible Bottom Line

Although the Shenhua Sect was located in a mountain range, it wasn’t a desolate place.
There were even more than ten immortal dynasties of different sizes nearby.

However, the immortal dynasties were just like the immortal cities.
It was just a facade.

It was just that when the immortal cities used the power of the Shenhua Sect and grew stronger, to take care of their descendants without spiritual roots, they simply established immortal dynasties to protect their families and allow them to enjoy glory and wealth.

In the immortal dynasty, other than the mortals who were related to the local immortal city, there were also some other descendants of the Core Formation stage cultivators and the Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

Any immortal dynasty could be said to like this kind of person the most.

It was because they could use the smallest price to gain the greatest favor.

After all, an authentic Core Formation stage cultivator had a lifespan of 500 years.
Moreover, even Core Formation stage cultivators without magic treasures or immortal seeds had extremely powerful combat strength.

Therefore, a favor from a Core Formation stage cultivator was very useful.

Not to mention the Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

At this moment, Fang Jinyu had already driven a bolt of lightning and arrived at an immortal dynasty called “Shangqi.”

The mystic realm that had just appeared belonged to this immortal dynasty.

In the Shangqi Immortal Dynasty, there were 136 cultivation families.
Most of them had Foundation Establishment stage cultivators as their main combat forces, but there were also a few that had Core Formation stage cultivators as their main combat forces.

Even though there were a lot of “counterfeit Core Formation stage cultivators” in Demon-extinguishing Immortal City, not all immortal cultivation families could have them.

Moreover, unless it was necessary, the cultivation families didn’t want to create such “counterfeit Core Formation stage cultivators.” It was because not only did it require a large number of family resources, but the “counterfeit Core Formation stage cultivators” could only live for more than a hundred years.
Especially in terms of combat strength, it couldn’t be compared to an actual Core Formation stage cultivator.

“Counterfeit Core Formation stage cultivators” would require a lot of inner energy to control a superior-grade spirit tool.
However, a real Core Formation stage cultivator could wield a superior-grade spirit tool like his arm.

However, although the families’ main combat forces weren’t that powerful, they had joined forces and did a good job at blocking the news.

The commotion caused by the appearance of the mystic realm was huge.
Even people with high cultivation bases hundreds of miles away could sense some of it.
However, none of the Nascent Soul stage cultivators of the Shenhua Sect sensed it!

After finding the location of the mystic realm, Fang Jinyu directly sent down lightning.

However, before Fang Jinyu could get close, two Core Formation stage cultivators appeared and stopped him.

The two Core Formation stage cultivators warned sternly, “Fellow Daoist, this mystic realm is something we’re prepared to offer to the Shenhua Sect.
Please retreat and don’t cause trouble.
Otherwise, when the time comes, you won’t be able to bear the crime of provoking the Shenhua Sect!”

Fang Jinyu didn’t say anything and just glanced at them.

The two Core Formation stage cultivators experienced the immediate sensation of being struck by lightning.
However, they were far from being as unbearable as the disciple from the Zhudao Sect.
After all, they were genuine Core Formation stage cultivators, so they only retreated a little with pale faces.

“Fellow Daoists, can you move aside now?” Only then did Fang Jinyu speak.
His tone was calm, but the warning in his words was obvious.

“Please, fellow Daoist.”

Immediately, the two Core Formation stage cultivators decided to let him go.

They were very clear about the difference in strength between Core Formation stage cultivators.

If the difference in strength between Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could be smoothed out with authentic spirit bloodlines, great divine powers, and superior-grade spirit tools, then the difference in strength between Core Formation stage cultivators could sometimes not be smoothed out even with a magic treasure!

Especially the “little immortal king,” who had an immortal seed.
Ordinary Core Formation stage cultivators weren’t a match for them!

“Thank you so much!”

Fang Jinyu cupped his fists and turned into a bolt of lightning, entering the mystic realm.

This mystic realm might have been formed naturally, so there was no beautiful scenery.
Not only was the world relatively narrow, but it was also filled with poisonous gas, mud, and desert.
It was a silent atmosphere.

However, at this moment, the little girl, Qing Fu, was muttering non-stop in Fang Jinyu’s heart.
Therefore, not only did Fang Jinyu know where she was, but he also knew where there were good things.

Seeing how energetic Qing Fu was, Fang Jinyu immediately decided to take a few heavenly materials and earthly treasures along the way.

It was because two of them were lightning-attributed items that suppressed luck.

According to the nine grades of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, it was as high as grade seven, the same grade as the Cloudy Jellyfish Grass that could create spiritual roots from nothing!

It was a good thing that couldn’t be bought unless one took out something of equal value and bartered it with others.

Fang Jinyu believed that if he fed the two lightning-attribute items that could suppress luck to his magic treasure, the lightning-attribute mountain, its effect in suppressing luck could be compared to the heavenly spirit magical diagram mentioned by the people from the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City’s Spiritual Treasure Pavilion!

At this moment, since a certain little girl had attracted the cultivators who were finding the path from those families, Fang Jinyu had no resistance and took all the heavenly materials and earthly treasures he encountered into his pocket.

As for Fang Jinyu’s late arrival, a certain little girl was naturally very dissatisfied.
She said, “Mother! If you hadn’t come, they would have set fire to me!”

Fang Jinyu replied to her in his heart, “If you give up that magic treasure, you can come out immediately.”

Qing Fu was originally fine after entering the mystic realm, but she revealed her Nascent Soul stage aura, so the mystic realm began to reject her.

Originally, she could have just followed the expulsion and left, but she was unwilling and insisted on taking the magic treasure in the mystic realm away.

Hence, the little girl started to waste her time in this mystic realm.

At this moment, the cultivators who were finding the path from the families discovered the little girl and decided to kill her without thinking.
Of course, they couldn’t do anything to the little girl.


However, Fang Jinyu immediately made his move.
A monstrous lightning bolt descended and instantly cleared the area.
Since these people had the intention to kill Qing Fu, Fang Jinyu would naturally not hold back.
Afterward, he raised his hand and chanted an incantation.
The magic treasure here fell into his hand.

It was a brocade handkerchief.

It had a squarish shape, formed by nature.
One side was yin, and the other side was yang.

Five of them had already taken shape in their magic domains.

Seeing it, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be a little shocked.
At the same time, he was enlightened.
No wonder the little girl didn’t hesitate to waste time in this mystic realm.

Magic treasures were ranked according to the number of magic domains within them.
Magic treasures with only one magic domain were undoubtedly the weakest among magic treasures, while magic treasures with five magic domains were the strongest among magic treasures!

In other words, the magic treasure that the little girl found was top-notch among the magic treasures!

Although Fang Jinyu had obtained many magic treasures, none of them could compare to the Yin and Yang Brocade Handkerchief.

At this moment, a petite figure appeared in front of Fang Jinyu.

Afterward, a fair and tender hand reached out.

Fang Jinyu rolled his eyes at her and said, “If I give it to you, can you take it out? Moreover, I used the three-year agreement method just now.
Now, it can only stay in my body for three years.”

Although the three-year agreement was overbearing, it also restricted Fang Jinyu while restricting the magic treasure.

“Mother, are you thinking of keeping it for yourself?” When a certain little girl retracted her hand, she glanced at him suspiciously.

Fang Jinyu asked, “Will I be able to swallow all five magic domains?”

Fang Jinyu was confident in refining the magic treasures with three magic domains.

It depended on luck for Fang Jinyu to refine magic treasures with four magic domains.

As for a top-notch magic treasure like the Yin and Yang Brocade Handkerchief with five magic domains, Fang Jinyu was powerless.
It was because if one wanted to refine such a top-notch magic treasure, one would need at least the magical power of the Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

“Oh, Mother! It turns out that you don’t know how to do it!” The little girl suddenly understood the situation and then smiled happily.

When Fang Jinyu heard it, he immediately understood.
This little girl most likely had a secret technique that could allow Core Formation stage cultivators to refine magic treasures with five magic domains!

Therefore, Fang Jinyu said righteously, “You’re seizing a gentleman with a villain’s heart.”

Qing Fu glanced at Fang Jinyu again, and a thoughtful look appeared on her delicate little face.
Afterward, she blinked and said, “Then… Mother, I’ll teach you a secret technique that allows you to refine magic treasures with five magic domains by only using your early-stage Core Formation magical power.
What do you think?”

Fang Jinyu asked with a smile, “Can you lend me this Yin and Yang Brocade Handkerchief for a while? I feel that my luck has been a little weak recently.”

The little girl pouted and asked, “Where’s your gentleman?”

“I just fed it to the dogs.”

As Fang Jinyu spoke, he looked outside the mystic realm.

It was because, within the range of his divine sense, several cultivators with powerful auras had appeared.

When he went out, a few Core Formation stage cultivators immediately surrounded him.
The person in the lead had the most shocking aura.
He was a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Core Formation stage.

He was a man who looked to be in his thirties.
His expression was arrogant.
When he saw Fang Jinyu walk out of the mystic realm, he coldly berated him, “How dare you trespass into the secret realm of our Shenhua Sect? Hand over what you obtained in the secret realm, and I’ll spare your life!”

Fang Jinyu said calmly, “Senior brother, do you think there’s a possibility that I’m actually a disciple of the Shenhua Sect?”

“How dare you impersonate someone from our Shenhua Sect!” However, the person went furious.
Then, he directly attacked.

Seeing the scene, Fang Jinyu immediately knew that the person was planning to set the tone for the matter so that he could take most of the benefits in the mystic realm for himself.
Otherwise, the mystic realm would be handed over to the Shenhua Sect later.

The cultivator had used a magic treasure as soon as he attacked.
It was obvious that he was prepared to kill him in one fell swoop with a thunderous strike.

It was a magic treasure in the shape of a lamp.

As the Core Formation stage cultivator used his magical powers, a fire curtain was instantly released.

It wasn’t an ordinary flame but an extremely powerful spiritual fire.

Therefore, when the fire curtain fell, “Fang Jinyu” was reduced to ashes.
However, before the Core Formation stage cultivator could rejoice, Fang Jinyu’s figure appeared beside him.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes flashed, and a powerful divine sense attack instantly caused the Core Formation stage cultivator to lose his mind.

When he woke up, he realized that the magic treasure in his hand had already changed owners.

“Thank you, senior brother.”

Fang Jinyu’s slightly mocking voice sounded.

However, Fang Jinyu had already disappeared without a trace.
There was only a bolt of lightning in the distance.

The lightning escape technique was extremely fast, but it took Fang Jinyu a day to return to the Shenhua Sect.
Then, based on the principle of striking first, he immediately reported the matter of the mystic realm to the Shenhua Sect.

Fang Jinyu obviously couldn’t get anything from the mystic realm, so he might as well give it up and let nobody get it.

At this moment, a Foundation Establishment stage inner disciple came over and said that there was a Ten Thousand Miles Letter to Fang Jinyu.
It was a special method of communication in the upper realm.
Every time it was used, it would cost tens of thousands of spirit stones.

Fang Jinyu asked, “Where did the Ten Thousand Miles Letter come from?”

“Martial uncle, it’s a Ten Thousand Miles Letter from the Fishery Sect.”

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