164 Half of the Female Lead Who Was Led Astray

Fang Jinyu stepped out.
He had taken the initiative to dispel the concealment of the secret technique, and the one who had attacked just now was naturally him.
Although the disciple of the Law Enforcement Yard didn’t offend him, coincidentally, he reminded him of the memory he had when he first entered the sect.

Although they were different people, had different events, and weren’t directly related to Fang Jinyu, their attitudes were completely the same!

“Uncle Wuyi!”

Shi Wushuang immediately jumped into Fang Jinyu’s arms happily.
She rolled her eyes and smiled.”Uncle Wuyi, when did you end your closed-door cultivation?”

Fang Jinyu was about to answer when he suddenly turned his head to look in a different direction.
A moment later, he saw a Core Formation stage cultivator appear.

“Junior Brother Yin, aren’t you too ruthless?”

The Core Formation stage cultivator glanced at the disciple of the Law Enforcement Yard who had fallen to the ground and he immediately changed his expressions.

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

What else could he say?

It could only be said that it was indeed a melodramatic plot that the main character had to encounter! Fang Jinyu had just helped Shi Wushuang defeat a young villain, and now an older villain appeared!

Therefore, Fang Jinyu pretended to be indifferent and said, “Senior brother, what right do you have to say whether I’m ruthless or not?”

“How dare you!”

The Core Formation stage cultivator was instantly furious.
He released the aura of his cultivation, which ranked 7 in the Core Formation stage, and said, “Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me with such an attitude? I’ll teach you a lesson today and let you know the difference between a Core Formation stage rogue cultivator and a Core Formation stage from an orthodox immortal sect like me! You’re just lucky to have a first-grade core!”

Fang Jinyu asked expressionlessly, “Senior brother, then may I ask what grade of core you have formed?”


The Core Formation stage cultivator was instantly furious.
He glared at “Yin Wuyi” as if he were saying, “Don’t embarrass me with this matter.
Do you understand?”

Therefore, in a fit of embarrassment, the Core Formation stage cultivator attacked directly.

The Core Formation stage cultivator even used a sword-shaped magic treasure!

The magic treasure was three inches long, but it grew longer with the wind.
In an instant, it turned into a huge sword and slashed down with layers of sword shadows!

Seeing the scene, Fang Jinyu didn’t use his magic treasure, the lightning-attribute mountain, to fight the enemy.
He waved his hand, and a golden lamp appeared in his palm.

The golden lamp spun, and a spiritual fire jumped out from the wick.

Although Fang Jinyu couldn’t name the flame, its power wasn’t inferior to his purple-volt spiritual fire.

The lamp-shaped magic treasure was something Fang Jinyu had snatched from a Core Formation stage cultivator of the Shenhua Sect when he went to the mystic realm to “save” Qing Fu that day.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Core Formation stage cultivator wasn’t capable enough and his cultivation base was too weak, he wouldn’t have allowed Fang Jinyu to take the opportunity to snatch the magic treasure away in just one round.

The spiritual fire turned into a fire net, instantly burning the Core Formation stage cultivator’s expression to the point that it changed drastically.

However, it wasn’t because of the power of the spiritual fire.

The Core Formation stage cultivator asked, “Why is this golden spiritual fire lamp in your hands?”

“Naturally, it was the senior brother who originally had the magic treasure who gave it to me.” As Fang Jinyu said it, he formed a seal, and the spiritual fire immediately changed.

With a thunderous roar, the power of the flame immediately soared, directly tearing apart the layers of sword shadows.

In an instant, a soft wail came from the sword-shaped magic treasure in the Core Formation stage cultivator’s hand.

The layers of sword shadows were formed by the magic domains within the magic treasure.

Now that the magic domains were broken, the magic treasure was naturally damaged as well.
However, it wasn’t seriously damaged.
It only needed a Core Formation stage cultivator’s inner energy to nourish him for half a year, and it would recover to its original state.

It also shocked the Core Formation stage cultivator.
He didn’t expect that “Yin Wuyi” could still activate the power of the golden spiritual fire lamp to such an extent, even when he was indirectly controlling the magic treasure.

Whether it was his sword-type magic treasure or the golden spiritual fire lamp, they were all rented from the Shenhua Sect.
For such a kind of magic treasure that was rented, Core Formation stage cultivators could only control it indirectly.

“How dare you steal a fellow disciple’s magic treasure!” When the Core Formation stage cultivator knew that he was no match for Fang Jinyu, he decided to use reason to suppress him.

When a Core Formation stage cultivator used a magic treasure, it was usually a one-hit victory.
If they couldn’t even defeat a magic treasure, the great divine powers, and magic techniques cultivated by the Core Formation stage cultivator were rarely able to resist the might of a magic treasure.

After all, there was at least one complete magic domain in a magic treasure!

It was a power that only Nascent Soul stage cultivators could control!

“I’m trying to reason with you, but you wanted to fight.
When you lose, you’re trying to be reasonable.
Senior brother, what a good plan, so take another attack from me!”

Fang Jinyu looked at the Core Formation stage cultivator.
Although he didn’t know the other party, he could more or less guess that he was someone from the sect’s Law Enforcement Yard.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so shameless!

Fang Jinyu raised his hand, and a bolt of lightning descended from the sky.

However, to prevent others from finding out that he cultivated the lightning heavenly book, Fang Jinyu deliberately said, “The mystic of the heavens! Turn into divine lightning! I’m now using the great might!”


With a clap of thunder, the Core Formation stage cultivator only had time to block with the magic treasure in his hand before he fell with a miserable cry.

Fang Jinyu knew that the bolt of lightning would only cause some damage to the other party, so he immediately waved his hand and brought Shi Wushuang along.
Afterward, he turned into a bolt of lightning and left.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t using the lightning-disappear technique.
It was an escape technique that he had comprehended on his own.
Although he couldn’t increase his strength, it was very convenient for daily travel.

On the lightning cloud, Shi Wushuang asked Fang Jinyu curiously, “Uncle Wuyi, where are we going?”

“I’ll send you back to the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City to see your parents.”

“Really? That’s great! Thank you, Uncle Wuyi!” The little girl was extremely happy.
After all, she had left the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City for so many years.
She had missed her parents very much.

However, the little girl frowned and said, “Uncle Wuyi, if that’s the case, does that count as me betraying the sect?”

Unlike Fang Jinyu, the little girl had sworn an oath when she joined the sect.

Seeing the scene, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be a little surprised.
He thought, “This little girl is quite smart.
It turns out that she guessed my intentions in an instant.” Therefore, he asked, “How did you swear?”

Shi Wushuang thought for a moment before saying with certainty, “I, Yin Ah Lan, am willing to live and die with the Shenhua Sect.”

Fang Jinyu said, “You’re just going home, not betraying the sect.” The oath of an immortal sect was usually relatively loose, especially for a top-notch immortal sect.
The oath was simple and loose to the extreme.

It was because such a top-notch immortal sect had enough confidence to not be afraid of their disciples betraying them.

Fang Jinyu said, “Moreover, what does Yin Ah Lan’s oath have to do with you, Shi Wushuang?”

Shi Wushuang was stunned.
She looked so shocked as if she had opened the door to a new world.
Her black eyes suddenly sparkled.

Afterward, Shi Wushuang remembered the young man who had protected her before, so she asked Fang Jinyu, “Will Senior Brother Wei be in trouble?”

Fang Jinyu asked, “Is it the young man who spoke up for you just now?”

“Yes!” Shi Wushuang nodded repeatedly.

“The young man isn’t simple” Fang Jinyu was in deep thought because when he had appeared earlier, he had suddenly noticed a fluctuation in someone’s divine sense.
It seemed to be surprised by his sudden appearance.

The strength of the divine sense has belonged to a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

Moreover, the divine sense that belonged to a Nascent Soul stage cultivator had always been on the young man.

In other words, that kid had a great background!

However, it was normal.

After all, how could the people around the female protagonist be really poor? Generally speaking, those who were related to the female lead were all rich and had amazing backgrounds.
They were also top-notch experts with heaven-defying cultivation bases!

The male protagonist could have a girl around him from a poor background, but the female protagonist would never have one! Even if it was a loyal admirer, a person from a poor background couldn’t take on the role!

Naturally, there was also the additional female protagonist, “Lin Xianer.”

The extraordinary book didn’t give Fang Jinyu the other party’s plot this time.
However, he believed that the plots were pretty close.

“So, why don’t you give me the scripts for the two new leads?”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t understand.

Although Fang Jinyu had no idea whether it was Su Yier, Du Maner, or Murong Yun, their scripts had all collapsed.

Su Yier was only one-third of the way to the start.
After that, she died and finished her plot.
She was taken away by the Nine Desolations’ heavenly tribulation and didn’t have the right to enter the reincarnation cycle.

Du Maner’s plot ended when it just started.

Even the other cultivation continent that should have appeared had become the script of the fallen Nascent Soul stage Cultivators and ash immortals.

“The person who wrote these plots must be an extremely crazy demon!”

Fang Jinyu nodded.
He was certain that it had nothing to do with him!

While Fang Jinyu was muttering in his heart, he told Shi Wushuang about the matter.
The little girl immediately widened her beautiful eyes in surprise.
Although she saw Core Formation stage cultivators from time to time and was even hugging one now, she had only heard of Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

Shi Wushuang couldn’t help but say, “Previously, someone came to find Senior Brother Wei, but he didn’t want to meet him! That person gave me a feeling that he was like Brother Feiyu.”


Fang Jinyu didn’t pay attention to the girl in front of him.
He looked at the little girl in confusion.

Brother Feiyu?

However, Shi Wushuang didn’t feel embarrassed at all when Fang Jinyu looked at her.
She looked at Fang Jinyu’s face and said, “Uncle Wuyi, you look so young and handsome.
Can I not call you uncle? Moreover, ‘Brother Feiyu’ is a good way to address you!”

Fang Jinyu said expressionlessly, “Alright.
When you meet your father in a few days, you can call him ‘Brother Yin’.”

Shi Wushuang pouted.

After that, Shi Wushuang decisively admitted defeat.

Shi Wushuang didn’t dare call her father, Yin Wujiu, ‘Brother Yin’.
Although she hadn’t seen him for many years and she had left the Demon-extinguishing Immortal City when she was young, her father’s appearance was too scary.
She was still a little scared.

“My mother is indeed amazing!” Shi Wushuang mumbled.
Her father was so ugly, but her mother still gave birth to such a beautiful girl like her.
Her mother had it tough.

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