How a Cannon Fodder Slurs the Main Character

However, more specifically, the opportunity was more like helping the enemy.

Since it was a long story, let’s make it short.

In the Nine Desolations, there was a group of enemies that the current cultivators ignored.

Nine Desolations’ old enemies were all in the Nascent Soul stage!

However, the group of Nascent Soul stage enemies was inferior to the strength of the authentic Nascent Soul stage cultivators in the Nine Desolations.
It was the price they had to pay for their longevity.

There would always be a few outstanding enemies who could possess powerful strength and guarantee their longevity.

One of them was an ancient cultivator named Wu Yuan.

The ancient cultivator was an old woman who had lived for more than 5000 years.
She was one of the top enemies of the Nine Desolations.
At the same time, she was also a part of living history.
She had personally witnessed the leaps and bounds in the Nine Desolations.

However, although Wu Yuan had lived for a long time, something still happened to her.

One day, she mysteriously disappeared.

Her descendant had come to the Nine Desolations to look for her, and she had been found.
However, Wu Yuan was in bad condition.
Although she could barely keep her consciousness clear, her strength rapidly increased.
She regained the strength she used to have in the authentic Nascent Soul stage!

It wasn’t good for Wu Yuan to recover her strength since she had already abandoned the Immortal Dao.
Once she recovered the cultivation base of her former peak, it would be the moment she would suffer the wrath of heaven and be reduced to ashes.

Thus, the descendants of Wu Yuan started a plan to save their Grandmaster.

Fang Jinyu had yet to learn about the exact plan since it wasn’t written in the book.
He only remembered that it was related to the Tianling Sect’s high-tier storm raging technique, and the descendants of Wu Yuan had succeeded!

Hence, Wu Yuan gave a magical item of heaven and earth to Su Yier’s lovesick master.

Although Su Yier’s master was a sword cultivator, he had started his cultivation with the storm raging technique.
He had even almost managed to break through all the bottlenecks with the storm raging technique and accumulate his inner energy to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.

It was the method Fang Jinyu had used to break through.

However, in the end, Su Yier’s master chose to rely on the Foundation Establishment Elixir.
Due to his family’s situation, his parents had already prepared a bottle of Foundation Establishment Elixir for him.

Hence, in terms of understanding the Qi Condensation stage chapter of the storm raging technique, Su Yier’s master was ranked first in the Tianling Sect.

Now, of course, it was Fang Jinyu.

The magical item Wu Yuan had given Su Yier’s master had a common name–Gold Core Elixir.

However, it was not an ordinary item.

When the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators consumed it, they could at least form a grade three golden core without being restricted by their spiritual roots! Cultivators who consumed it during the Core Formation stage avoided the agony of splitting their nascent soul from their body when breaking their core to form their nascent soul.
They could retain all their memories, even if they were unlucky and needed to be reincarnated.

However, if the Nascent Soul stage cultivators consumed it, they wouldn’t experience such a miraculous effect.
It could only help reduce three hundred years of cultivation and increase one’s cultivation base by one level.

Fang Jinyu was naturally hoping to get the Gold Core Elixir.
After all, it looked like too much of a bug.
In the future, the female lead, Su Yier, would form her grade one golden core with the help of the Gold Core Elixir.

At that time, Wu Yuan gave the Gold Core Elixir to Su Yier’s master.
However, he gave it to Su Yier in the blink of an eye.

After Xu Tingyu expressed her interest and complimented him, Fang Jinyu talked about how he came to understand the storm raging technique.
Fang Jinyu felt that Xu Tingyu became more charming and developed a layer of worldly wisdom after she got married.
Fang Jinyu wasn’t interested in other people’s wives.
He just wanted to use the opportunity to spread his breakthrough method.

Many people knew about it, but that was only limited to the area around Mount Xiaohe and the peak of Mount Lingyao named “Li.”

Zhang Wenye was impressed and said, “After hearing Brother Fang’s words, I know you have an outstanding talent.
Although I’ve only heard of the storm raging technique and have never seen it with my own eyes, your words have allowed me to draw parallels from it and understand a few mistakes in my cultivation.
I dare to say that you understand the storm raging technique’s Qi Condensation stage chapter best!”

Xu Tingyu stood to the side and couldn’t help but nod in agreement.
Fang Jinyu detailed the process of breaking through from the Qi Condensation stage to the Foundation Establishment stage.
Although she couldn’t break through without the help of elixirs like Fang Jinyu, she could definitely break through to the Foundation Establishment stage after she understood his words and consumed a Foundation Establishment Elixir!

“The person with the most profound understanding of the storm raging technique is my master!” However, someone said it with an unpleasant tone.

Fang Jinyu turned to look.

Afterward, he saw a delicate young girl who looked as pure as a little white flower.
Meanwhile, the young girl showed an innocent expression.
When she saw Fang Jinyu look at her, she seemed frightened and took three steps back.
Then, in a soft, weak voice, she said, “Martial Uncle, I’m just expressing my opinion.
Please don’t look at me with such a scary expression.
I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Did I inexplicably become a great villain in just a few words?”

“Wait a minute!”

Fang Jinyu quivered and thought, “She looks as innocent as a little white flower and speaks like an angelic bitch….”

“Is she Su Yier?”

Suddenly, Fang Jinyu saw a young man standing before the young girl.
He looked at Fang Jinyu with a cold expression and said, “You apologize.”

Fang Jinyu was speechless again.

Fang Jinyu thought, “What’s with the sense of déjà vu of a bossy president?”

“Also, why should I apologize?”

Meanwhile, the young girl suddenly pulled the young man and said panicky, “Senior Brother Qin, it’s alright.
It’s my fault and has nothing to do with this Martial Uncle.”

Once again, Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Fang Jinyu had never been so speechless as he was today, not even when facing the little girl.

“I said, I want you to apologize.
Don’t you understand human language?”

However, everything would be fine if the young girl didn’t say anything.
The young man immediately changed his expression when she did.
His gaze was cold, and it seemed like a shadowy aura was passing by.
Afterward, he said coldly, “Although you’re a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator and I’m only a cultivator who ranks 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, I’ll soon break through the Foundation Establishment stage.
So, please accept my battle invitation when that time comes! Junior Sister Su, let’s go!”

When he said the last sentence, the young man’s voice abruptly softened as though he were someone else.

Fang Jinyu was speechless again.

Another neurotic, lovesick bootlicker appeared.

However, he could confirm that the angelic bitch was Su Yier! Other than Su Yier, there wouldn’t be so many neurotic, lovesick bootlickers around the others.

“Come to think of it.
Lu Shaojun is considered half of Su Yier’s man.
Indeed, birds of a feather flock together….”

Fang Jinyu cursed in his heart before turning to look at Xu Tingyu and Zhang Wenye.
Then he could only see that the two of them were also in a daze.

Su Yier and her cool senior brother clearly shocked the two normal cultivators, as was clear from their expressions.

“Which family’s direct line of descent are they?” Zhang Wenye could not help but ask.
In his opinion, only a direct descendant of a noble family would dare be arrogant toward a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

“The family of Mack Mama and her bootlickers,” Fang Jinyu said.

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