173 The Gourd Girl

The gourd seed came from a gray world.
In that world, anything with color would be stripped of all color, leaving only black and white.

It was a world that only allowed black and white to exist.

Fang Jinyu naturally had no idea why gourd seeds would fall from that world to the upper realm.
However, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little familiar with the strange black-and-white world.

The fallen Nascent Soul stage cultivators, the ash immortals!

There was a high possibility that the group of “old enemies” in the Nine Desolations had something to do with the gray world.

It was because the first image shown in the gourd seed contained some information about the cultivators in that world—one could give up their sadness if they had embers in their hearts.

The eight words described how to obtain a longer lifespan to prevent one from falling into constant anxiety.

If one were to interpret it from the perspective of the Nine Desolations, then it would be the method of becoming a fallen Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

After a Nascent Soul stage cultivator turned into ash immortals, they would have a long lifespan that wasn’t inferior to the Incarnation stage cultivator!


If it weren’t for Fang Jinyu’s gains from the system, which meant that hard work would be rewarded, even though he had a night dragon body, he would still be tempted.
The Incarnation stage cultivators could live for at least ten thousand years!

If it were some unknown red-haired monster world, even ordinary emperors would be greedy for such longevity.

It was also very consistent with the characteristics of the fallen Nascent Soul stage cultivators in the Nine Desolations.
The first batch of Nascent Soul stage cultivators had lived for five to six thousand years.
It could be said to be the living history of a civilization.

After Fang Jinyu digested the information, he began to observe the changes in his body.

After “devouring” the gourd, Fang Jinyu’s body didn’t experience any abnormal changes.
He only became stronger than before.

Although the magic domain in the gourd had been shattered by the lightning mountain, it wasn’t destroyed.
As long as a Core Formation stage cultivator nurtured it with his inner energy for a hundred years, it could still be restored.

Therefore, refining it into his body would greatly increase Fang Jinyu’s physique.

Other than that, Fang Jinyu also obtained great divine power by accident.

To be more precise, Fang Jinyu had fused a portion of the power of the gourd’s magic domain into his body.

It was originally a space of baleful aura contained within the gourd.

It was as big as an island.

It was unable to store anything because no matter if it was a dead or living thing, as long as it was placed inside, in just three days, even if it was a Core Formation stage cultivator, it would be turned into a pool of blood!

However, if the other party had a protective magic treasure, he would naturally be able to last longer.

“Although I didn’t refine it, after using the secret technique to devour it, it turns out that I obtained its luck.”

After realizing it, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little happy.

After all, no one would complain about having too much luck.

Moreover, it was a pure pleasant surprise that Fang Jinyu hadn’t expected it at first.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu put away the golden spiritual fire lamp and the sword-type magic treasure.
Although the two magic treasures were of little value and were bound to the special sect’s restrictive enchantments, they were still valuable items.

If Fang Jinyu could remove the special restrictive enchantments and repair them, it would be enough to become his handy magic treasure!

At this moment, a cry of surprise suddenly sounded, and she said, “Eh? What is your great divine power?”

It was a female voice.

It sounded a little low and magnetic.
To describe it in Fang Jinyu’s words before he transmigrated, it was the voice of a cool elder sister.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t surprised by the voice because it was Xin Qianqian’s grandmother! More than ten years ago, Xin Qianqian’s grandmother showed signs of recovery.
However, at that time, Fang Jinyu was still using the identity “Yin Wuyi.” Therefore, after some thought, he used the imprisonment technique that originated from the immortal symbol “Fang” to seal her in his core.

Fang Jinyu only released Xin Qianqian’s grandmother when he broke through rank 7 in the Core Formation stage.

Since Xin Qianqian’s grandmother had been imprisoned in Fang Jinyu’s core for a long time, it resulted in a small accident…

It wasn’t that she had fused with Fang Jinyu’s core.

It was Fang Jinyu’s divine sense that had become extremely powerful when he broke through rank 6 in the Core Formation stage.
Even an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator was far inferior to him.
Considering that the taboo of cultivation was going too far, he applied the imprisonment technique to himself.
In this way, his divine sense became purer and stronger.
During this period, a large amount of impure divine sense was emitted, and through a strange combination of factors, it was absorbed by Xin Qianqian’s grandmother’s remnant soul.

After absorbing the impure divine sense, Xin Qianqian’s grandmother’s remnant soul was replenished.

However, the awkward thing was that Xin Qianqian’s grandmother directly became a part of Fang Jinyu.
It was like a ghost becoming a tiger’s servant after being eaten by it.

Fang Jinyu was naturally the tiger.

“It’s a great divine power that could refine spirit tools into a cultivator’s body.” Fang Jinyu gave a simple explanation and then asked, “Grandmother, what are your plans for the future?”

“What plans can I have? I’ll just take it one step at a time.
After all, I can’t find what I want in the Nine Desolations.” As soon as she finished speaking, a stream of light flashed slightly.
Then, a blurry shadow appeared.
Her limbs were blurry, but her face was clear.
It was a woman who looked to be in her twenties.

She had phoenix eyes and a cherry mouth.
Her appearance was extremely exquisite.
However, her hair was tied up in a bun, and she was dressed as a woman.
However, for those interested in the Cao family’s poetic style, it might make them even more excited.

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